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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Canadian Lügenmedia: Trump's Poll Surge Sends The Globe and Mail Into Meltdown

by Thomas Jones

Lügenmedia meltdown

Most countries in the world pay attention to the American presidential election because of how powerful the United States is, but few worry about it as much as Canada. Of course, Canada actually borders the USA so there is a feeling that presidential elections there will have a special impact north of the 49th parallel. And yet despite this Canadians are woefully ignorant of the United States and indeed the world at large.

Largely this is because Canada is truly blessed geographically. It is on a continent largely free of strife and it is lucky to have the United States as a neighbour. The US is Canada's ally and protector. Until quite recently Canada was also an incredibly homogenous country. 97% of the Canadian population was White as recently as the 1970s. And outside of the greater Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal areas it still is largely if not overwhelmingly White. Canadians do not know of or understand what multicultural and multiracial societies are actually like, even though it has been enshrined into law that Canada is multicultural, and so they have developed an unbelievably annoying air of supremacy over the Americans and others who have histories of opposition to multicultural/multiracial societies.

The Globe and Mail Meltdown

Trump the Patriot
Hated by left-wing hacks for being an unapologetic patriot

Another factor in Canadians' ignorance is the Lügenmedia.

As with other parts of the world the media (from pop culture shlock to journalism) is not an objective force, but instead has a clear ideological agenda. We can see in the ongoing US presidential election how hopelessly subjective the media has been. This election featured one of the most corrupt and criminal presidential nominees ever: Hillary Clinton. And yet the mass media is fully behind her. No amount of damning Wikileaks exposing her corruption, warmongering and hypocrisy seems to be enough. The O'Keefe videos showing attempts by high-ranking Democrat operatives at vote rigging, the various FBI investigations into Hillary's mishandling of highly classified material and the air of bribery surrounding the Clinton Foundation...nothing seems to be enough to get MSM journalists to stop supporting Hillary. The attitude is "I am with her" no matter what. Instead the lying press makes up stories about Trump and calls for crazy belligerent actions against the nuclear superpower Russia in its attempts to deflect from the many scandals Hillary is involved in.

But when it comes to Canada the media establishment is even worse. I think a major reason for this is the fact that we have a state-owned news and entertainment service in the CBC. Another factor is that despite all the anti-Americanism that comes from the liberal Canadian elite they still desire to be noticed and praised by their American counter-parts. Thus they go out of their way to ape American liberals. This results in some of the worst journalism I have ever seen and The Globe and Mail has taken the cake:

Yesterday in this most current of current years, its editorial staff finally went over from mockery into meltdown and called directly on our American friends and neighbours to Please Don't Vote for Donald Trump:
We can't believe that given a choice between one mildly flawed candidate and another peddling an explosive combo of bad ideas, no ideas and zero self-control, you're having trouble choosing.

Does the entire planet feel this way? No. If you want to cheer up Vladimir Putin, or bring a smile to the faces of the hard men who rule China, then by all means, pull the lever for Trump. But the rest of us, your friends and allies in the free world, are pushing the panic button.
When The Globe and Mail says "mildly flawed candidate" you should be aware that they are not referring to Trump, who is honest enough that he is "no angel", but to Hillary with her proven record of corruptness, back-door intrigues, establishment pandering and warmongering. That makes her far more than just mildly flawed, that makes her outright dangerous to the stability of the American constitutional democracy, as well as world peace as a whole.

As for Trump not having ideas, the editorial staff could not be more wrong. It is just that his ideas are not at all to the liking of the globalist hacks populating Canadian newsrooms. Trump has definitely a vision for America and a monumental one: stop the unfair trade deals, stop shipping off the American manufacturing base, stop bleeding out Middle America, stop the senseless wars in the Middle East, stop illegal mass migration on the Mexican border, stop the influx of fake refugees, and put the interest of America first in all things.

Of course, the editors could not resist a little anti-Russian dig here, showing how mindlessly Canadian system journalism is mimicing the left-wing press in the States. The article then goes on about how America is already great as well as some praise for internationalism and then we get this,
We understand some of the reservations about Hillary Clinton. That she violated arcane government email protocols, a tempest in a tiny teapot if there ever was one, is no reason to vote against her. But the chain of donors and employees running through government to the Clinton foundation and back again should concern you — as it points out how Washington, on both sides of the aisle, is rotten with the whiff of money and influence-peddling.

But in terms of education, experience and temperament, Ms. Clinton is exceptionally well-qualified to be President. Her policies, foreign and domestic, are far better than the Republican alternative. As a politician, however, something about Ms. Clinton has always rubbed a lot of Americans the wrong way, and the Democratic Party's decision to nominate her was a political error. She's the one candidate able to get independents and moderate Republicans to overlook Trump's overwhelming unfitness for the job.
They almost condemn Hillary by saying she is divisive and hint that she is criminal, but in the end none of that matters. Her invade the world, invite the world strategy is praised. Trump must be stopped at all costs.
Mr. Trump's platform, such as it is, promises lower taxes for the wealthy, some tax increases in the middle, and a loss of health insurance for many poor Americans. And that's the conventional part of his package.
This is just wrong. Typical of the media they have swallowed Hillary's talking points about Trump being a candidate of the rich and spewed them out almost verbatim. In fact, Hillary is the candidate of the dreaded 1%. As I have explained before she has support from the wealthiest people in America and has made calls for a hemispheric union. Such an entity would only further exacerbate the divide between rich and poor.
His attack on free trade, which Republicans traditionally supported, is a shot at a cornerstone of the international order American built. His repeated deflection of criticism of Putin is troubling. His statements of sympathy for other illiberal regimes are concerning. His plans for how to deal with issues like Syria, Iraq and ISIS are self-contradictory and absurdly thin.

Above all, Mr. Trump is an authoritarian. He's not much interested in ideas or rules, and that includes the U.S. Constitution, the most cerebral of government documents. His values and impulses are not those of the America — the great American — the world knows and needs.
Ah yes muh free markets strikes again! There isn't really much that is free about free trade, it is largely a lie that has been sold to countless Americans and evidently Canadians too. We can see in this statement yet further proof that Clinton is not the candidate of the everyman; she promotes the values of her establishment fellows who care more about their own short-term self-interests than they do the long-term interests of Americans. Again, we come across blind support for internationalism, Russophobia and obfuscation of Trump's reform program. This is ended with a cringe worthy praise of the constitution. Clearly the Democrats do not care about it, but I suppose this statement (along with the earlier free trade one) is meant to get more conservative-minded Canadians to condemn Trump.

Such an article is pretty expected from The Globe and Mail given their list of writers includes, among others, a man whose whole career is built on imposing Muslim migration come hell or high water and Denise Balkissoon, a South Asian woman who despite being married to a White man spends all her time producing anti-White content.

The Regressive Left

As this election comes down to the wire we are seeing more and more hysteria from the press, political pundits, celebrities and others in the established classes. They are truly terrified Trump will do something about the corruption, that he will actually work for all Americans as opposed to just the privileged few, and that he will put America first in foreign affairs instead of bowing down to foreign interest groups. And, of course, they can use the all-purpose weapon 'racist' to silence those who would be inclined to support Trump.

The regressive left has conclusively shown its alliance to neoliberalism in this election as the former ignores all issues in favour of the false hope of racial egalitarianism. They are so against anything even slightly pro-White they would support brinkmanship with Russia, destruction of what is left of the working class and further growth of disparities between the superrich and everyone else. Most leftists don't care, or if they do then they rationalize by saying that the needs of foreigners are greater. They can't stand the thought that a White man would be leader of a majority-White country or that said man would want to put his country first or have borders. They hate borders, they are obsessed with internationalism and outdated liberal views of humanity more than anything else.

Canada Would Benefit From a Trump Victory

I know this makes me sound like a broken record, but a Trump victory would be hugely beneficial to European Canadians. There is a silenced majority out there that is concerned with immigration and demographic changes occurring here, but they are often unable to articulate their thoughts. The media dominance of leftists and globalists is just so overwhelming.

Take a look at this recent Financial Post article or this one from the supposedly conservative National Post. It promotes the idea that we need more and more immigration to Canada regardless of benefits to country or what people want. All that matters is that this will fill coffers of these lobby groups.

Similar pieces are coming out of the States, Australia and even Europe. This cult of immigration must be destroyed. It must become acceptable again for Europeans to support borders and strong immigration policies. I've seen talk of Canada being a social experiment for a while and it is sickening. Our countries are not field experiments; they are real entities made of a people, culture and history. It would be a huge blow to the rootless elites of other Western countries if the largest economy and most powerful country in the world decided to look out for its own instead of pushing internationalist projects.

Make America Great Again 2016

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