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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Two Crucial Questions About Canada's Recent Vancouver Municipal Elections

by Dan Murray, Immigration Watch Canada

The only housing being built in Vancouver are monster homes for corrupt Chinese billionaires

Why Was Demand For Affordable Housing Not The Biggest Issue?

During the recent municipal election campaign, almost all candidates in Metro Vancouver said that unaffordable housing was the major issue to be dealt with. We assume that the same thing happened in Metro Toronto. In addition, almost all candidates said that the issue could be solved by simply building more housing, that is, by increasing supply. In fact, Vancouver’s new mayor, Kennedy Stewart, promised he would increase Vancouver’s supply by 85,000 new units over 10 years. In addition, in the last provincial election, Premier John Horgan, speaking mostly for Metro Vancouver, promised to build 114,000 housing units over 10 years.

The big, intentional mistake they all made was in ignoring demand. According to a reliable source, about 50,000 new immigrants arrive in Metro Vancouver every year. Metro Toronto’s intake is close to twice as high. The point is that the inflow of immigrants to metro Vancouver in particular will rapidly outnumber all increases proposed in supply. In other words, concentrating on supply (building more housing) will fail. Metro Vancouver has to stop talking about increasing supply. It has to demand that Ottawa dramatically decrease demand. The best way to do that is to reduce immigration dramatically. As far as we know, not a single municipal candidate had the courage to make that proposal. We strongly emphasize the importance of reducing immigration because unaffordable housing could be called one of the largest social catastrophes that has occurred in Canada since Old Stock Canadians began settling here 400+ years ago.

Thousands of Chinese Monster Homes are getting built destroying the once beautiful European architectural style of Vancouver.

That disaster has happened mostly, but not solely in two areas: Metro Vancouver and Metro Toronto. However, because those two areas are very large population centres, a very large number of people have been affected. For example, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Canadian-born potential buyers, have been displaced from the purchase of a basic need such as affordable shelter. Furthermore, the prices are not just “high”. In Vancouver, the prices are the second highest in the world! So unless something is done, this problem will persist. Even if those affected become content to be renters, here is more blunt truth: Hundreds of thousands of renters have also been displaced or temporarily or permanently burdened with unbearably high rents.

The advice of the wise is everywhere. In the mid-1970’s, Vancouver Mayor Art Philips (often regarded as the best Vancouver Mayor over the past 50 years) provided a sensible precedent for his gutless fellow municipal politicians then and now. He stated: “I maintain that the primary approach to solving the housing problem in the Greater Vancouver area lies in the immediate reduction and future control of immigration.”

Subsequent Mayor of Vancouver and Future Premier of B.C. Mike Harcourt said: “First, it is essential that we relate both the local and the national housing problems to our immigration laws. Are we in fact merely trying to create new housing, as well as new employment opportunities, just to keep pace with the yearly average of (hundreds of thousands) of immigrants that Canada is admitting every year?” Harcourt said. “Perhaps we should seriously consider whether we can continue to admit so many immigrants.”

Harcourt’s backbone has weakened recently, but current useless politicians should note that both he and Phillips established a courageous precedent and that the majority of politicians cannot continue to make excuses for their cowardice.

Phillips and Harcourt have been followed by courageous civilians. UBC Statistics Professor David Ley provided indisputable statistical proof that immigration is responsible for unaffordable house prices. In addition, Veteran real estate researcher Richard Wozny showed that Vancouver’s housing prices had been inflated to levels as high as 37 times the income of Canadians in some Metro Vancouver suburbs. To add insult to injury, wealthy recent immigrants who lived in mansions were shamelessly evading income taxes. The incomes they were reporting were lower that those of the poorest Canadians (those living on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side). Years ago, China’s Deputy Minister of the Environment aptly referred to such wealthy Chinese leaving for countries such as Canada as “parasites”.

Finally, but also very importantly, Canada’s leading researcher of immigration, Martin Collacott, characterized what has happened in Vancouver’s housing scene as a virtual rape of a huge part of the population. Let us be graphic about this: Municipal, provincial and federal politicians have held the rape victim down while new arrivals, particularly those from China, have had their way. What should Canadians do with the serial rapists who performed the rape and the politicians who enabled the rape?

Vancouver getting raped by thousands of hideously looking Chinese monster homes owned by family clans with no ties to Canada other than corruption.

Remember this: Our current federal government committed itself three years ago to evidence-based decision-making and to protection of the middle class. Yet what they have done on the housing front in the first three years of their reign is the opposite. Worse, Canada’s National Fool (Trudeau) has just declared that he will increase immigration to even higher levels. Also, in one of the most uninformed statements of his career, he has said that Canada needs high immigration (300,00+ per year) to take care of its aging population. He and his equally-uninformed Somali refugee Immigration Minister seem to have never read very important studies which completely contradict what Trudeau and his Minister are saying.

Why Did CBC Not Expose Such Stupidity And Treachery?

Canadians who rely on the CBC (and the private media who parrot CBC material) can answer that question easily. The CBC is ideologically obsessed with relentlessly assaulting Canadians with the lie that immigration of any kind is good. According to the CBC and other media, people from any country should be allowed to seek a “better life” in Canada. At no time do the CBC and its supporters admit that a so-called “better life” for non-Canadians means “a worse life” for Canadian-born. Unaffordable shelter in Metro Vancouver and Toronto is one of the starkest examples of unnecessary immigration creating “a worse life” for millions of Canadians.

All CBC staff have been told to tell the lie. As in WW2 Germany and in the USSR, the CBC believes that the more times their lie is repeated, the better the chances are that Canadians will accept it. To help achieve its goal, the CBC has systematically suppressed any criticism of immigration. Where is the evidence for this suppression? Here is an example: During the municipal election campaign, did anyone hear any CBC interviewer ask a politician why the politician was not advocating a reduction in demand? As far as we are aware, none did. From the top down to the bottom of the CBC cesspool, the CBC pushes its treacherous message.

Conclusion: The CBC cesspool needs to be flushed! A similar flush has to happen in Canada’s entire cowardly and treacherous political class.

The sooner the better.


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