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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Saudi Arabian Police Department to Hire Bikini-Clad Female Officers

by Tim Murray

Optional dress code for female immigrant minority officers in Saudi Arabia
Daphne Gilbertson, an English recruit to the Ryadh Police Academy, showcases the optional dress code for female immigrant minority officers in Saudi Arabia

According to a leaked memo from Saudi Arabia's Ministry of the Interior, the Police Chief of Riyadh Province, Major General Saud Al-Hilal, will convene a meeting of officers to discuss the hiring of bikini-clad female police constables.

The move is thought to be made in response to the revelation that Chief Constable David Thompson of the British West Midlands Police is considering allowing female Muslim recruits to wear the burka. All in an effort to meet a black/minority ethnic quota (BME) target of 30% in the region.

Major General Al-Hilal is said to have taken the initiative as a gesture of cordial reciprocity. "If they are going to open the door to our Muslim sisters in the U.K, then it is in keeping with our friendly relations with our friend and ally to demonstrate equivalent inclusivity."

Furthermore, the Major General said, "Since diversity has been such a spectacular success in Britain, as witnessed by the Brexit vote, we would be negligent if we did not consider embarking on the same path to cultural fragmentation, moral degeneracy and brewing civil conflict. It is only when you lose your moral compass that you begin to reap all the benefits that diversity can bring." He added, "Why you ask? This is 2016."

The general consensus of insiders is that the employment of scantily clad women as cops on the beat will be treated as a pilot project. If successful then the Department will engage in more aggressive outreach, particularly to pasty-faced White English sunbathers who would otherwise consider employment in the oil rich desert country as nannies and whores.

However there is some concern that the importation of semi-nude female exhibitionists may conflict with one of the central mandates of the Ryadh Police Department, as quoted in their website. Namely, "Maintaining tranquility, calm and safety in all neighbourhoods and streets of the cities and governorates of the Riyadh province to dissipate worry and enable all citizens and institutions to work productively."

In view of the possibility that the presence of these women "in uniform" may distract and excite the multitudes of repressed controlling bastards that make up the male population of this hard line Islamic state, it has been suggested that a more prudent step would be to first hire men in drag. Or alternatively, employ feminized and indoctrinated male university students who would be eager to offer a public demonstration of their sincere wish to relinquish their White male privilege by wearing bikinis and offering themselves as sex objects to the millions of covert homosexuals who mask their orientation behind the savage homophobia of sharia.

It all sounds hard to believe to some. But then, it is even harder to believe that Great Britain has come to the point where one of its major police departments is actually thinking about allowing potential female Muslim recruits to wear burkas on duty. Who do they think they are — Canadians?

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