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Monday, 7 December 2020

The Next Deadly Threat

by Frank Hilliard

The next deadly threat faced by mankind isn’t a virus, carbon dioxide or a takeover by the global elites. The next threat is something that’s been here before, indeed, something that’s here every year, that tiny little particle on the tip of your nose at Christmas, a snowflake.

Added up, one snowflake at a time, and what you get is a snowdrift, then a glacier, then a wall of ice a mile high towering over every aspect of civilization, moving inexorably across the landscape, scraping, crushing, destroying everything in its path. What you get is an ice age.

Indeed, if you pay attention to what scientists were saying 60 years ago about rising sea levels, you find there’s a correlation between global warming and the next great climate catastrophe. Maurice Ewing, director of Columbia University’s Lamont Geological Observatory, and geologist-meteorologist William Donn postulated this hypothesis.

An Ice Age will result from a slow warming and rising of the ocean that is now taking place. They believe that this ocean flood — which may submerge large coastal areas of the eastern United States and western Europe—is going to melt the ice sheet which has covered the Arctic Ocean through all recorded history. Calculations based on the independent observations of other scientists indicate this melting could begin, within roughly one hundred years.

With warm water under freezing skies—it’s the North Pole after all—it will start snowing on the nearest piece of cold land: Canada. If you want an analogy, think of the “lake effect” on Huron and Duffern counties in Ontario. I can well remember seeing snowdrifts 12 feet high when I was a six-year-old in Honeywood, Ontario in 1947 (we wern’t the only ones). We were warned not to walk along the tops and touch the hydro wires, something easily enough done. So, warm water and cold air gives you snow. Back to the experts.

It is this melting of Arctic ice which Ewing and Donn believe will set off another Ice Age on earth. They predict that it will cause great snows to fall in the north — perennial unmelting snows which the world has not seen since the last Ice Age thousands of years ago. These snows will make the Arctic glaciers grow again, until their towering height forces them forward. The advance south will be slow, but if it follows the route of previous ice ages, it will encase in ice large parts of North America and Europe. It would, of course, take many centuries for that wall of ice to reach New York and Chicago, London and Paris.

It’s too bad all those wind turbines will be frozen and the solar cell farms will be covered in white stuff. But, even worse, all our hydro-electric facilities from the Kootenays, to the Niagara to Ungava will be frozen solid. Natural gas will keep going for a while, but it too will eventually hiss to a stop without maintenance. What’s left?

Nuclear Power.

We’ll have centuries to prepare, to build nuclear power plants across the country, including a plant specifically designed to keep a shield over uranium extraction and refining facilities. These plants will be linked by high voltage electric lines in tunnels from coast to coast. Entire cities will be heated by steam, warmed by heated streets and sidewalks, protected by heat dams and glacier ice cutters.

And all of this will be possible through unlimited nuclear-generated electricity and steam. Even the water we’ll drink will be from melted ice.

Yes, it’s not the future you’ve been worrying about, but it will be as annoying to environmentalists as anything Shell or Mobil have said or done, because they’ll have to embrace nuclear or die.

The beauty of this natural disaster, is that like the previous one (illustrated), it will be natural. It will be the world doing its thing, like it has done before, without intervention by, or interest in, mankind, the bacteria that inhabits its thin skin.

This ice is coming folks, ready or not, to a town near you. It’ll scrape your gravestones, your crematoria dust, and all else and push it into the United States. My only regret in all this, is that I won’t be here to see the exodus of all those environmental crazies who blamed you and me for global warming.

By then, of course, they’ll be blaming us for global cooling.

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