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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Video of the Week: Robinson Crusoe and the Anglo-Saxon Spirit of Self-Mastery

by The Editors

First edition of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, 1719

This is an interview that Fróði Midjord from Scandza Forum conducted yesterday with Ricardo Duchesne. The interview was livestreamed to YouTube but now it has been archived on Bitchute because of censorship. Topics in this two hour interview include:
  • The rise of the novel
  • The greater variety of personalities in Western culture
  • Marxist interpretation of Robinson Crusoe as the prototype capitalist persona
  • The history and nature of Western individualism
  • Protestant introspection
  • The coexistence of individualism and ideological totalitarianism in Scandinavia
  • The claim that Crusoe “upholds the racist ideology of white supremacy”
  • The Darwinian character of Jack London’s Call of the Wild
  • Current Western effeminacy
  • The Darwinian struggle for existence
  • The forging of collective identities based on the uniquely free consciousness of Whites.

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