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Monday, 13 March 2017

English Canada's Journey to the Back of the Bus

by Brad Salzberg, Cultural Action Party

Justin Trudeau doing Yoga

Canada is a nation founded upon journeys. From the arrival of our earliest settlers, to the construction of our trans-national railway, to those who boarded the rail lines to settle our western provinces, ours is a nation founded by travellers from distant lands.

Canada's past is filled with colourful stories of journeymen and women — early Scottish pioneers, Ukrainian homesteaders, as well as those who battled the high seas sailing to our shores from the Far East. These and many other examples are well documented within our history books.

In our more recent history, however, an unprecedented form of journey has quietly been taking place. This adventure is not found in history books, nor taught in university classrooms. It is a journey of a different nature — the journey of English Canada and its Anglo-Canadian citizenship to the "back of the bus."

What, dare one ask, could be powerful enough to result in such a dramatic social development? Why, nothing less than the power of political correctness — along with a government-enforced triumvirate of immigration, multicultural, and refugee legislation.

Of all the intended virtues of multiculturalism, the concept of equality lies at the heart of the both the ideology and related legislation. Since the establishment of the policy in 1988, Canadians have been informed by government and media that multiculturalism "levels the playing field" for Canadians of all ethnicities and religions.

Is this really the case? Upon detailed examination — a practice virtually unheard of since the policy's inception — the results are not what our current diversity pundits would have us believe.

When Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau introduced multiculturalism in 1971, it is reasonable to say his intentions were noble. In his desire to meet the cultural needs of his native Quebec, as well as a handful of growing European-Canadian communities, Trudeau unveiled multicultural ideology to an unsuspecting nation. Unfortunately, his intentions were hopelessly idealistic — for while they served to empower certain segments of Canadian society, they also served to disempower others.

Thus began the journey. Pushed forward by government and media, our nation swelled with multicultural pride. Away from the cameras, however, a rather insidious development was taking shape — one which would entirely elude Canada's mainstream population.

Over the course of several decades, multiculturalism would gradually transition into the exclusive domain of a loose collective of political leaders, university academics and community organizations. In a Globe & Mail article, Former B.C. Premier Ujjal Dosanjh referred to this phenomenon as "multicultism."

Within contemporary Canada, the concept of ethnic diversity is anything but inclusive. If it were, our ethnic communities of European heritage would be as vital to the program as, for example, our Muslim or Sikh communities. They are not. The fact is, our government's diversity agenda is devoid of any semblance of European-Canadian heritage.

There is nothing "multi" about multiculturalism

What conclusions can be drawn from this development? One thought is that, in fact, there is nothing "multi" about multiculturalism. Another is that our Canadian diversity club maintains an exclusive membership. It does not include, for example, Polish-Canadians or Italian-Canadians. Rather, it belongs to a select handful of "identifiable" communities — all of which have their roots in Asian and Middle Eastern nations.

Was this outcome part of Pierre Trudeau's original intention upon replacing Canada's English and French heritage with multicultural policy? Highly doubtful. In fact, upon a return visit to parliament in the mid-1990's, the elder Trudeau stated that multiculturalism had not worked out "the way he intended." Imagine what he would think if he were to magically re-appear to witness the present state of the nation. Of course, he has reappeared — at least in spirit — in the form of his son Justin, the current prime minister of Canada.

Pierre Trudeau is the person who got the diversity bus rolling in the first place, but it is the fruit of his loins who will permanently place English Canada at the back of the bus. In this case, unlike in the story of Rosa Parks, there may well be nothing or no one bold enough to save the people from this inequitable fate.

It is a most ironic situation. The laws and legislation which facilitate this social development are rooted in British governance — in particular, Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is this defining civil rights legislation which lies at the heart of our diversity industry's fervent brand of multicultural aggression. Furthermore, an entire civil liberties industry has developed in the wake of the Charter — our courts, judges and lawyers function as the legal mechanism through which "Multicult" Canada achieve their nefarious goals.

In fact, White-bashing has become something of industry unto itself. Is it accurate to say the only identifiable community which can be publicly disparaged without consequence is the Anglo-Canadian community? Is it not the case that it is open season for attacks upon the European heritage of our nation, while even the smallest incident of oppression against Muslim-Canadians is considered the greatest indignity known to man?

The truth is, for all Justin Trudeau's ramblings about diversity being Canada's strength, it is only a strength if you are fortunate enough not to be a descendant of the founders of our nation.

Unfortunately, by way of our ruling Liberal government, the anti-Anglo bus is shifting into overdrive. Our pin-up PM simply does not care about English Canada — or even French Canada, for that matter. What he cares about is importing Liberal voters. He cares about Islam. He cares about 'refugees.' He cares about everyone and everything which fall outside the spectrum of the largest demographic segment within Canadian society: English, French and Christian Canada.

As a result, Canadians of European heritage are left to fend for themselves. Our Liberal government is not working for "old stock" Canada. Indeed, it is time for a new game plan. Whether or not it is too late, no one can say. What we can say, however, is that if "traditional" Canadians continue their passive and polite ways, within a single generation the diversity bus will bury English Canada in the sands of time. Had we understood the outcome in the first place, we most certainly would have ordered a taxi.

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