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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

One Ring to Bind Them All: From Islam to the EU

by Peter Goodchild

Tolkien on the Rings

Muslims repeatedly kill and wound large numbers of people. Basically quite simple. But then I find a large number of questions floating around. For one thing, the politicians and the mainstream news are all saying that such attacks are perpetrated by "terrorists", not specifically by "Muslims". So this raises the large issue of disinformation. The KGB, during the Cold War, were quite instrumental in developing this. One of the main tricks is not to tell a lie exactly, because it's possible to get caught, but simply to tweak the facts a tiny bit, even if the final effect is not so tiny. Now politicians do it all the time. By saying "terrorists" rather than "Muslims", the average television-viewer can wipe the sweat from his forehead and say, "Oh, thank God. Terrorists. I was afraid it was Muslims." Then he can go to bed, sleep like a baby, and snore all night long.

Somebody once asked me: Why would people deliberately blow themselves up? To a modern Westerner this seems incomprehensible. The answer is that the jihadis think they'll go straight to heaven if they perform these acts of martyrdom. And how could people believe such a thing? Because they have such faith in their God. Islam was created fourteen centuries ago, and it has hardly changed since then. In order to understand Islam one can study the history of Europe at that same time, the early Middle Ages. Consider the fact that even the Christian monks spent centuries burning other monks at the stake over minor issues of theological doctrine. And for Muslims nowadays, violence on that level is all part of the grand tradition.

For Westerners, part of the disturbing news these days is that Muslim attacks are often right in the heart of Europe. So the unspoken fear is that jihad is moving even further west. What will happen next in Germany, for example?

Then there's the great stumbling block of Angela Merkel. After all that we know of the Muslim assault on the West, why would she have allowed a vast crowd of Muslim invaders from three different continents — sorry, "Syrian refugees" — to swarm into Germany and destroy whatever was left of German self-esteem?

Well, that gets into one of my favourite tinfoil-hat ideas: One World. But in the absence of other suitable materials, it's either tinfoil or nothing. Basically, it's like 1984, a story in which the world is divided into three huge political entities: Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia. The Paranoid Conspiracy Theory to which I'm specifically referring to is sometimes known as One World, sometimes as Global Governance, sometimes as the New World Order.

Consider the area that is sometimes called the ancient Old World: Europe and western Asia — roughly what became the Roman Empire. At the present time, there are three groups shuffling for control: the European Union (EU), the Marxists (including cultural Marxists, underground Marxists, secret Marxists), and Islam. Each of the three presents good arguments for being holier, more pious, than the other two, but really they're all just a bunch of villains.

Each of the three has the same goal: to wipe out all the independence-loving particular countries that are now in place. That is why the news media always hammer out the message that one must never use the words "white", "race", "ethnic", or "nationalist". When those "rebels" (us) have been crushed, it will be possible for the One Worlders to set up their massive government that will have its fingers on all the buttons.

That's how it was possible to crush the independence movement in Quebec, which I fondly think of as Canada's schizophrenic province, always hovering between Catholicism and Communism. When Pierre Trudeau drastically increased Canada's annual intake of Third World immigrants, the population of Quebec went from monolithic francophone to "multicultural" — just enough to tip the balance and destroy the referendum on separation from Canada. Yes, it's true, as is frequently admitted, that all political parties wanted the "ethnic vote", but our beloved Marxist Prime Minister actually had a more-specific goal at the time.

Samuel P. Huntington noted that "wherever one looks along the perimeter of Islam, Muslims have problems living peacefully with their neighbors." Peter Hammond notes that the larger the Muslim population, the greater the chances of Muslim violence. Long ago, Charles de Gaulle had the bright idea of importing Muslims from his defunct North African empire, in order to form a union of Europeans and Muslims (called "Eurabia" by Bat Ye'or) that might even compete with the US as a world power. And now France, among many other countries, is paying the price, but the politicians deny all responsibility.

As Marine Le Pen once said, the European Union is not much different from the Soviet Union, and no better. But Islam, Marxism, and the EU all have the same goal: to establish a world government, and to turn the masses into obedient slaves. All three, of course, are ideologies that have always been quite opposed to democracy. The biggest step, though, is to crush any sense of pride in one's own country, and to do that the opposite to nationalism must be instituted: "multiculturalism". As Merkel knows, what better way to make a country "multicultural" than to bring in a few million families from places where people don't even believe in birth control? If a few suicide bombers get a little out of hand, then — well, it's a small price to pay. And, yes, it's true that too many massacres could put a dent in the One Worlders' plans. Never mind. As Tolkien said:
One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them...

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