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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Our First Priority Must Be To Preempt An Anti-Muslim Backlash

by Tim Murray

Words can kill. College student lies unconscious after seeing a poster that read “It’s OK to be White”

News item: New York Terror crime trial showed Pearson Airport was a target

Last month a Hezbollah sleeper agent was tried and convicted in New York on multiple charges related to terrorism. And the media hardly noticed. The Canadian media ignored the matter completely.
In the days since 9/11, we have been hearing from the hand-wringers in Canada that we don’t have to worry, that these things can’t happen here...
Well, it seems they can as evidenced by the truck attack in Edmonton last year, the Danforth shooting, the interception in Kingston and the recent seizure of bomb-making precursor materials in Richmond Hill. But, and more to the point, this case shows that those who hate the west and our way of life are definitely actively planning attacks on this country.

Well, let me say that I for one am not worried because I know that if there was a jihadist terrorist attack the Trudeau government would immediately swing into action by deploying troops to prevent an anti-Muslim backlash, which must be our first priority.

The first duty of any government is to provide Muslims with a safe place. That is why when 911 operators receive a call from a hyper-ventilating SJW who reports seeing racist or Islamophobic graffiti on the sidewalk at the corner of Main and Prior, they must QUICKLY direct first responders away from traffic accident and heart attack victims to attend the scene of the hate crime ASAP, mop and pail in hand.

Politically incorrect or hateful graffiti is no small matter. As LGTBQ and anti-racist activists have told us, offensive words are equivalent to violence. That's right. You could be walking along any sidewalk in urban Canada when, suddenly and without warning, Islamophobic/racist/homophobic or transphobic graffiti might leap up from the pavement and break your jaw. Just like that.

So you see, that is why our governments must do more to stifle, punish and chill free speech, infuse millions of our tax dollars into the coffers of a growing industry of 'anti-hate' watchdog groups, and prop up compliant MSM outlets who can be trusted to parrot the government line. Subsidizing the CBC, The Walrus and MacLeans magazine are not enough. Spending $93 million on an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is not enough, no matter how absurd its conclusions are.

And adding more designated days honouring identity groups victimized by the evil white people who built this country is not enough either. EVERY day should be an anti-ISLAMOPHOBIA day. At 5 am every morning every Canadian in every city in Canada should be awakened by the melodious voice of a muezzin calling out "No to Islamophobia", "Yes to jihad migration" and "Peace be upon our Useful Idiots on the Left". Let there be a minaret on every corner of every block. Screw the zoning laws. If the Saudis won't fund it the Trudeau government will—and Andrew Scheer won't say a word. In fact he will demote any Conservative who does—or kick him (or her) out of the caucus. That is what makes Canadian parliamentary democracy so great. It offers voters a clear choice.

Face it. We are in a national emergency not unlike the one our parents or grandparents faced in 1939. The war against white racism and Islamophobia demands an all-out effort across the land. All of us must play our part. The economy must be immediately put on a war footing. Our factories must be re-tooled. Production must be shifted into high gear. We as a nation must commit to the goal of manufacturing one million begging bowls before the year is out.

Never let it be said by future generations that we lost the war against Islamophobia, transphobia and racism because grievance groups, anti-racist witch-hunters and the perpetually offended lacked the means to shakedown taxpayers for yet more money. Before America entered the war, FDR once took to the radio to explain that supplying the British with the ships, tanks and armament they needed to fight Hitler was akin to lending your garden hose to your neighbour when his house was on fire. By the same token we must see that every social justice crusading organization has a begging bowl to clutch in its out reached hand in its time of need. At the same time, PAYPAL must continue its good work of depriving blasphemous bloggers of the ability to raise funds. The private sector must do its bit too.

Moreover, by cabinet order, all local police departments in Canada must transfer officers from crime prevention to thought-crime prevention. Hate Crimes departments must be beefed up and more monies allotted to serve that purpose. The government can find the money by laying off Canadian Border Security staff. Volunteers drawn from NO ONE IS ILLEGAL and the WELCOME WAGON can take their place.

It is all about PRIORITIES, people. When it comes down to the crunch, Canadians would rather be exposed to burglars, thieves, rapists, home invaders and drunk drivers than see a snowflake, transperson or a Somali immigrant irreparably traumatized by a slogan that he, she or it saw sprayed on a wall or sidewalk. The antiquated concept that that the police should police what people do rather than what they say is one of those hide-bound patriarchal principles concocted by dead white males who rigged our legal system to protect their privilege. Trailblazers like Stalin, Castro, the STASI and the NDP did a lot to sweep these regressive impediments away, but as they say in the grievance business, "much work remains to be done."

All that being said, I feel intensely proud to be a Canadian, blessed as we all should be, by the leadership of an all-wise Prime Minister who has my interests and personal safety at heart. He may not make me safe from jihadi terrorists, but by God he will stamp out intolerance!

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