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Thursday, 6 September 2018

White Genocide Or Demographic Shift?

by Brett Herbert Wettlaufer
(Traduit en français)

With the rise in popularity of the so called “Alt-Right” movement there has also been an increasing focus on terms like “white genocide”, a term the left decries as racist, incorrect and inflammatory. They prefer to market the same phenomenon as a simple “demographic shift”, another example of the left attempting to take control of language in an attempt to control the dialogue.

So what exactly is the difference between a demographic shift and a genocide and what makes mass migration into white countries an example of genocide rather than a natural shift in demographics as the left would have you believe? The answer is actually rather straightforward: intention.

The word genocide implies intent, that is, the intent to destroy in whole or in part an identifiable group of people, in this case, the white race. Genocide is something deliberate, not something naturally occurring as the result of something like a natural disaster such as a flood or famine or as the result of genetic infertility.

What is currently happening to white countries is not a result of natural circumstances. The white race didn’t just find itself running out of resources, we didn’t wake up one day to discover our people had been wiped out in a flood or a new tribe had outbred us in the region. No, what occurred was a decades long push for immigration from third world countries due to propaganda directed at our people from outside and inside our borders.

Multiculturalism as a doctrine was not born of necessity. White people did not become infertile or incapable of living on our own. It was born out of ideology. Out of an ideological drive to make the West change its demographics and as a result, to change it’s culture and it’s worldview.

If this is true, and I will demonstrate how it is true, then we must accept that this doctrine of multiculturalism was born with the purposeful end goal of destroying the social fabric of Western societies and is not the result of a naturally occurring demographic shift.

To see if this is true we must examine the origins of multiculturalism and the drive for multiracialism in Western societies. The term “melting pot”, a term that most Canadians and Americans will be familiar with, come from the name of a play by Israel Zangwill, a notable Jewish Zionist from the United Kingdom, which depicts a Jewish man who after suffering much persecution at the hands of his gentile neighbours (a common theme), he longs for a society where all peoples melt together into one nation, working and living as one.

The theme here is one of melting and fusing. As we all know, when two things are melted or fused together they become a new thing differentiated from both of the original things. Water and dirt when mixed becomes mud, something with traits of both original substances but which is for all purposes different from both starting substances.

This is the message preached in Western nations, that we must become a society of mixed individuals. A society of many cultures and nations mixed together into one new nation. This is the message Justin Trudeau was parroting when he said that Canada has no “core identity”. He views the “Canadian” nation as an amalgamation of all the worlds cultures and peoples. He views Canada’s future the same way Time magazine did when they depicted the so called “New Face of America” on the cover of their November 18, 1993 edition, depicting the future face of America as a brown woman descended from many different racial backgrounds.

This idea of a peaceful multicultural society came into vogue in the 1960’s with the hippie generation in a time of Marxist influence in the West. Many leftist intellectuals saw Israel Zangwill’s vision as a utopia, as a way of breaking down nationalism, something they saw as a barrier to their vision of a classless and stateless society. After all, what need have we for nation states when there are no nations left?

It is worth noting however that this rhetoric has remained almost exclusively targeted at Western or “white” societies. This is the unique aspect of this ideology that makes it so insidious and that makes it genocidal. Rather than seeking to mix all races, it seeks to mix other races into the white race.

This is not seen as problematic by the leftist multiculturalists, of course, as they see the white race as being primarily a negative influence on the world historically. They look at the history of the white man and they see colonialism, they see slavery and oppression. When the peoples of the world inevitably clashed against each other, it was the white man who came out on top. And what does the left love more than an underdog? Their minds are susceptible to ideas which seek to emancipate some lower people from an alleged oppressor.

Many mainstream media outlets like BuzzFeed have begun to echo this rhetoric quite publicly, denouncing the legacy of “dead white men” and sentencing the white race to the rubbish bin. “Good riddance” they say, as they cheer on the decline of white birth rates and the mass migration (both legal and illegal) into North America and Europe. They call for the destruction of monuments to white historical figures (something the left would decry as “cultural genocide” if it were being done to First Nations peoples) and talk about the end of “white supremacy” in white nations.

Do not let them deceive you with talk about a "natural demographic shift". The Intention is White Genocide!

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