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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Open Borders Begin At Home

by Tim Murray

Leftists agree with Immigration Minister Hussen: "White Canadians who don't hand over their homes to African Refugees are NOT Canadian!"

Refugees Welcome! Come on in!

Hey Leftist, show us how sincere you are. You say you want open borders, so why not walk the talk and leave your front door wide open? And while you’re at it, take down your fence and remove the front gate. After all, you once said that we are all one big human family and that borders, walls and fences are artificial human constructs. So why not tell the world how welcoming you are? Why not advertise your house as a “Welcoming Centre”? Why not take the opportunity to demonstrate your self-proclaimed moral superiority? Why not send out invitations?

If you did, there are 120 million Central Americans, a billion Africans and 50 million Middle Easterners who would love to take you up on your offer. Why not take to twitter like Justin Trudeau did and tell all of them how generous and accommodating you are? Why not show them your hospitality?

And once they have settled in, after you have put 2 families in each room , will you supplant your garden, cut down your trees, remove your shrubs, and sacrifice the backyard lawn where your children play so tents and makeshift shelters can accommodate more? Will you give them clothing and medical supplies that were earmarked for your wife and kids? Will you feed them? Will you turn your family into paupers so there is enough to go around? Will you live simply so that others “may simply live”, as Ghandi enjoined? You told us that rather than build walls, we should build bridges and “extend the table”. How long will your table be?

And since you are a big fan of “diversity”, and you believe that all cultures are created equal, will you insist that they all abide by your house roles, or will you in the name of “tolerance” let them do whatever they want and set their own rules? Will you turn a blind eye to migrants who sexually abuse your wife or rape your daughter or consume your dog? Will you designate your home as a “sanctuary house” for migrants who have committed crimes? Will you obstruct police and immigration enforcement agents in their search for these criminals?

I am betting you won’t, you flaming hypocrite.

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