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Monday, 18 November 2019

Apocalyptic Environmental Fantasies

by Michael Ryan

In a contrived act of theatricality, Greta Thunberg delivered a fervent speech about climate change at the United Nations (UN) on Monday 23 September 2019. Although her address was both lauded and condemned for its intensity, Thunberg’s dire warnings about our future can trace their lineage to an immense back catalogue of alarmist environmental fantasy.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Don Cherry Is Right

By Dan Murray and Tim Murray

​​​Just days before Remembrance Day, Canada’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs broadcast a video which presented the views of six Canadians. These people told other Canadians why they should be grateful for the sacrifices that our deceased soldiers and living veterans had made on our behalf. The view of one of the Canadians was priceless:
I am free…. to stand up for what I believe in… I am free to say what needs to be said.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Video of the Week: Don Cherry: A Part of OUR heritage, NOT theirs

by Resurrection EuropaHomepage

Monday, 11 November 2019

The 21st Century: The Worst Time in History to be Alive for Men of the West?

Compared to the 21st century, life in traditional Western society, before the Industrial Revolution, was more bearable. Men were able to lead fulfilling lives because society gave them greater freedom of choice. In those bygone days, elites were wise enough to understand that making it easier for men to satisfy fundamental biological needs would be conducive to the well-being of society.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Stats Canada Celebrates The Great Replacement of White Canadians

by Ricardo Duchesne

This is part of a lecture I gave at UBC, October 9, invited by a group of students fed up with the brainwashing and lying at our universities.

Promoters of mass immigration, same ones celebrating increasing ethnic diversity across the West, claim the phrase “the Great Replacement” is part of a “white genocide conspiracy theory”. They also want to persuade security authorities that this phrase should be banned or made illegal because it “motivates alt-right killers the world over”.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Western Europe Experiencing Daily 'Low Level' Terrorism From Foreign Immigrants

Tyler Durden

A woman pays tribute at the train station in Frankfurt where an eight-year-old boy died after being pushed in front of a train by Eritrean "German".

There was a time not so long ago that we in North America heard about a successfully executed Muslim terrorist attack in Western Europe every month, or even every week at a certain point (the summer of 2016 comes to mind).

Saturday, 2 November 2019

A Former Hungarian Refugee Asks: Have Canadians Lost The Will To Fight For Their Freedoms?

Steve Fekete with Lynn Allard

The Hungarian Uprising Against Soviet Rule, 1956

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, I lived in Communist Hungary. Because of alarming events now happening in Canada, I am reminded of my days in Hungary and I feel compelled to write about the oppressive Communist regime after WW 2 in Hungary. In 1944, fascist Nazi Germany had invaded Hungary. At the end of WW2, the allied winners divided Europe and gave Hungary to the Soviet Union to govern and ultimately oppress. In 1948, a small Hungarian minority of Communists took control of the country illegally and began the collectivization of land, industry and all aspects of life.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

American Blackening Of The CFL + Jewish Ownership Of The NFL

Jordan C. Lewans

DIVERSITY = Replacing Canadian Born White Players with Foreign Black Americans 

Since my younger teenage years I have made multiple attempts to get into football. (When I use the word “football” on its own anytime in this article, I will be referring exclusively to gridiron football, of either the American or Canadian variety). All of these attempts to interest myself enough in it to the point where I would follow it at reflex and without reminding myself to do so, have failed.

Monday, 28 October 2019

Brain Surgery

When I inquired about my prospects of surviving open heart surgery, a credible informant assured me that surgeons would execute a cutting-edge, less invasive operation, resulting in a quicker recovery.

When I asked if these surgeons were "up to scratch" and competent to perform it, I was told that they were "out of this world". It turns out that this informant was right.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Video of the Week: Who We Are

by Jared George

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