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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

ID CANADA: Maritimes Road Trip And Activism

by ID CanadaHomepage 

Hello Patriots!

Last weekend, the national leadership team of ID Canada traveled over 3,000 km across Canada’s Atlantic provinces to meet with our affiliate chapters on the east coast. Before we get to the activism, we want to congratulate our Affiliate Chapters on becoming Official Chapters of ID Canada, and we’re very excited to see what the future holds for not only their region, but the entire organization nationwide. We’ve got some of the best men & women this country has to offer in-terms of activists, and morale is very high despite the current state of affairs in Canada.

While these trips are expensive, difficult to coordinate and require a lot of time, energy and resources, we believe them to be crucial in building not only a strong, reputable organization, but in building a tightly-knit community of patriots. Despite being the second largest country in the world, Canada is a small country in many ways. There’s a distinct difference between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, despite their proximity. Prince Edward Island is noticeably different from the rest of Canada the moment it comes into view as you cross the confederation bridge, due to the red soil that the island is known for. As you would expect from the Maritimes, the hospitality we received not only from our members, but from the locals was astounding. It almost seems as if everyone knows each other in these areas, and when you compare this sense of belonging and community to the urban jungles of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver, where most people don’t even know their immediate neighbours, it paints a clear identity for these people, unique from the rest of Canada.

It seems as though the decisions made by Ottawa don’t have much impact on these small communities – but they do. We learned of the recent influx of refugees to these regions and the rising housing costs due to Chinese immigrants inflating prices like they’ve done in Vancouver. We also learned of the thought policing going on in larger cities like Halifax, where Mayor Mike Savage has made it painfully clear that he has no interest in protecting the unique identity of the people he was elected to represent, and would rather sellout to pseudo-oppressed “minority” group interests and newly landed “Canadians”. The amount of Social Justice Warriors in Halifax leads us to believe that post-secondary institutions in the region are pumping out cookie-cutter socialists with no valuable assets, worthless gender studies degrees and no real understanding of the world around them.

Despite all of this, our members showed us that there is a push back from the “old stock” Maritimers, who weren’t asked if they wanted to be replaced, or if they wanted the Chinese inflating their market values, forcing people to live further outside of the city and drastically inflating the cost of living. Our members showed us that they wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves that could potentially stop this post-nationalist policy from destroying their homelands. When we began our trip, we brought some posters and stickers with us to do some activism if we found some nice spots to do it, but our members were very keen on going out and plastering the city of Halifax and Saint John with ID Canada stickers and anti-illegal migrant posters we had done up weeks ago. This was the result…

ID Member stands at the location of the General Cornwallis statue that was removed by Halifax city council.

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