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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Anti-Islam Does Not Equal "Anti-Muslim"

by Tim Murray

Ban Islam Poster in Edmonton
Quote CBC News: "One of the anti-Muslim (sic) posters which was distributed to homes in south-west Edmonton this week."

Dear Ms. Snowdon,

Regarding your article about "xenophobic" "anti-Muslim" posters and flyers in Edmonton: for your information, anti-Islam does not equal "anti-Muslim." I see nothing in your article about an attack on Muslims, who by the way, are not a "marginalized group." There are over 1 million Muslims in Canada right now, and there numbers have been doubling every decade for three decades in a row, and, under the wise stewardship of Prime Minister Justin Vacuous, that trend will apparently continue.

What I see here is a report about a verbal attack on a 7th century "religion," which has drawn strident criticism from a cross section of reputable people, including Winston Churchill. That is why Churchill had Hitler's number from Day 1. He knew a totalitarian creed when he saw one. And so did Hitler, who admired Islam as a blueprint for the kind of society that he wanted to create. No wonder he had the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem over for tea in Berlin. They were kindred spirits.

Ideas and ideologies do not warrant protection. In an authentic democracy, citizens are allowed to criticize or verbally attack an ideology, especially a totalitarian ideology like Islam. Would Edmonton police hunt down someone who put out leaflets or posters attacking Communism? Would these leaflets or posters be seen to represent an attack on people who subscribe to Communism aka Marxism? It that was the case, most of liberal arts professors in Canada would be arrested. Communism, in case you haven't heard, is a totalitarian ideology too. But that wouldn't trouble a progressive, would it? As David Horowitz said, inside every Letfist there is totalitarian screaming to get out.

I notice that has made — once again — no provision for comments following your article. Why do you think that could be? Could it be because if the CBC did that, it would reveal that most Canadians oppose Islam? I think you know the answer. Just check out how Trudeau was greeted in Medicine Hat recently. It seems that there are a lot of 'haters' in that town.

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. The broadcasting station is liable for a heavy overdose of dhimmitude.

On the other hand, if comments were allowed, anyone who did react to your article with negative comments would have their names turned over to the Hate Crimes department of the police. That is how it works in Canada now. It worked in East Germany, so why wouldn't it work here?

Out of curiosity, which institution of higher indoctrination did you graduate from? North Korea University? The University of Havana? Wait a minute, what am I thinking? You don't have to go overseas to get that kind of "education." You can get it right here in Canada. The Carleton University School of Journalism would be a good choice. But you would know that because it's the farm team of the CBC (CBC Pravda).

PS: When you forward this to the police, make sure they get my name right. And tell them that they can have my laptop. It is a 6-year-old Acer and it is ready to crap out on me.

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