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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Growing Trend: Leftist Editors Are Removing the Comment Section

by Tim Murray

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

You might recall that last December the CBC announced that they were placing a moratorium on articles about First Nations issues because they attracted too many negative, disturbing and "racist" comments, and they have not yet developed the "moderating tools" to screen them out.

This article shows that this is a Leftist trend. Leftist editors are turtleling. More and more are following the example of the Toronto Star. They can't take the heat so they are shutting down their forums. At this rate, no one should be surprised that at some point even the Guardian will junk its comment section. All it will take will be another million third world Muslim migrants pouring into the EU and a half dozen more jihadist attacks. That would provoke such a blacklash from common sense people that the comment section would be overwhelmed with readers made angry at the fact that even in the face of such outrages, the Guardian will continue to pump out articles that whitewash and ignore the obvious.

It is not so much that Leftist opinion-makers distort reality, but that they choose it. Rotherham? Never heard of it. The rape epidemic in Sweden and Germany? More unfounded and alarmist Islamophobic lies. College administrations one after one bowing to pressure and intimidation and cancelling the speeches of visiting celebrities who offend the progressive narrative? It can't be true, I never saw it on CNN or heard it on NPR. And if the CBC didn't cover it, it never happened.

Leftists and "progressives" want to live in an impregnable bubble. They want a "safe space", not only on campus but across the land, in every office, street corner and cocktail party. If they had their druthers even comedy clubs would be made free of verbal contaminants and 'offensive' jokes. And they would strike down the First Amendment to achieve that goal, or broaden the definition of hate speech to envelope practically every utterance that violates their comfort zone. Their aim is to criminalize speech and legislate their creed. Just take a look at Sweden or the UK and you get an idea of where they would take us. Canadians don't need to do that because we are already half way there. In Canada, if you are a member of a designated victim group, it is your constitutional entitlement not to have your feelings hurt.

What drives their mad totalitarian agenda? My hunch is that they just can't cope with the idea that their propaganda has not yet converted everyone. Or the truth that they are numerically inconsequential, hateful, anti-Western Islamodupes with little impact outside of their college lairs and editorial rooms. Their characterization of ordinary people with legitimate fears about the emerging Eurabia as a "far right" fringe is a classic case of what psychologists call "projection". If they want to see what "fringe" looks like they need only look in the mirror. They make a lot of noise but few take serious notice of them. Don't believe me? Then try this. Go into any supermarket, stop ten people and ask them who Chris Hedges is. Here's $100 if someone says yes.

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