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Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The Suppression Of Bill Whatcott: It's Free Speech Or Bust

by Tim Murray

Canadian tribunal fines Bill Whatcott $55,000 for expressing Christian views on “transgenderism”

As the screws are tightening ever more, there a lot of valuable people, organizations and websites in our broad movement who are crying out for donations to survive, competing with allies for financial support from a supporter base heavily weighted toward boomers constrained by modest pensions. Alas, benefactors with deep pockets are in short supply. In fact, they are MIA.

As much as I would want to see the groups with whom I am affiliated win this desperate competition, I have to say in all honesty that if you are a Canadian member of the resistance and you have any money to spare, it should be deployed in building this legal defense fund. I believe it was Paul Ehrlich who said that every cause is a lost cause without population stabilization (or was it A. Bartlett?) Well, IMO every cause is a lost cause without freedom of expression.

Notwithstanding our differences, every faction in our alliance is equally reliant on free speech. Without free speech, we die of asphyxia. The right to speak freely is not, as Canadian progressives would have it, a right that should be balanced off against other 'rights', but the one right that all other rights depend upon. While we are justly alarmed by FB and Twitter bans, the removal of books by Amazon, the blacklisting of our authors and the de-platforming of our speakers,and the ever expanding definitions of "hate" speech and "phobia" — lawfare is the coup de gras. Lawfare almost makes the whole state apparatus of criminalizing speech and punishing thought criminals superfluous.

Americans on our side of the struggle are well aware of this practice, but few are aware of Canada's unique "kangaroo" courts and their impact. In Canada you don't have to be a lavishly funded organization like the Canadian Muslim Association with a legal team to effectively muzzle critics by lawfare (aka blackmail). Any SJW without a penny to her name can file a human rights complaint with a Human Rights Tribunal (kangaroo court) and have her legal fees picked up by taxpayers WIN OR LOSE. The defendant, however, typically faces financial ruin — WIN OR LOSE. The Human Rights codes in Canada have essentially armed every SJW and grievance-monger with the legal equivalent of a tactical nuclear weapon. And for a libertarian, the chilling effect on speech is like a nuclear winter.

Until these Human Wrongs Tribunals are abolished, Canadian democracy, such as it is, is nothing but a sham. Since our parliaments are thoroughly infested with sharia-compliant Islamodupes and Leftists with a totalitarian mindset (is there any other kind?), only a court challenge can get the job done. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms—as weak as it is—is our only appeal.

PS If I could speak for the six people I know who lead activist organizations and run websites, they would all say this:

Stop telling me how much you enjoy reading my articles. Stop telling me to "keep up the fight". I don't need your praise, I need your help. Either step up to the plate and contribute financially—or help shoulder the load in getting our message out. Either put your money-—or your time—where your mouth is, or STFU!

Fighting the Culture War is not a spectator sport.

Editor's Note: Resurrection Europa released a preview about the Whatcott case back in February 19, 2019. Here it is:

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