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Metapolitical Strategy

This Council is dedicated to the promotion and defense of the ethnic interests of European Canadians. The Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988 guarantees the rights of Canadians of any racial origin to protect and enhance their cultural and ethnic interests in a way that is consistent with the principles of our liberal democratic institutions.

The Council of European Canadians follows a metapolitical strategy in advancing its cultural and ethnic interests. Metapolitics is a form of cultural activity that strives for a counter-cultural movement against the established order, not by engaging in standard political activities, but by conducting active forms of thinking through such practices as conferences, alternative web radio programs, web-journalism, and even distribution of flyers.

We are against an establishment that is determined to destroy European Canada through fanatical immigration, imposition of a diversity curriculum, affirmative action in favor of non-Europeans, and promotion of white guilt. The domination of the cultural Marxists is so deeply seated, so entrenched inside the psychology of Canadians that we cannot engage only in ordinary party politics.

Rather than seeking to challenge this establishment directly, we must engage in what Gramsci called a "war of position", creating alternative cultural resources which challenge the current hegemony, carving out "autonomous zones" from which we can develop new values, new ways of thinking about Canada, articulating ideas for ordinary Canadians who are dissatisfied with PC and mass immigration but can't voice their concerns properly. We must aim for broad cultural changes, among which the affirmation of Canada's European identity is central.

The good thing about this strategy is that anyone can participate wherever they are, as they are, in any capacity since it is a widespread cultural strategy. Our strategy is consistent with the principles of liberal democracy.

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