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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Freewheeling Canadian Foreign Aid: The Rakhine — A Proud Myanmar People

by Marc Archambault

Thousands of Buddhists, including monks, protesting against Muslim expansion in Rakhine. 

The government of Canada believes it has the knowledge and finances to solve problems anywhere in the world. Canada’s International Assistance Program (Foreign Aid) budget is $6 billion annually. A bureaucratic quagmire of freewheeling expenditures in a multitude of countries around the world. Yet Canada with a recurring annual deficit of $18 billion and debt of $671 billion has announced an additional $300 million donation to feed and house displaced Muslims for three years in Bangladesh.

Canada has taken a lead UN role position backed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to put pressure on Myanmar to accept these subsistence migrants.

The Liberal government designated Bob Rae, former leader of NDP and Liberal parties as the “special envoy to Myanmar first nations” in his capacity as an expert with an indigenous law firm based in a Toronto ivory tower.

The Union of Myanmar has 135 ethnic groups to coordinate and is better informed about them than a pork barrel Canadian social justice warrior. The Bengali Rohingya are not listed as an ethnic group in Myanmar nor were they in British colonial times. Meanwhile Myanmar as a Buddhist culture is very wary of Islamization with a legal documented Muslim population of 4%. Myanmar is working to solidify its identity following suppression in the colonial era and devastation in WWII. Myanmar is among the world’s most agrarian/ non industrialized countries, many citizens leave to seek work in neighbouring Thailand or elsewhere.

Canada as a post nation state is proactive in self-Islamization as it has appointed a Muslim refugee as Immigration Minister at the highest level of government and is processing at breakneck speed 350,000 migrants annually. These include refugees arriving by plane at taxpayer expense or illegals by foot at the US border. Some are fleeing Islamist insurgency and repression but bring their culture and ideology. Muslims, but a handful in Canada 50 years ago, now make up 2% of the population.

In addition to being self-destructive, Canada’s prosperity and respect is being liquidated on foreign shores. Why are Canadians helping Islamists divide and conquer a state on the other side of the world of which they have no knowledge? Hopefully a new government will develop constructive bilateral trade relations beneficial to the prosperity and wellbeing of both countries without meddling and virtue signalling.

This essay provides some needed background to this unfortunate story.

The Rakhine - a Proud Myanmar People

The Rakhine or Arakan are a northwest Myanmar people and state who administered their own empire known as the Kingdom of Mrauk U for 350 years from 1429 to 1785. They have been Buddhist since the time of Buddha himself (400 BC) as he himself travelled to present day Myanmar to teach his method of self fulfillment. The Buddhist Rakhines maintained their independence and prosperity in the Rakhine Mountains despite the coastal areas being open to offshore influences of Portuguese, Dutch, Arabs and pirates. The empire had its capital in Mrauk U a vast city of temples like that of Bagan (central Burma) today a similar historical attraction. The Kingdom of Mrauk U reached from India in north to the Irrawaddy River delta in the south.

The Kingdom of Mrauk U was annexed in 1785 by the neighbouring Buddhist Kingdom of Bagan. Burma was later progressively conquered in three wars 1824, 1852 and 1885 subjugated by the British Crown and controlled by the British East India Company. The British, with little respect or understanding of the Burmese people, made Burma a province of their India colony leaving their western border unprotected. Hindu and Muslim servants were brought by the British to serve for colonization of Burma; migration from India was allowed by the British until 1947 when Burma regained its independence.

Myanmar is the heart of Theraveda Buddhism predominant in south Asia just as Tibet is the heart of Mahayana Buddhism in east Asia. It could be compared to the Vatican in western Christianity and Constantinople in eastern Christianity.

Buddhists are representative of a religion of peace and as pacifists have been particularly targeted by Islamists, demonstrably the religion of war and submission. Muslims destroyed Buddhist civilizations in Afghanistan, India and Indonesia including most historical evidence. The Rakhine show the heart and determination to preserve their own fate. Muslim conquest has not passed either the Himalaya of Nepal / Tibet in the north nor the Rakhine Mountains to the east. Myanmar is much aware of the demise of its neighbours by Islam and related damage of colonial policies. Sadly, as a result it has been found necessary for peace and stability to deport aliens and illegals who aim to fracture and destroy their society and culture.

Hindu migrants share a common heritage with Buddhists. They live peacefully and integrated into the local culture. Muslim migrants, most of whom follow sharia law, establish separate communities and undertake to dominate and subjugate their hosts, demographically or violently. Neighboring India is living evidence of Islamization with a growing 15% Muslim population despite having been torn apart by Islamists producing two the Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh and an ongoing Islamic insurgency war in Kashmir. During WWII Mujahids (Jihadis) massacred tens of thousands ethnic Rakhines using British weapons, and in 1971 committed genocide/ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims (mostly Hindu and Buddhist) in East Pakistan at the time of Bangladesh independence. Now the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army ARSA among other terrorist groups supported by the Middle East and Bangladesh are the Islamic Jihadists targeting Buddhists in Myanmar as they are in southern Thailand and Philippines.

History seems to have a way to answer for past wrongs since now Britain itself is being colonized by Islam (5%), London (12%, with Muslim mayor) self inflicting permanent damage to its own people. Britain will soon be faced with the same fate it inflicted on the Rakhine and Burmese. The difference is the Rakhine people and the Union of Myanmar have the faith and discipline to address the issue head on. The British have lost their faith and discipline in face of Muslim invasion. Sadly, today, many appear to believe it is their just demise in view of colonial era wrongs.

There is talk about the necessity of a stronger US southern border with Mexico/Central America - population 175 million - vs. USA 330 million. The scale of the issue on Myanmar’s western border with Bangladesh is inconceivably more dangerous. The Islamic state of Bangladesh population 167 million is the most densely populated country in the world with 1,290 people per This country has a population growth of 1%/yr and adds an additional 1.67 million Muslims every year. Muslim communities due to ideology and culture are baby making factories.

Myanmar is a mostly mountainous, historically Buddhist state with population 54 million (83 people per and growth of 0.8% per year or 500,000 Buddhists per year. If you add that Islam is disproportionately expansionist, violent and aggressive, now backed by oil rich Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the UN, there is an important border issue.

Buddhists have survived the test of time through teachings of self development and peaceful coexistence. They have been the basis of moral practice and have blended with all the cultures of central, east and southeast Asia. The Rakhine state is an Asian front line in the fight against Islamization. They fearlessly and without guilt defend their borders, society and culture.

China and India are investing heavily in Myanmar’s infrastructure offering growth and development for this most promising independent Buddhist nation. Myanmar is finally free, booming and in full recovery mode after one hundred years of colonial dominance.

The Government of Canada, is ignorant of the complicated realities of Myanmar an ancient civilization located the other side of the world. It is incapable of solving its own domestic/indigenous issues yet has made inappropriate and erroneous condemnations and sanctions on Myanmar however frivolous and insignificant. The web site “Canada and the crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State” illustrates coercion, meddling and incompetence by virtue signalling bureaucrats trying to score political points with their electorates and with the UN. Bengali Muslims (“Rohingya victims”) migrated from India, East Pakistan, Bangladesh mostly during British occupation. To say they are cultural, social and military threats to the stability, peace and unity of the Rakhine people and the Rakhine State, is saying it lightly.

Marc Archambault is a Canadian traveler who recently returned from a three week visit to Myanmar in February 2019. He visited Myanmar and Rakhine State as a tourist to experience the historical and natural beauty of the country and to feel the warmth, friendliness and awareness of the people.

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