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Friday, 21 April 2017

Noah Richler: One more Pawn in the Anti-White Campaign

by Paul Bradley and Ricardo Duchesne

Noah Richler
Noah Richler: White Canadians have not been sufficiently ashamed of their history

Within the world of contemporary politics there are many oddities, but nothing quite so odd as the mind-state of the Canadian liberal. These folks are a rare breed of political thinkers — the variety of whom, in a most paradoxical fashion, love to hate their own national heritage. This became transparent yet again in Noah Richler's "Canadians must recognize the dark side of their history." This article actually claims that White Canadians are still "unaware" of the "shameful chapters" in their history, the plight of the "First Nations," the Komagata Maru incident, the turning away of Jewish refugees, the experience of the slaves and black United Empire Loyalists. Richler belongs to an aging 1980s generation with nothing to do, no new ideas, except to repeat what they heard from the 1960s generation. He seems oblivious to the three generations of White Canadians coming after him continuously hectored about Canada's "shameful past."

He imagines himself edgy and provocative, rather than yet another conformist member of an establishment that has been repeating the thoughts of his little article for five decades to the point of nausea. I just Googled both this amazingly original sentence, and various phrases from it, and a million links came up.
Canada's neglect, and worse, of First Nations — their starvation upon the plains, their subjugation to the Indian Act, and then the criminal underfunding of residential schools designed to erase Indigenous identity and cultures...
Richler, you are half a century behind the times! What Canadians don't know, after decades of anti-White bullying, is that Canada is not a "post-nation" of immigrants, but a nation founded by indigenous Acadians, indigenous Quebecois, and English Loyalists, born in the soil of North America. They don't know that these ethnic groups were pioneers and settlers, not immigrants who arrived to a ready made nation. Richler refers to the "ransacking of Acadian homes, separation of families," because only in their victimization can he acknowledge them as Acadians. He detests them as a people proud of their founding role.

He says that making White Canadians "ashamed" of their history is good, it teaches them "humility," a disposition to deprecate, downgrade, play down, make light of, sneer at their ancestors and their historical achievements. As with most leftists, Richler is probably unaware that the founders of all European nations are being told exactly the same thing, to feel ashamed of their history and to view their nations as "immigrant nations," to celebrate non-Whites while scoffing at their own history. Richler, in other words, is just a pawn in a widespread ideological program organized by globalists, leftist diversity promoters combined with corporate hustlers, to destroy White identity across the West. This program has been in the making for some decades, and Canada's liberal politicians played a key initiating role.

Indeed, ever since Pierre Trudeau cancelled Canada's English and French cultural heritage in the early 1970's, political masochism has been the order of the day. Oppression against Aboriginals. The Chinese Head Tax. Komagata Maru. As the diversity decades passed, these and other historical incidents coagulated into a potent brew of domestic self-hatred. Canada's liberal-left have been instrumental in serving up this self-defeating intoxicant.

Unlike our neighbours to the south — who, despite endless globalist machinations, have managed to retain a sense of patriotism — Canadians have been taught for decades to despise their collective identity. In fact, as Canada gets deeper into the year of our 150th anniversary, the anti-Anglophone rhetoric has never been more pronounced. In a case of extreme irony, this is how diversity pundits instruct Canadians to "celebrate" the momentous occasion.

It is one thing, for example, for Chinese-Canadian community leaders to dredge up century-old hardships as a result of migrating to a strange and distant land. It is quite another for the descendants of those who founded our nation to do the very same. The fact is, every nation on earth indulged in historical oppression against minorities — some far more extreme than anything Canada ever whipped up. One is left to wonder why Richler is so keen in shaming White Canadians while always speaking with soft words about his beloved country Israel, which has been dispossessing Palestinians in our current times, not some centuries ago.

At this point in our history — particularly under the current government of Justin Trudeau — Canada's national legacy is little more than a litany of malevolence toward all non-Anglophone peoples. Sir John A. MacDonald as a racist alcoholic? Two thumbs up from liberals. Christians as land-stealing bigots? Top marks, say those of a Christian-Canadian heritage.

The diversity-infused youth of our nation may be surprised to learn it wasn't always this way. In fact, previous to former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's political ascendancy, Canadians actually liked themselves. Anyone recall Expo 67 in Montreal? 1-2-3 Canadians we love thee! Who knew this was the beginning of the end, as multiculturalism — in combination with mass third world immigration — would subsequently bury these notions in the historical sands of time.

At present, diversity is our nation's holy grail — whether the public like it or not. After all, not a single Canadian requested or approved such a policy — including our third world communities. The entire phenomenon is government-created, and government-enforced. Who was to know this agenda would morph into a license to demonize the descendants of the founders of our nation? It has — and will continue to do so — as long as Canada's liberal left continue to bash not only their personal and family heritage, but that of their nation as a whole. As the old saying goes — with Canadians like these, who needs enemies?

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