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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Female Takes On Roosh

by Clare Ellis

Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War

Roosh, commenting on the recent Islamic terrorist act in Manchester, makes the claim that despite the increasing threat and carnage of Muslim terrorism in the West "nothing will change" other than more criticism against anti-Islamists and anti-immigrationists. He then suggests that in order to make the change that is needed, in order to save Western civilization, even in its present form, women must be denied the right to vote, otherwise it is "game-over" for the West.

His argument is that on the one hand women have been "so programmed to believe in human rights, egalitarianism, multiculturalism," immigration, and refugee settlements, that they consistently vote in Leftist politicians. And on the other hand, he claims that women have an innate psychology, an "ego" that prevents them from changing their minds i.e. women won't stop voting in Leftists despite being presented with the evidence, even the harsh realities of Muslim terrorism. So, his solution is to deny woman's suffrage. His logic: no female vote necessarily means no Leftist leaders.

Although Roosh is right that "nothing will change" other than increased criticism and is right in terms of his view on the destructive agenda of the crooked elites in the Western world, who use mass-immigration, particularly of Muslims, as a tactic to mix and divide European populations so they can increase their control over them, the 'solution' he proposes is wrong. Women are not the real problem.

For sure women tend to vote for Leftists, but what is happening behind the vote, the mechanisms in place that make what a person is voting for exist in the first place?

It is mostly males as politicians, as leaders of political parties, which make up that strata, that are behind most, if not close to all, immigration policies for the last several decades in the Western world. It is mostly men that have ushered in multiculturalism, mass-immigration, corporate liberalism and so on for decades, which is leading to the end of the West. It is mostly men behind the neoconservative foreign policies and the funding of open-border movements that are directly related to the migrant crisis and denationalisation. These things are all closely related. It is mostly men at the top tweaking the transformation of the Western world.

Why do men, like Roosh, blame women for the decline of the West? Are we scapegoats? An easy explanation? Our decline is much more complex than just the fault of women. Denying women the vote means denying both Leftist and non-Leftist women the vote. All those non-Leftist women will not have a voice that counts. Why not also deny men the vote, because a significant portion also vote Leftist! Maybe a better solution is to deny the vote for those who are non-European foreign-born and those born to them, who overwhelmingly vote Leftist.

In fact, our elites ignore our voices, our will, whether male or female, to favour the foreigner, so why vote at all. One example: statistics show that the majority (over 60%) of Europeans don't want any more Muslim immigration, figures that have been climbing for decades, but it continues and continues to increase. Elites could stop it, but they won't. This has nothing to do with women.

Blaming women is the same thing as women, particularly feminists, blaming men. Same generalisations and lack of sophistication because of the want of an easy answer. In the present climate, with the view that women are to blame, I suppose guys will increasingly immerse themselves in the manosphere, menism, male-ism, and do the same things they hate the feminists doing. Hypocritical.

The decline of the West is caused by cultural Marxism, including feminism and immigrationism, as well as corporate capitalism — ideologies that have saturated every waking moment of our lives, whether male or female. A destructive ideology is not the same thing as women; women are not the problem, the ideology is and all the mechanisms and elites that prop it up. And why does cultural Marxism even exist in the first place?

The West is in decline because of destructive ideologies and mass-immigration is associated with the decline of the European family. But women are not the only ones to blame for this. Both women and men have been effeminised, their natures twisted. Divorces, which do not equal feminism as some like to claim, but should be associated with individualism, are requested by men just as by women. Welfare is also a problem; it reduces the need for two-parents, destroying those links, reduces reliance on extended family, also destroying those links, and reduces old-age dependency by replacing the need for kids by the pension safety net, thus also destroying those links.

Men are not settling down and do not want children, preferring to play the field and sow their oats, as it were, in many pastures for a long time rather than starting a family. Even if they get a girl pregnant, they take off, creating the single mother who can't work full-time at the same time as providing for herself and her young child. Hence, welfare! This has always been the case, but has now hypertrophied in this hyper-individualised consumer dumb porn society. Who created this type of society; this type of sexual licentiousness, which is promoted by Hollywood, mainstream media, Leftist ideology etc.?

The decline of the West can be associated equally with men and women, not just women, and really is not about men and women, but ideology, mass-immigration, money, and provision (or lack thereof). Blaming women for the decline of the West is just one more weapon to divide us.

One comment to Roosh was that 'White Sharia' is needed. If that is the case, become Muslim and then piss off to camel land. There is no difference between these Alt-Right women haters and blamers and the Muslims who shroud and oppress their women. They are causing division between men and women, when what is needed is unity. Why bother repressing women, blaming women, stripping them of their rights, when we need strength in numbers and to get to the real root causes and peoples of our demise. It is such a distraction and divisive.

We need real men and real women, not silenced women and bosom bro buddies with caveman fantasies of how their women should behave, think, vote, act, talk. Anti-nationalism, corporate globalism, cosmopolitanism, radical feminism and so on are the real issues that we should be fighting against, and the people behind these things, not the unwitting 'victims,' the 'prey' of these predatory ideologies.

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