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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Odd Man Out: The Singular Political Stylings of Justin Trudeau

by Paul Bradley

Justin Trudeau under the veil (photomontage)

Justin Trudeau is a man of the people. This in itself, cannot be questioned. What can be questioned, however, is whether or not our current Prime Minister is a man of the Canadian people.

Barely four months into a four-year term, Justin Trudeau has quickly established himself as the most atypical prime minister in Canadian history. Only Justin's father, former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, comes close — although Trudeau Sr. was subtle enough to hide his lack of respect for general public opinion.

Justin Trudeau, however, has all the subtlety of a sand blaster. Oblivious to the desires of the general public — at least the ones born and raised upon Canadian soil — Trudeau the younger is brazen in his quest to redefine our society based upon little more than subjective feelings and personal moral standards.

Whether playing global ambassador to U.N. leader Ban-Ki Moon, international playboy to Melinda Gates, or speaker du-jour at Revival Of The Islamic Spirit conferences, Justin Trudeau is all about the other. Unfortunately for 35 million Canadians, they are not part of the "other" — they are part of Canada — the entity our pin-up Prime Minister appeared to care about previous to winning the last federal election.

Since that time, Justin and his Liberals have broken just about every major campaign promise made while running for office. Deficit projections, marijuana legislation, refugee quotas — you name it and the Liberals have broken it.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is on Justin's mind at any given time. In fact, the only thing we can be sure of is what is not on his mind — namely, millions of "generational" Canadian-born citizens, who just happen to comprise the largest demographic segment within our nation. Even more curious is his complete disregard for our English and French Canadian heritage Thus far, Justin has yet to publicly reference or acknowledge the two founding peoples of our country. Perhaps he believes that if he ignores them long enough, they will go away.

This politically unprecedented dynamic is worth exploring. After all, who ever heard of a leader of a country who does not, at least from time to time, make positive reference to the history and heritage of his nation?

Not our Justin. He has no time for such trivialities. Indeed, Justin Trudeau is all about the global — and he has the spending habits prove it. An analysis of his first 100 days in office reveal that within this time period the Liberal government handed out $527 million dollars to Canadian interests, and a whopping $4.8 billion to foreign interests.

This brings forth several key questions — who exactly is Justin Trudeau working for? Why is he giving away billions of our tax dollars to foreign nations, particularly of the non-democratic variety? Without doubt, most Canadians would agree that spending even a portion of these billions on domestic issues such as homelessness and child poverty is preferable to handing the money to foreign governments.

Has Justin heard of a recent report stating that 2250 homeless military veterans are currently walking our cold Canadian streets? Perhaps this tidbit was overlooked at the last Liberal Caucus meeting — the agenda being full up with top priority items such as free food, shelter, education and medical care to non-Canadian victims of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Considered from an historical perspective, one wonders what our political leaders of the past might have had to say about Justin's unique style of decision-making. What, for example, would former Liberal prime minister and occultist MacKenzie King think about Trudeau's international indulgences? In keeping with King's interest in the world beyond, perhaps Canadians should pull out their collective ouija boards and try to find out. How about salt-of-the-earth Presbyterian PM John Diefenbaker? Granted, we live in very different times, however does this validate Justin's fervent dedication to all-things-global and a corresponding antipathy toward all that is traditionally Canadian? How about that grand old man of medicare, former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas? Yes, he may have founded universal medicare, but would he be on board with young Trudeau's agenda to universalize our entire nation?

It is doubtful that any mature statesman, past or present, would admire the singular political stylings of Justin Trudeau. His political world is an anomaly- unique in all of Canadian history, and he has only been doing the job for four months.

On the day of October 19, 2015, 6.9 million Canadians voted for the Liberal party, while 5.6 million voted for the Conservatives. Yet, considering the brand of leadership thus far employed, it is easy to conclude that neither block of voters matter one iota to Justin Trudeau.

Within any Western country other than one saturated with political correctness, this simply would not stand. In a healthy democratic nation, Justin Trudeau's foreign lottery give-away program would be considered a colossal misappropriation of tax-payer funds. Yet, due to a comprehensive, decades-long program of enforced diversity, Canadians have developed an inability to see the national forest through the multicultural trees.

Yes, Justin Trudeau is a man of the people — as long as the people are globalist billionaires, non-Western diplomats and foreign politicians. For the rest of us, however — namely, 35 million Canadian citizens — we are once again second-class citizens to a first-class political opportunist by the name of Trudeau.

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