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Sunday, 8 December 2019

The Myth of “White Genocide”

​​​In 1927, eugenicist T. Lothrop Stoddard criticized internationalists for wanting to transform the United States into “a mosaic of races, cultures, and contrasting attitudes”:
The ultimate consequences of ‘opening America to all mankind’ would almost certainly be political and social chaos, frightful civil or racial war, and the destruction not only of American national unity but of everything worth while in American life. No worse fate could possibly be imagined for our country than an ‘internationalized’ America [1].
His warning was to go unheeded. After WWII, the intellectual climate had become increasingly hostile to the idea of race and sex differences. Carleton Coon’s magnum opus The Origin of Races, published in 1962, would not sit well with either the white public or academia. By 1965, what Stoddard called “the rising tide of color” had been set in motion, aided and abetted by whites who had shed their white racial identities for a non-racial “global citizenship.” Since then, the West has ceaselessly imported non-whites as if it were “busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre”[2].

What was considered healthy and normal before the 1960s, was now condemned. Whence this new moral imperative of white race replacement?

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Chilliwack, BC, Forced To Become "City With Most Rainbow Crosswalks in the World"

Lynn Allard

LGBTQ activists using children in Chilliwack to promote rainbow crosswalks

As I was driving in my hometown of Chilliwack, BC, I looked up to see our Canadian flag flying proudly in the wind. To my dismay, only half of our flag was there, tattered and torn asunder by high winds that had whipped though our community a couple of days earlier. I thought what an apt metaphor for Chilliwack and Canada! What an innovative symbol for our Canadian disunity! There is no point in replacing the flag with a new one because it accurately symbolizes the ripped fabric of our Canadian society manifested in the sad state of affairs in Chilliwack and in other communities across the nation.

What is happening in our Canadian towns and cities?

Monday, 2 December 2019

The Grotesque Hypocrisy of the Diversity Establishment: Four Case Examples

by Stephen Summani

​​​All of us who are regulars at the Council of European-Canadians are generally aware that the establishment in politics and media is terribly hypocritical and philosophically incoherent. In politics, hypocrisy is understandable. But in the case of media – especially the mainstream news media, which is supposed to serve the public interest, it is inexcusable, even though we have come to expect it by now.

I have decide to break down and distill for you a selection of four of these hypocrisies.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Immigrants Key Revolutionary Agent of Cultural Marxists

The Long Search for Agents to Destroy Western Civilization

​​​The left in the 1960s did not consciously set out, in programmatic fashion, to push mass immigration as their biggest weapon to undermine Western culture, but a weapon it has become, the most formidable weapon ever created in the long march to destroy Western civilization. Cultural Marxists are now fully aware that immigrants can outperform any former revolutionary agent, workers, peasants, Third World guerrillas, feminists. Immigrants are not only a political force, but a demographic-racial force that will transform white nations into mongrelized post national states without any common identity other than deracinated masses of consumers grasping for identities in shopping malls and university halls.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Beyond Environmentalism?

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir, Grizzly Giant Tree, Yosemite National Park, 1903

​​​Environmentalism is a failure because it is based on fabricated evidence and outright scientific falsehoods like human-caused global warming. It is also a failure for pragmatic reasons. Since taking care of the environment is seen as a collective—rather than an individual—affair, Greens typically advocate liberal and socialist economic policies. The Green shibboleth of environmental sustainability is premised on the idea of wealth redistribution. Economic inequality in Third World countries adversely impacts environment, therefore rich Western nations must send billions of dollars in foreign aid to Third World backwaters to produce higher quality environments.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Video of the Week: We had Paradise

By Poseidon

Thursday, 21 November 2019

The Future that Awaits Whites Working Under Non-White Immigrant Bosses

by John MacDonald 

(Traduit en français)

"Harmony Staff" hired under the "Harmony Movement", a "not-for-profit organization to combat inter-racial intolerance and to confront the 'us versus them' attitude...prevalent in Canadian society". "We will not allow racist White males in our staff!"

​​​wish to pass on a story that I feel should be told. It is a story of loss. Not a loss of a loved one but a loss of identity and sense of belonging to a nation I thought was my own. I am a fifth generation Canadian of British descent. My family on my fathers side were farmers and my family on my mothers side came from a long line of military men. My grandfather fought in the second world war in the airforce and my great grandfather served in the first world war as a medic. My family made great sacrifices to help shape this land. They were settlers and defenders.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Apocalyptic Environmental Fantasies

by Michael Ryan

In a contrived act of theatricality, Greta Thunberg delivered a fervent speech about climate change at the United Nations (UN) on Monday 23 September 2019. Although her address was both lauded and condemned for its intensity, Thunberg’s dire warnings about our future can trace their lineage to an immense back catalogue of alarmist environmental fantasy.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Don Cherry Is Right

By Dan Murray and Tim Murray

​​​Just days before Remembrance Day, Canada’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs broadcast a video which presented the views of six Canadians. These people told other Canadians why they should be grateful for the sacrifices that our deceased soldiers and living veterans had made on our behalf. The view of one of the Canadians was priceless:
I am free…. to stand up for what I believe in… I am free to say what needs to be said.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Video of the Week: Don Cherry: A Part of OUR heritage, NOT theirs

by Resurrection EuropaHomepage

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