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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Canada In Decay Is True To Western Liberal Values: A Rejoinder

by Prof. Ricardo Duchesne
Part I | Part II

Is it illiberal to say that these women are "more Danish than African immigrants"?

Disingenuous Reply I

It is hard to imagine a more disingenuous reply than Matt McManus’s response to my assessment of his review of Canada in Decay. When I said Germany and Spain were liberal nations before the globalist rulers decided to embrace mass immigration, I was not denying the historical reality of fascism in these nations. McManus knows this. A clearly stated claim of my assessment was that—if we insist immigrant diversity is an intrinsic requirement of liberalism and that any opposition to diversification is racist and illiberal—we would have to identify the nations that fought fascism during WWII as racist and fascist. We would have to say that all the European nations were illiberal up until they adopted multicultural citizenship sometime after the 1980’s, even though they were full-blown liberal democracies with equal rights for all citizens regardless of ethnicity.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Memo To Jordan Peterson: I'm Proud Of My Forbears' Achievements — And So I Should Be!

by Tim Murray

Victoria, 1945

Jordan Peterson, on numerous occasions, has told us that we cannot rightly feel pride in something that we had no part in accomplishing. One cannot be “proud”, therefore, of Western Civilization. Anymore that one can be proud of his blue eyes or his right handedness. We inherited it, but we did not create it. So what are White identitarians on about? What are they “proud” of? The whole notion of “White pride” or “Western pride” or ethno-European pride is absurd. Or so says Jordan Peterson.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

A Reply To Matt McManus's Review Of Canada In Decay

by Prof. Ricardo Duchesne
Part I | Part II

Canadians who fought in WWII: Liberals or Fascists?

My books have been the beneficiary of excellent reviews. The Uniqueness of Western Civilization (2011) was reviewed extensively in various languages, eight of which were full review essays published in both standard academic journals and conservative/dissident right journals. Canada in Decay has received two review essays thus far. I expected this book to be attacked because it is the only book written by an academic who questions the misleading ideology that all Western nations must be diversified if they are to live up to their liberal-democratic principles. I am not surprised, therefore, by the extremely unfair, and carelessly constructed, review penned by Matt McManus. But this does not mean I will let this review go unanswered. McManus's review is a reputational attack aimed at suppressing my academic freedom by identifying me, without any attention to the arguments and facts of Canada in Decay, as a "white supremacist".

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Emasculated Multicultural Mind Of Justin Trudeau

by Charlie Chisholm

Thursday, 6 September 2018

White Genocide Or Demographic Shift?

by Brett Herbert Wettlaufer
(Traduit en français)

With the rise in popularity of the so called “Alt-Right” movement there has also been an increasing focus on terms like “white genocide”, a term the left decries as racist, incorrect and inflammatory. They prefer to market the same phenomenon as a simple “demographic shift”, another example of the left attempting to take control of language in an attempt to control the dialogue.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Vancouver 1907 Labour Day Riot: Canadian White Workers Fighting Asian Illegal Immigration

by Dan Murray, Immigration Watch Canada

Anglo Canadian Gentleman manhandles Chinese scheming merchant illegally importing cheap Asian labour against Canadian workers, 1907.

For many years, our immigration industry has used the Labour Day Riot in Vancouver in 1907 to shame the White population in Vancouver for its ancestors’ attacks on Chinatown and Japantown.

If anyone were to ask the immigration industry where they were getting their information, 99% would have to admit they were parroting what they had been told. So let’s look at what really happened by asking one important question: Was there a connection between the unexpected arrival of about 11,500 Japanese, East Indians and Chinese in 1907 and the Vancouver Labour Day riot of that year?

Friday, 31 August 2018

Is Maxime Bernier The Start Of Implicit White Identity Politics In Canada?

by Joseph Roberts, contributing to Ocean Drive

Maxime Bernier stands up to MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes's black identity politics

Today is a new day, there is a nice cool wind that has come in from the distance, breathing life back into Canadians. No, winter isn’t coming, Maxime Bernier has arrived. Who is he and what does this mean? I will explain first how we got to this moment, and then answer those questions.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Night My Mother Lost Her Faith — In Socialized Medicine For Immigrants

by Tim Murray

Early Morning in Toronto Hospital Immigrants start lining up to collect Socialized Medicine

Aged hospitals, atrocious wait times, fewer cutting edge treatments, fewer new drugs, a shortage of doctors, a paucity of acute care hospital beds, unfunded liabilities that constitute 46% of the national economy, a middling performance about among countries with universal medical access—yes, the truth is out about Canada’s acclaimed health care system.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

The Solutreans And The First No-Nations

by Brian Wiggins

The Iceman Cameth

CBC And The Solutrean Hypothesis

This past winter the CBC attracted criticism for airing on The Nature of Things, "Ice Bridge," a documentary that argued that the first humans to colonize North America and Canada were Europeans. The Solutrean Hypothesis, as it is called, apparently, has become a "favourite piece of propaganda among White supremacists." Detractors and critics were outraged and claimed that it was "extremely irresponsible" that the National Broadcaster would support a theory that proves the first humans to the New World came across the ocean from Europe and not via a land bridge from Asia. It would only be irresponsible, of course, if it challenges your intention to displace Euro-Canadians of their ancestral homeland by filling it with third world immigrants who have very little in common with us and without the consent of the founding cultures. It seems, God forbid, that Europeans "colonized" North America before "Native" Americans.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Canada In Decay: One Year Later

by Prof. Ricardo Duchesne

August 22 marks one year since the release of Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians. I thought this book would have an impact in the long run as the first scholarly effort to explain the nature and origins of multiculturalism from a truly critical perspective, without kowtowing to the banks, politicians, and conformist academics. I expected malicious attacks from the establishment for daring to expose the incessant lies that sustain immigrant multiculturalism and for speaking in favor of a Canada that retains a healthy White majority. What I did not anticipate was a consistent number 1 ranking at in various subjects the moment the book was released last August.

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