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Friday, 31 March 2017

Addicted to Self-Hatred

by Tim Murray

Social Justice Warriors

It has not been my practice to use pseudonyms. I always clung stubbornly to the quaint notion that people should have the guts to put their name to their words. That's why I sent unsigned letters straight to the waste paper basket when I was working for a student newspaper. However it is an entirely different world now and the reality is that there are people out there dedicated to our destruction and eager to send out the hounds of persecution after our scent. The Thought Police are on the look-out, and many of them work undercover.

So I finally came to the realization that I needed a pseudonym. Something appropriate. Something that would reveal my affiliation. I thought of using the name of a Norse god but that is a well worn path. I also thought of using names that signalled my patriotism, but nothing novel or distinctive occurred to me. But alas, I think I have finally found one: "John Galt."

The name came up in the comments section that followed an article I wrote about the pathological altruism of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) who would open the floodgates to "The Other." The commenter quoted a passage in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged (1957) where Rand's character "John Galt" said the following:
You have reached the blind alley of the treason you committed when you agreed that you had no right to exist. Once, you believed it was "only a compromise": you conceded it was evil to live for yourself, but moral to live for the sake of your children. Then you conceded that it was selfish to live for your children, but moral to live for your community. Then you conceded that it was selfish to live for your community, but moral to live for your country. Now, you are letting this greatest of countries be devoured by any scum from any corner of the earth, while you concede that it is selfish to live for your country and that your moral duty is to live for the globe.

The first line says it all. The foundation of the SJW mentality is the belief that we have no right to exist. English-French-European Canada does not have a right to exist. Euro-America does not have a right to exist. Germany does not have a right to exist. Sweden does not have a right to exist. And if a White person believes that White people don't have a right to exist, then he must hate himself. So what do people who hate themselves typically do?

Some resort to self-mutilation. Some torture animals. Some commit rape. And some join Antifa. They project their hatred to work out their self-hatred. In so doing they often make the lives of people around them miserable. Family members, relatives, co-workers, one is safe from their discontent. They want to save the world, but not their marriages. They condemn "hate speech" but are themselves consumed by hate. Hate oozes out of their pores, and pours out of their mouths. In fact, the overwhelming impression that one often gets from the SJW in his family or office or school is that he or she is one unhappy individual. So unhappy that he or she feels the need to lash out at someone — and you might happen to be the target of convenience for the day.

But it would be optimal if the target is White (and if it is a White male, so much the better). If their hatred is directed toward people who resemble themselves, social justice warriors can kill two birds with one stone. They can project their inner rage outward, and at the same time replace it with self-righteousness to fill in the vacuum. In other words, they can temporarily replace low self-esteem with high self-esteem. I say "temporarily" because the feeling is short-lived. The dopamine hit soon wears off. Withdrawal symptoms ensue. Before the week is out, they need another fix, another target, another incident to become outraged over. It is a full-blown chemical addiction.

There is a cure of course. Instead of hating themselves and their ethny, they need only to try loving themselves — and their tribe. And they need to go into "Detox" to rid themselves of false narratives and ethno-suicidal thoughts. De-programming is the word that I was looking for. For some, however, it may be too late. As the saying goes, you can't fix stupid.

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