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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

My New Year's Hope: Counter-Revolution

by Tim Murray

Weimar Canada

When patriarchal Christianity succumbed to progressive secularism, when clerics with lisps and pink shirts took to the pulpit to preach the PC news rather than the Good News, the field was left wide open to Islam. People crave clarity and moral absolutes. They need a clear demarcation of good and evil, right and wrong, dos and don'ts.

Christian Canada is dying and retreating by inches. While more than 60,000 Muslims enter Canada every year, while the Muslim population in Canada has doubled every decade for the past thirty years, while Christian congregations diminish and mosques swell, while progressives mock Christianity while campaigning against what is absurdly called "Islamophobia", while a Victoria City councilor can denounce the funding of Christmas decorations while previously supporting the Mayor's call for city residents to fast to mark Ramadan — Canada's Christian heritage is being pushed to the margins.

What will replace it? Who will fill the vacuum? Secular humanists? Leftists with a death wish? Diversity cult members who nurture and promote the growth of ethnic mono-cultures of non-European origin? Atheists, agnostics and the apostles of "reason" who do not understand that spiritual beliefs are an inextricable constituent of human nature? Historical amnesiacs who forget that neither Stalin nor Mao nor Robespierre were able to kill God?

Will the vacuum be filled by a 7th century blend of religion and politics that rejects modernity and the concept of the separation of mosque and state? A belief system which demands immunity from criticism in the name of tolerance and respect?

How can a cause that commands a larger and larger percent of registered voters be ignored by Leftist politicians whose predecessors lobbied to kick the Lord's Prayer out of the classroom and fought to remove laws against blasphemy? How can Labour and Social Democratic Parties that once courted Jews suddenly reverse course after they threw Jews under the bus to cater to the burgeoning Muslim diaspora? How can Islam be contained when politicians of all stripes feel obliged to pay homage to its holidays and attend its mosques? How can it be fought when there is an all party chorus of support for mass immigration and "diversity", except in the realm of ideas?

For every extreme action there is an extreme reaction. The political elite's calculated unilateral mission to dramatically transform the ethnic profile of the nation constituted a coup d'etat of momentous import. Its success is manifestly evidence in the extreme imposition of ideas and programs that violate traditional Canadian standards of fair play, equality of opportunity, and the integrity of the family.

Canadians never voted for the displacement or replacement of Canadians of European origin in all of our major cities. They never voted for the subsidy of cultural fragmentation in the name of 'diversity'. They never voted for same sex adoption or the establishment of kangaroo courts adjudicated by people without legal training. A paralegal sham where taxpayers pick up the tab for complainants who launch frivolous complaints or lose the decision, a process that has punished thought crimes and resulted in a chilling effect on media commentators who would challenge the status quo.

Canadians never supported quota hiring or university admissions policies predicated on the nonsense that a company or college or institution that does not exactly reflect the gender or racial composition of the nation is rife with "systemic" barriers or discrimination. They never bought into the assumption that equal opportunity can only be verified by equal results. Canadians never acceded to the notion that they should serve as lab rats in a social engineering project gone mad. Political correctness is taking us to uncharted regions of insanity at the speed of light. When a woman used chemicals to blind herself because she "self-identifies" as being blind, we know that contemporary Western society is on its last legs.

The centre cannot hold. Things are flying apart. And ordinary people are looking for something of the past, something tried and true, something to hold on to as they brace for the crash.

As previously contended, this unwanted revolution must surely produce a counter-revolution of equal force. Historic precedents abound, and the picture is not always pretty — to say the least. When the dust clears from the rubble, a moral authority will emerge. It could be a false prophet or the Real McCoy. It could be a patriot, or an oppressor. It could be a Victor Orban — or an Ayatollah. But whomever it is, and whatever ideological banner he carriers, let me assure you that there will be a housecleaning.

Weimar Canada, the Canada of moral decadence and depravity, gender confusion and sexual pluralism, feminized males and discontented females, xenophilia and pathological altruism — will be swept away. The family will be resurrected, and survivalists will build on that solid and proven foundation. Trust me, that day will come. I may not live to see it, but it will come.

Cultural Marxism will be consigned to the dustbin of history, and the memory of fem-fascists, Antifa thugs, Quisling politicians, invasion-enablers, and lying CBC journalists will be dissipated like a fart in a windstorm. The torch-bearers of traditional Canada, the Canada of two founding people, will take Canada back.

That is not my New Year's resolution, but my New Year's hope.

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