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Sunday, 12 August 2018

ID Canada Fights The Traitorous Globalist Removal Of John A. MacDonald Statue

by ID Canada, Homepage

Earlier this week, Victoria city council voted to remove a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald located outside city hall. Last night, ID Canada activists took to the streets of Victoria and Vancouver to denounce the removal of the statue of our first Prime Minister.

This began with Cornwallis in Halifax, and our opposition to the removal of the Cornwallis statue was due largely to the fact that it set precedent. It meant it was okay to remove and dismantle our history to pave the way for a new country void of an identity.

Now they’re going after MacDonald on the opposite end of the country. This is just the beginning. The establishment won’t be happy until all signs of “colonialism” and “European identity” are gone – until being a Canadian simply means holding a piece of paper.

ID Canada will continue to fight against the globalists determined to erase our identity. We’re growing larger every day, and it’s acts of treachery such as this that allow us to expand. These politicians will be remembered for their treason.

Here are some of the posters we put around Victoria:

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