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Monday, 25 February 2019

West Coast Snowmen May Provoke Human Rights Complaint

by Tim Murray

Proof that winter in the Pacific North West is racist and exclusionary.

Seattle resident James Sanchez reports that
Black Lives Matter events and marches and anti-White rallies are being held through the schools in western Washington State for the entire Black Lives Matter History Month. White kids in those schools are required to shout their hatred of White kids even as Black Lives Matter leaders are calling for killing of cops.
Sanchez believes that
The only thing that could possibly cancel these hate fests would be PURE WHITE SNOW. Quite a lot actually. So far, schools have been closed across the region for three snow days and it looks like more are coming.
We had a dump of beautiful white snow up here in coastal southern BC today as well. In fact I just finished shovelling 3 inches of global warming in my driveway. Since the snow was all white, I am waiting for a "Canadian of colour" to file a human rights complaint. Under Canadian human rights law, taxpayers pay for complainants' legal bills win or lose, while defendants usually have to mortgage their houses to mount a defence. These human rights actions are adjudicated by a kangaroo court (aka the Human Rights Tribunal) consisting of "judges" who lack juridical training. Then again, show trials really don't require knowledge of the law, do they? You just have to be a fat ugly hyper feminist replica of former Stasi agent and sunshine girl Anette Kahane, Angela Merkel's right hand "man".

Annete Kahane

Or B.C.'s own Sunera Thobani might fit the bill. When it comes to talented Grand Inquisitors, this province has an embarrassment of riches. I would personally recommend SFU's Alan Dutton of the Anti-Racist Research Council, who could use the work, given his failure to find enough beds with racists under them. Who knows, maybe some snowmen are wearing yellow vests. Down at Burnaby City Hall perhaps. Best phone the Burnaby Now newspaper. If they can't find a legitimate boogeyman, they'll invent one. Headline? "Frosty the Snowman blames immigrants for weather pattern." Or is that Dutton's line?

Most human rights complaints are relatively trivial and unwarranted In this situation however, it looks like the complainants would have a legitimate case. These white snowmen are obviously privileged. The lack of black or yellow snow-persons in transition is surely evidence of systemic discrimination. As a result, snowflakes of colour lack a role model to inspire them and the assurance that they too can become whatever they want to be — wet, powdery, straight or queer. In truth, they are victimized by the soft bigotry of our lower expectations. The reason we expect so little of them is that their SAT scores are consistently pathetic and their IQs are in the double digits, but then they would be wouldn't they, considering the fact that they are all metrics of intelligence are culturally biased. There are no stupid snowflakes, only snowflakes with hurt feelings whose potential has not been fully developed. This is not surprising given that our West Coast Marine climate is inherently sexist, racist and homophobic. As well as being profoundly patriarchal of course.

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