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Thursday, 26 November 2015

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

by Dorin Alexandru, contributing to Ocean Drive

Third World migrant invasion
Coming soon to a place near you?
Muslim "refugees", economic migrants and covert terrorists marching into Slovenia.

Dear Justin Trudeau,

You have decided to settle 25,000 "refugees", but did you ever ask us? An Ipsos poll conducted in November suggests 60% of Canadians oppose your plan. Why do you still deny the people's voice and carry out policies against our will? You campaigned on change yet only change for the worse is in sight. Canadians thought you would be a government that listened, yet you show no promise. You are no different from the last regime.

We asked you why you decided to form your cabinet the way you did and you replied "because it's 2015". A fateful answer, since 2015 is the same year in which over one hundred innocent souls were extinguished in Paris by the dark hate of radical Islam. In 2015 countless rapes were committed by migrants arriving to seek a "peaceful way of life". You did not mention that 72% of those migrants were male, a majority of which are able-bodied and of military age. This year has seen many slights against the European continent. How can we trust you if you do not trust us to make informed decisions?

Scott Heatherington, a former deputy director of refugee programs, says about your plan that "if you want to do it badly, it's doable". We have witnessed it done badly before. We have seen the consequences of something "doable". All the while, we say "no", we say "wait", yet you do not listen. You say more, and you lie in the face of the world, claiming we agree. We do not agree.

We have seen what too large commitments can amount to. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale claims we can securely handle 25,000 refugees in such a short time span. Yet what do we predict into the future? You hold information from us; how we will house them, how do we propose they will integrate and what must we pay for their inevitable economic costs?

Canadians have put you at the helm. Your responsibility as a leader is to represent the citizens of our country and protect their interests. But when meeting with the G20 leaders, you did the exact opposite by declaring that Canada should not be defined any longer by its national identity, ethnicity and language and that immigration is going to be the norm! We, the majority, do not condone this dangerous and irrational belief. We ask you to refuse and reduce the intake of migrants and reconsider the Canadian voices crying for our cause.

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