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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Who Takes In the Most Refugees? Let the Bidding War Begin!

by Tim Murray

7 billion people, but Canada can do it
Taking in the world? No prob — for Canada's perennial do-gooders the sky is the limit. After all,
we are vibrant, tolerant and diverse!
We are vibrant, tolerant and diverse!
We are vibrant, tolerant and diverse!

When recently asked about the refugee crisis in Europe in Kamloops, Thomas Mulcair replied that "Canada is not pulling its weight", and it must play a significant role in order to recover its reputation as a good global citizen, a reputation tarnished by Stephen Harper. We must take in more refugees.

But he did not give a number. The Conservatives have promised to take in 10,000, the Liberals 25,000, and as more images of desperation come in, who knows have far that number will rise. Each party will jockey for the lead to determine who among them is the most compassionate and generous (with our money). Mulcair and Trudeau have told us that Canada is in a recession, but they insist that "we", taxpayers that is, can do "more". When can provide $7-a-day daycare, more tax breaks for the middle class, more....the list goes on. So however many migrants we accept, our social safety net can take it.

How many people can live in Canada? How many people do we want to live in Canada? What is a sustainable population level for Canada? They never say. Despite the urgings of scientists like Dr. Michael Healey or Dr. David Schindler, none of these politicians have ever developed or called for a Population Plan for this country. If they have a population target, it is somewhere in the sky.

So it is understandable that we don't know how far these party leaders will dig down into the bottom-less pit of refugees to out-dig their rivals. Four million have fled Iraq and Syria so far, and who knows how many millions are intent on leaving Africa.

They have been campaigning for weeks, but the bidding war has just begun.


"We have a bid for 25,000 refugees. Do I hear 30,000? 30,000 going once, 30,000 going twice...40,000? OK we have 40,000 from the Conservatives, that's 40,000....the Liberals have bid 50,000! Its 50,000, going once....Mulcair has bid 100,000! Its 100,000, 100,000 going once, 100,000 going twice....Justin has just bid 250,000...Now Mulcair says that Canada can do more....he makes it 500,000!

Wait, Justin has pointed out that Merkel Germany is taking in 800,000 and that Canada is ten times bigger than Germany....Justin bids 80,000,000! That's 80 million Syrians and Iraqis...some Christian, some Muslim, some ISIS....wait, point of order.....Mulcair points out that there aren't 80 million people left in Syria and Iraq, so, to make up the difference, he promises to import more poor, unskilled migrants who speak neither English nor French from other parts of the world. Family re-unification, that's the slogan! (Cheap labour, that's Bay Street's slogan).

Re-unification with your whole extended family, with your entire village, and their relatives, and relatives of their relatives, and relatives of the relatives of the relatives of the relatives of......7.2 billion people! Canada-Home-to-The World! Vancouver a World-in-a-City! We are vibrant, tolerant and diverse! We are vibrant, tolerant and diverse! We are vibrant, tolerant and diverse! Oh, the wonders of chain migration!

But wait a minute. Isn't the NDP the party that speaks for the environment? Or is that the Liberals or the Greens? It's hard to tell because they all wrap themselves in a green blanket while they are busy telling voters that they will do a better job than the Conservatives in growing the economy. "Sustainable growth". That's quite a feat. Grow your girth but lose weight at the same time.

So the question is, what about the environmental impacts of all those refugees, migrants, family-sponsored immigrants, and 'temporary' visa entrants that these parties want to wave in? What about the environmental impact of continuing to add a Toronto to Canada's population every decade?

Not a problem, says Mr. Mulcair. He will toughen environmental regulations.

Follow our ongoing coverage of the migrant invasion of the West.

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