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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Left, Right, and Marx's Axiom

by Peter Goodchild

Slave revolt

At this point in the twenty-first century, there is what looks like an approaching civil war in various countries, all over two words — "left" and "right" — which no one understands and no one can define. That's more foolish than two groups of Christians arguing over whether the wine in the Eucharist is really wine or really blood.

Any explanation of this quasi-metaphysical puzzle begins with the fact that Marx was absolutely right in saying, "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles." But that was never really an issue. Those class struggles have obviously been part of daily life since the days of the Pharaohs. For several thousand years, all civilizations have been divided into roughly two classes. We can call them the rich and the poor, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, or whatever we like.

In a sense, one class calls the Great Divide of "class struggle" a problem of "half full," and the other class calls it a problem of "half empty," but except for each side's choice of emotion-laden terminology they're talking about the same thing. Each side starts with Marx's axiom, making identical statements, but the undertones are different.

The main foolishness nowadays, however, lies in the fact that the tail end of each of the two arguments is quite different. Most supposed defenders of the poor aren't really doing their job. As a result, the leaders of the left go on the hunt quite eagerly, but they are tracking down the patriots, while the traitors are the people they see in the mirror every day.

My own country, Canada, is an example. How did we end up with the highest immigration rate of all major industrialized countries, and a predilection for inviting people with a history of violence and from failed cultures? And how did we, as a nation, fall asleep every time there was new legislation putting an end to freedom of speech?

And all of this has happened under so-called Liberal governments, specifically those of Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin. Canada is mostly bare rock, unable to support a large (and growing) population. And Canada's borders are permanently open to people who regard themselves as God's avengers. But Canadians merely utter, smugly, whatever lines of propaganda they have been fed by the state-owned news-media.

With low standards of education, and a lack of access to genuine information, Canadians are not even able to understand that the use of "-ism" and "-ist" words does not constitute a logical argument, but is merely a substitute of slightly more "polite" words for rude ones. And although many Canadians malign their "fascist" opponents, it is their own sons and daughters who will pay the penalty in the years to come. Unless there are major changes, the Canada of the near future will resemble some poverty-stricken repressive European country in the days of the Soviet Union.

A great many uprisings of the poor, over the course of thousands of years, have been derailed by scoundrels, subverted by manipulative weasels such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro. In our own day we have much milder-looking weasels, our own politicians and their sycophantic journalists. And instead of helping the "workers of the world," these politicians and journalists are now eating them for breakfast.

According to my own intuitive analysis of the situation (i.e. mainly guesswork), those people in the modern world who vote for left-wing parties can be identified by the following key words: underdog, submissive, globalist, poor, unintelligent, uneducated, pacifist, egalitarian, low self-esteem, follower, socialist.

On the same shaky grounds, those who vote for right-wing parties can be identified by the following key words: overdog, dominant, nationalist, rich, intelligent, educated, militant, aristocratic, high self-esteem, leader, capitalist.

However, since "left" and "liberal" have strayed far from their original meanings, to such an extent that both words now mean "eating the poor," I'm inclined to shorten my two lists above. Perhaps left means unintelligent, right means intelligent.

Note that I said (two paragraphs above) "those who vote." The leaders of the left and right don't necessarily have much in common with the voters, their followers. Politicians who tell their followers to free up space in their houses to make room for "refugees" don't do the same themselves. It would be sheer rudeness to ask them why this is so, but I assume the politicians are too important to their country to spend time guarding their family silverware, or their daughters are too precious for their bloodlines to be put at risk.

All of this sabotaging of the human mind, all of this rat-nibbling at our brains, can be described as psychological warfare, psy-ops — but applied toward our fellow citizens, not to an external enemy. A parallel would be the Zersetzung ("decomposition") of the mind, once used by Stasi, the spy network in Communist East Germany — subliminal tricks to get victims to doubt their sanity, to start losing their minds. The term "gaslighting" might also be a parallel — sowing seeds of doubt, pressuring victims to deny the obvious, to such an extent that they become basket cases.

The average person in the modern world is subjected to brainwashing every day, all day, and decades ago the procedures of brainwashing were summarized as "the three D's" — despair, deprivation, and dread. (Obeying orders in the first place would have been so much easier!) Hollywood movies and mainstream journalism pound the globalist message into our heads that Caucasians are bad (unless they are rich), and that the world should be transformed into the Slave Planet, with all gender, nationality, parenthood, and history scrubbed out of people's brains. The hunts are beginning, and the hounds will be set loose.

At the same time, dumbing-down has become such a problem that it is difficult to speak to people in Canada, even people who have been born here. When I was a child, there was nothing wrong with using a polysyllabic vocabulary — oh, sorry, I mean "big words." Large numbers of North Americans believe that the earth is bigger than the sun, that the earth is flat, or that God created humans in their present shape only a few thousand years ago.

Back in the 1950s, Canada was the true north strong and free. Now it's a place where people apply for spirit-crushing jobs, try to sign up for transgendering operations, and hope to live for a few years without getting arrested.

The Bible tells us of the ten virgins who were invited to a wedding feast. Five of them were foolish, forgetting to bring oil for their lamps, and five were wise, bringing oil, so that they were allowed to go inside to the feast, while the foolish virgins were left outside. Well, I don't quite know how to interpret that parable, but somehow we've got ourselves a world of foolish virgins.

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