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Monday, 22 January 2018

When You're Attacked It's Wise To Look For Your Attacker's Enemies

by Frank Hilliard
(Traduit en français)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

White Nationalists are forever trying to achieve the perfect answer to multiculturalism; namely, a White ethno-state. If only we could shut the borders, deport the illegals, make abortion illegal and open the maternity wards all would be well. Meanwhile, an avalanche of unassimilable third world migrants rushes into the country like commuters squeezing into a Tokyo subway car.

What I'm saying is that while we postulate the perfect state, we're losing the war against cultural replacement, racial subjugation and White genocide. The wave of eager welfare recipients from what President Trump called "shithole countries," continues unabated.

One reason we've been unsuccessful is that in attempting to stem the flow of immigrants we have failed to take advantage of the natural differences among them and the antipathy between them. We've been treating brown and black immigrants as if they're all the same. Specifically, we've lumped the good in with the bad; the dangerous in with the benign and the smart in with the dumb. And, let's be frank; we've done this because we want a "pure" solution to multiculturalism, rather than a blended solution. I understand this view. Indeed, given a choice, I have this view myself. Give us, oh God, a country of our own (doesn't that sound familiar?).

Well, it isn't going to happen. Either we're going to get swamped with low-value social rent-seekers or we're going to do some triaging up front and select people who help us intellectually, genetically, culturally and socially. Or to put this more plainly; either we're going to be swamped by our enemies or we're going to select our friends.

What do I mean by "friends?" What I mean are peoples who are generally well disposed to Western civilization, people who want to be part of the capitalist economy, people who want to emulate us rather than destroy us. And, who in practical terms, can do so. When you put this filter on the millions (billions?) of potential immigrants a few glimmers of light appear in the general gloom.

I've written before about one such group, the Sri Lankan "Burgers," the mixed-race descendants of Portuguese, Dutch and British traders who, over the centuries, impregnated local women in Ceylon. These people and their children come in all colours and shades, but are united in a desire to improve themselves and their children through education, business and capitalism. Like mixed-race individuals elsewhere, they tend to "marry White" and thus move closer to the Canadian norm with each generation. Getting more Burgers in the country would reinforce White identity, not diminish it.

The Kurds from Syria and Iraq (and Turkey and Iran) are another pro-Western people who desperately need their own country in which to emulate the West. Both the United States and Canada are already helping the Kurds, but we could do more in accepting Kurdish students at our universities, training Kurdish soldiers in the Army and recognizing Kurdistan as a nation. The Kurds are Muslim, but they have an easy-going attitude to Jews, Christians and other religions. They have also been targeted by both Sunni and Shia Muslims and so are leery of both. We're unlikely to get many Kurdish immigrants, but they would be an excellent set of newcomers to Canada.

Egyptian Copts are Christians currently being persecuted by Muslims in Egypt. Their experiences with a Muslim majority country would be an excellent antidote to the current pro-Muslim attitude of our academia, media and government. Imagine if they were here writing letters to the editors of the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail complaining of pro-Muslim bias. Such a treat.

Burmese Buddhists. Here's a group that's had to deal with a Muslim invasion for many years. The Rohingya Muslims finally went a step too far and attacked Myanmar army posts killing dozens. This has led to a crackdown on the Rohingyas from an otherwise passive and polite people. As with the Copts, the Myanmar Buddhists know Islam for what it is and are inoculated against it. Excellent immigrants, but again, not a likely group.

Indian Hindu farmers, store keepers and computer engineers. I know there is a prejudice against Indian computer experts among many Whites, but we need to take a longer look down the road. Indian excellence in education, and the drive to succeed, is an asset not a deficit. Indian farmers and fruit growers in B.C. have proven to be among our most industrious and successful immigrants. Indian doctors and scientists are sprinkled throughout our health care and university systems. If I can generalize; the majority is attempting to fit-in and succeed in the Canadian environment. They are the exact opposite of their racially similar Muslim neighbours in Pakistan.

Lebanese Christians. I know, I know; the dual-citizen tango has put many people off this valuable immigrant group. Still, there's no denying the Lebanese are a western business class in a Middle Eastern country. In this they more closely resemble the Jews down the coast in Israel than the Turks up the coast in Turkey.

Is it completely insane to mention the Han Chinese in this article? To many on the West Coast, the Chinese are the problem, not the solution. And yet, the Chinese are like the Kurds in that they have a racial solidarity that transcends religion. People marvel at the Great Wall of China, but a belt of Chinese cities would be like a great wall of China in Canada when it comes to African and Amerindian immigration. This sounds far-fetched, but I personally cannot see a Muslim community gaining any traction in a Chinese controlled city. The Chinese, unlike other groups, have shown over 150 years the ability to blend into Canadian society as shown by the ubiquity of Chinese restaurants in even the smallest Canadian town.

Brazil is probably the most multicultural country in the world. For this reason, Brazilians are also the most racially conscious people on Earth. Marrying up is marrying White and to this extent Brazilians resemble the Burgher people mentioned earlier. I have a great deal of sympathy with any group trying to emulate Whites, trying to marry Whites, trying and succeeding at competing with European and North American companies. I believe, therefore, Brazilian immigration should be supported.

As you can see, I've left plenty of countries off the list which might be suitable candidates (such as Trinidad and Tobago), and I have ignored countries like Haiti, Nigeria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan which, I believe, would not provide Canada with significant immigration benefits.

That's my point; we need to be selective in picking racial, ethnic, national and religious groups that will provide a benefit to Canadian society by emulating it and improving it. The fact that we have a constitution and a Charter of Rights which specifically prohibit immigration authorities from using these selection criteria shows we have needlessly adopted theory over practice.

Unfortunately, this means we will only fix the immigration system in Canada when we re-write the constitution and abolish the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A tall order in peacetime, but a short order if there is a race and religious war in Canada, something the current federal government is working for at an accelerated pace.

Which will come first; a revamping of the way we accept immigrants or a breakdown in society? I would hate to have to take bets on that question.

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