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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Digging a Hole to China

by Jack Michaud, contributing to Ocean Drive

Digging a Hole to China

The logical problem with "Say No to Racism" is that it is implicitly self-indicting, particular and solely to our own ethnicity. It invokes subtle hypothecating guilt in the consciousness of high-trust Europeans, while remaining meaningless among low-trust out-groups who wear it like a ju-ju bone that says; "No One Can Say No to Me". Yet they never resolve their own intraracial race bigotry without blaming a Western interest. The only groups that the racism ju-ju bone harms are European ethnicities; yet they treat our compassion as a weakness. We have learned more than enough about, and contributed far too much, to low-trust out-groups. It is rational that our knowledge be turned against them: historically they have never hesitated to do their worst, at any opportunity.

Torturous adherence to the infrared-illusion that the Asian is an agreeable presence in the West, is more symptomatic of their presence, than a merit of our good conscience. Observing their behaviours, a long list of incompatible fundamentals obliquely welcome themselves into our culture for ostentatious extras, copyright knowledge, prestige-trinkets and tradecraft. In essential character, a stale green rage for all artful things, identities and languages other than their own; all of which leaves our true and good in dissonant pitch. Civic Westerners and Europeans suffer unduly by these characteristics of the Sino-Tibetan, as their zeal for the things and authority of everyone, anyone, anywhere debases all the Occident into disproportionate demographies, amid Asia's apocalyptic relation with their Eastern-Asiatic indoctrinators, from whom they have not escaped nor identified.

In one manifestation of the Sino-Tibetan culture, the Asian National within their own racial dynamics, The Human Condition (Kobayashi, 1959); and in another formation, a fraudulent diaspora, living in vain as foreign state-nationals, ventriloquizing whatever fetishistic or necessary claims to citizenship are required in Europe and the West. The form of rationale which leads to chasing this varietal dragon is endemic to their original character dysfunction: that proceeds both into and from the CCP and their respective homeland polities, it also does not retrieve or return to its own; but in a fleeting euphoria, sentimentally imagines authentic selfhood within the homeland of their own culture while not going. Their perspective is the mirror within the mirror, which witnesses a false self in a false nation, in a false culture with a false intention, justified with false arguments in false courts; and thus it is not surprising that each individual Asiatic node of their matrix, expresses mass character of which is, as such, found naturally unacceptable. This emphatic prismatic intellection, rendered real and broad in the world, manifests all the time in the long and somewhat boring history of their Orient.

The happy science of Trotskyist claims against those who would indict in a word so theoretical, that chauvinism for one's own, or concerns about the foreign-national is a character defect, a moral low-road; yet procedurally similar questions arise on the ethnic and cultural nature of Tibetan Nationalism, or the Diaoyu-Senkaku Islands. Similarly, the methodical alienation in Asia and the West of not retrieving and repatriating their foreign-state nationals to proper Asian homelands. Either too masochistic to return or fearing reception there too cruel: here operative in local intrigues and foreign tradecraft, perhaps revelling in these scandals; and relishing other extreme, anti-social and violent behaviours as if they have become mesmerized bystander's in their own mind. Glued, they watch the Chengguan doing the dirty work within themselves; yet all while doing very little, except to smoke, spit, squat or indulge rhinotillexomania explorations.

Jason Cuckney
Jason Cuckney — all the stomach pain for nothing

The frightfully drunk Ministers; Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander and the gruesome Sheikh Tim Uppal work steadily in their Cuckservative subversion lab, selling Canadian Citizenship like coked-up neo-feminist divorcés on an alimony payment deadline. Meanwhile the CCP Unrestricted Warfare of Colonel Qiao Liang, and hacking Group 61398, surreptitiously thieve from our technological investiture; insulting our national infrastructure, power and roads while surveilling our present concerns toward massive local land buy-outs, hard narcotics precursor chemical trafficking, exchange student family reunification citizenship ploys, whining in public for executive apologies, subsuming the built environment with crass inscrutable signage; and all while showering support on foreign-national bureaucratic operatives, like BC-MLA Teresa Wat and CCNC Chairman Wong. Sinosadism is catching, and MP's Hoang Mai and Ted Hsu want in on that action. The Northeast Blackout of 2003, now known to have been perpetrated by these projects, indexes the continuing scale, intent and capacity of their harm.

Any Canadian National, perhaps as any colonialized Tibetan National, can observe the long account of undesirable traits in the Chinese; and more broadly, we moreso know the Sino-Tibetan evolutionary character from honest Social Sciences and Histories. Our priggish Ministers, grinning like hung-over collegians from gated communities, keep their thumb on the Trotsky brand racism scales, while they turn coat and pass speech laws. Grandly they profit temporarily, imprudently ignoring the deserved reputation of Asians; as profoundly unpleasant tourists, as post-communist public spitters, as nose pickers, dog eaters, as tantrum throwers, as murderous drivers, international narcotics merchants, tradecraft agents, brutalist authoritarians, propagandists, appalling torturers, cancer and AIDS village reeves, pornographers and degenerates, useless usurers and profiteers, poisoners and polluters, surveillors and censors, militarized raiders and vile rapists, communist and post-communist dupes, deep in the disgrace of their obscene breach with their Confucian and Bhuddist dispensations; yet strenuously bowing without blaming their Eastern-Asian indoctrinators and hypothecators.

Immanent in the proposition of their continued presence, a ghoulish delectation for events like the 2014 Kunming Massacre in Yunnan, this bloody scene is their event, portraying the eventualities of their silent endeavours; before the cutting, slashing, slicing revelation of what extremist foreign-national cultural aliens readily provoke with two sticks, in any Western nation so narcissistic as to imagine their presence moral flattery. The blue eyed, red bearded Bodhidharma, for all their golden affectation there, and unwelcome temples here, has not restrained their rapacious and vicious impulses; nor did the Sun God's hundred White Pyramids, ca. 10,000 BC, orient them to due homeland coordinates; or boundaries they could savvy, despite being built and bestowed by the blue eyed, blonde haired men from the West. There is no principle or investment too great to squander on these out-groups. The prevalent hoax of the Ju-Ju bone and the gouge of Trotsky's thumb, churn contempt; and then project the crimes of their majority onto the remaining, rarest and most decisive 11% percent of the world's population, as exterminable species, in a show-trial punishment for Asian misdeeds.

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