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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Imperialism Of Leftist Propaganda

by Tim Murray

Left wing propagandists are imperialists. Having secured a space to launch their verbal missiles, they feel compelled to expand into other domains. They want to occupy space that ethical people understand to be out of bounds. They want to blur the line between party and state, neutral news and opinion, art and politics. Leftists are not content to confine their propaganda to op-eds or to subjects or fora where political opinion is expressly sanctioned. They want to colonize all areas of interest, all topics, all pages, all media platforms. They feel no compunction about commandeering publicly owned media outlets and forcing taxpayers to subsidize their propaganda. Their appetite for conquest is insatiable, and their girth is growing from their successes.

Thus, it is now acceptable for a sportscaster to make politically partisan comments during a sports report. Or a newscaster to take a swipe at a liberal whipping boy like Donald Trump, or to mis-characterize a political figure or cause he dislikes as "far right". Such is their cocky confidence that on one local television station for example, a doctor felt comfortable in slipping a political opinion into one of his weekly commentaries about health issues. Comedy shows, hockey telecasts, music festivals, award presentations......all have been recruited to push the state line. The globalist world view. A gospel of diversity which promotes ideological conformity. A vision of a borderless world where formerly sovereign nations replicate each other as a monoculture of blended cultures and races. A con game that preaches harmony while pitting worker against worker in a ruthless competition between cheap imported labourers. It is the dominant narrative that threatens to become the only narrative.

So I should not have been surprised to find that "The Weather Network" should permit one of its virtue-signalling journalists to post an article that attempted to link "climate change denial" to racism.

Think about it. Here I am, just one of two million guys in British Columbia who simply wants to know if rain is anywhere in the long term forecast. A guy who habitually checks The Weather Network site to find out how hot or cold it is out there. Or windy. And when and if the weather will change. It's quite normal. We are busy people who like to plan our schedule around the weather. Typically that takes about a minute for me. I click on, see the forecast, and click off. Done. But one day, my eye was caught by one of the videos showcased on the home page.

These videos are usually about weather events in other provinces. Or harmless human interest stories. A video of a dog on a toboggan or a boy jumping off a pier on a hot day. Videos like that. Videos that have gone viral. But this time I saw the word "racism" in the headline. On a weather site. Talk about an attention grabber! It was like watching a gardening show and seeing a word or phrase like "rapist", or "local plane crash" or "6 people dead in freeway accident." The temptation to open the link was over-powering.

I clicked on the link, and sure as shootin', there it was. A story about racists and climate-deniers going together, as Doris Day would have said, like a horse and carriage. Outrageous? Apparently no more. Not in the soft totalitarian state which is Canada.

We must appreciate that a totalitarian dictatorship is just not any run-of- the-mill dictatorship. Most of history's dictators were not interested in controlling every facet of life. In fact, many of them deliberately left most of the private sphere alone. Franco would be a case in point. They wanted citizens to be distracted or involved in their church, in volunteer groups, in sports teams, in yacht, gardening or kennel clubs or whatever. Dictators, in other words, allow at least a remnant of civil society to continue unmolested by political interference. A citizen of a typical dictatorship is not required to get state permission to form a choir or organize a game of badminton.

But leftist-globalist totalitarians have unlimited ambitions. They are control freaks. And if they can't control you, they want to make you disappear. They want to deny you a voice or a platform or a space. And sometimes, they even want to "educate" you, and once reformed, set you "free" to walk among the enlightened. A kind of "catch and release" approach to social engineering.

Once upon a time enemies of the totalitarian state were shot, hung, gassed or worked and starved to death. While that still happens, it is rare. I credit German Communists for the change. God bless them. The DDR pioneered more 'civilized' and effective methods. Evil yes, but not so crude. Torture was on the menu, but it was not the kind of torture we would endure if we were locked in a room and forced to listen to the CBC 24/7. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have my nails torn out than listen to Michael Enright or Wendy Mesley for more than ten minutes. I’d sign any confession to end the pain.

While the Stasi made some progress, the soft totalitarian states like Sweden, Norway, the UK and Canada have gone even further down the road to kid-glove thought control. Along with taxpayer-funded state propaganda, they have enlisted the private sector to do their heavy lifting. The mantra of "diversity" and "inclusion" has been insinuated into TV commercials and corporate discourse, and virtually every TV ad is populated with a rainbow of faces, featuring biracial couples and people of 'diverse genders'. The message to would-be dissidents is that the post-national utopia is a done deal. Resistance is futile. And if you do resist, you will be fined, jailed, fired, dismissed or ostracized. Gas chambers and Gulags are not necessary, thank you very much. Not in Justin’s Canada. Not in 2018.

In a totalitarian society you can run but you can't hide. There is no escape — unless we can carve out a private space in our minds, or be immersed and nourished by our intimate personal relationships. A few trusted friends, a loyal spouse, a loving dog and a modest garden are perhaps our only sanctuary from the madness that surrounds us. How long will it be before they finally come and usurp that space we cannot presently know. All we know now is that if it is there, we have to hang onto it for dear life and savour it. And pray that we may live long enough to see this omnipresent, suffocating, depraved and malevolent multicultural theocracy come crashing down.

aka Number 6

Be seeing you.

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