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Friday, 18 November 2016

Multicultural Separatism: Will London Leave England?

Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, wants to separate the British capital from the United Kingdom and turn it into the financial Mongrel City of the World.

by Thomas Jones

London's Calling

In the recent EU referendum that the UK held 59% of London's population voted to remain in the European Union. Some including London's mayor Sadiq Khan called for the capital to separate from the United Kingdom and become its own city-state. Though these calls are rather muted now, Khan has continued to promote the idea of an "open" London and recently business leaders have called for London to have its own visa program. Essentially, this plan would allow London to have control over its own immigration.

At this point it is important to note that the total British population of London was under 45% in 2011, while Whites altogether just made a majority of 59%, which is undoubtedly even lower today. The native inhabitants of the city have sadly become a minority within their own home. Not that a South Asian mayor would care and nor do the banking and business interests that control the city. Despite its name and origins, the Labour party is not anymore the party of the working man and Khan is just a tool for moneyed interests behind the scenes. Because of his ethnic foreground, Khan wins over the support of the growing non-White populace and liberal Whites, who are desperate to signal their internationalist predilections by supporting a foreigner.

Elites throughout the Occident don't care about the history, culture or interests of Whites, they are only interested in what they think will benefit them personally in the short term. This seems especially true of London, which has become the quintessential internationalist, cosmopolitan urban centre. London also happens to be the banking capital of Europe and the fear of what Brexit means for the financial sector is fueling calls for the megapolis to go its own way or to overturn the referendum result.

That said, this is not the first time such treachery has been seen from London. It, of course, supported the Parliamentarian faction during the Civil Wars (their victory saw the ascendancy of the Puritanical dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell — who brought the Jews into Britain — and the rise of Whiggism).

London Mayoral election 2016
Demography is destiny:
Non-Whites voted the Muslim mayor into power
The proposed visa system that the London chamber of commerce is calling for is, according to Ian Robinson, so far only limited to EU nationals, but Khan and others would surely support the extension of such a system to non-EU nationals as well. Indeed, Fergus O'Sullivan states this plan would be for international workers, with no specification of whether they have to be EU nationals or not. Immigration was a major issue in recent referendum, but EU workers like Poles and Romanians are simply PC stand-ins for the people indigenes are actually concerned about: non-Whites.1

Either way, this plan sounds like a Trojan horse for more immigration into the UK, something which such a small island does not need (indeed, the overcrowded city of London, which already has extremely high housing costs, does not need further crowding). Of course, in such situations we always hear of the necessity of immigration for economic reasons. I'm highly skeptical of these claims, given the abundance of evidence that immigration is not an economic benefit and, of course, the fact that the more important issues of race, culture and religion are always ignored.

If this keeps up, the rest of England may have to build a wall around de-anglicized Londonistan.

[1] Of course, Brexit does not mean an end to non-White migration. This was a major problem with the Brexit camp, but leaving the EU still makes it easier for Britain to develop a more stringent immigration policy down the road as they won't have to deal with the European court of human rights or other such Eurocratic agencies.

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