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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Thoughts On the Upcoming Canadian Election

In the upcoming election, none of the mainstream parties represent the ethnic and economic interests of Eurocanadians, except for a few meagre policies by the Conservatives.

by Thomas Jones

False Left-Right Dichotomy
Take your pick....the false left-right dichotomy of Canadian politics

Another federal election is upon us and one which many in my extended network have been looking forward to as they see it as one last chance to defeat the dreaded Stephen Harper. The following is a brief look at the parties with special focus being as to where they stand in regards to protecting Eurocanadians. This election is primarily focused on the economy and as such there is not as much talk of migration, multiculturalism, etc. as there is in the US or Europe.

The Conservatives are the only major right-wing party in Canada, yet as a rightist I cannot say I feel particularly supportive of them. As John Robson and others have noted, the Conservative party is corrupt and not as fiscally responsible as they claim to be. For those who desire smaller government, Harper is hardly the best choice. That being said, it is hardly as if the other major parties are proponents of smaller government either. Nor does any party seem to be particularly impressive when it comes to economic matters. This is especially true of the NDP given their socialism. That dogma is at best meant for the short term as opposed to long term growth.

I am also distrustful of the Conservatives given the anti-senate rhetoric that Harper has had in the past and which prominent conservative voices like Brad Wall still have. The senate has its problems to be sure — Mike Duffy anyone? — but a unicameral system of government would hardly be better. In fact it could be far worse as bicameral legislatures have a system of checks and balances in place to make sure that ruling parties are restrained. No wonder socialist parties the world over, including the NDP, are so adamant against bicameralism!

Nor I am particularly favourable to Harper's incessantly pro-Israel policy. The Israeli state is hardly important for Canada's national security and yet Harper and the Conservatives act very much like many American conservatives who are now frequently referred to as cuckservatives:
The cuckservative, although never Jewish, often seems vicariously to live through Israel. Since the cuckservative feels that he cannot defend his own ethnic interests, he'll defend Israel's. The cuckservative cares more about Israel's borders than his own. Israel adamantly defends its own ethnic interests and perhaps deep down the cuckservative respects this on some unconscious level. On the other hand, the idea of Whites acting as a group to secure their own interests terrifies the cuckservative.
Sadly this masochistic mentality has more or less taken over amongst the mainstream right throughout the European world. David Cameron is an example of this as almost everything he does is detrimental to conservatism and to his native land and people. A great illustration of this is how he once stated that Britain — a country that has always been White — has too many White MPs. And so too is our former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark who wholeheartedly supported the Truth and Reconciliation Commission despite the obvious political agenda inherent in it.

None of the parties are opponents of mass immigration and so far this election has not been particularly focused on the issue of immigration. Of the three main parties the Conservatives are the most vocal about dealing with illegal immigrants. Moreover the "progressive" anti-White activists are livid at the Conservatives for not opening the floodgates, which is to the Tories credit, but they are hardly proponents of Eurocanadian identity and heritage. As with the Liberals and NDP, they have "ethnic strategies" based on winning non-White votes. And sadly they are more than willing to keep up the failed Liberal policy of multiculturalism. At least the Tories and Liberals haven't gone to the lengths of the NDP who make it a priority to promote affirmative action policies for non-Whites.

All parties have promised to increase the number of refugees allowed into Canada with the NDP calling for 10,000 to be let in immediately with thousands more led in at a later date. Indeed they want "to bring as many people as possible to Canada." Evidently our leaders are almost as bad as the fetid traitors in Germany, France, the EU and the Vatican, who are more than happy to open their countries to complete population replacement as they are swamped by wave after wave of illegals from the Middle East and Africa, most of whom are young men who would rather take the easy way out and leech off of European welfare systems than fight for their homelands.

Cuckservative Stephen Harper
The street already knows: Stevie the Cuck

It is truly amazing how powerful the media is. Look at how they shamelessly used the photo of some dead child to distort the current European migrant issue and formulate the opinions of Mulcair, Trudeau and even Harper. Evidently Alan Kurdi had relatives here in Canada and his unnecessary death — he had been living in safety in Turkey for three years prior! — is already being used as a weapon to bludgeon immigration sceptics into submission, because if you don't support open borders, internationalism, massive and unnecessary strains on welfare and the displacement of Whites, then you must be a horrid cretin. Evidently facts are of no importance to our politicians.

All the parties curry the immigrant and non-White vote thinking that they can use them to their advantage as each thinks that their ideals will resonate with these individuals. Problem is most foreigners don't care for our culture or values and primarily support leftist parties. Many are seemingly conservative in that they are against gay marriage and other "progressive" values but they would rather vote leftist, as a way of advancing their ethnic interests, regardless of the "progressive" agendas being pushed by the left. Granted many immigrants have voted Conservative and will continue to do so but not in large enough numbers. This is especially the case with recent immigrants who much prefer the NDP. Interestingly enough, in the last election the Conservatives did well amongst immigrants who had been here for more than a decade. However the descendants of immigrants ("visible minorities") overwhelmingly preferred left-leaning parties. The Conservatives need to be careful when it comes to immigration and the "ethnic" vote.

Many new arrivals come from countries like Mexico, Syria, Pakistan, India and the Philippines where big government parties are the norm. If any party wants democracy, rights and liberties to survive in Canada, then they should be promoting the preservation of our Eurocanadian lineage and the Conservatives especially given that they claim to be adherents of the Anglo-American conservative tradition.

Thomas Mulcair - Wanted for Treason

A controversial aspect of the Conservative party is the new Bill C-51, which the Liberals have more or less accented to, but the NDP stoutly oppose. Bill C-51 was created mainly as a reaction to Islamic extremism but many fear it could be used against anyone with controversial views or views which are perceived to be so. If Canada wasn't so open to Islamic immigration we would not need to debate over the creation of such a bill, but of course that is unthinkable to all the major parties. The NDP reaction to C-51 is hypocritical because they are hardly promoters of free speech. If they ever gain a majority, you can be sure they will be pushing for bills that will be directed against whatever they decide is "hate speech".

Of all the parties the Tories aren't against our British heritage completely; unlike their counterparts in New Zealand who have supported a completely unnecessary and uncalled for referendum on the flag. Unlike the treacherous John Key, Harper has supported — to an extent — our roots; take for example the bringing back of British ranks in the military. Critics will say that this move doesn't solve more glaring issues facing our military, but that doesn't negate its value. The Liberal defence critic John MacKay's views are quite telling:
McKay said he's not heard a 'hue and cry' from the ranks for a return to the old system, and suggested it might even be insulting to immigrants, especially those from countries that resented British colonial rule.
If immigrants don't like British countries, then they shouldn't move to them! John MacKay's views are depressing but not surprising given how his fellow liberal Joyce Murray acts. The Liberals and NDP are vehemently against Canada's British and wider European heritage and like leftists in other parts of the European world are fully ready to bend over backwards for foreigners and promote population replacement as a means of securing votes. Another positive of Harper's is that he has stated he would at least look into the negative effects of foreign ownership of Canadian real estate is having.

Justin Trudeau praying in mosque
Justin the Muslim praying to Allah for Islamist votes

The NDP are clearly not worth a single Eurocanadian vote, while the Greens don't even understand basic concepts, but what of the Liberals? Given their history it hardly seems as if they are worth voting for either. Historian Donald Creighton was correct in stating that the Liberal party was all about itself and never about Canada. Yet the Liberal party claims to be proudly Canadian pointing to the flag, multiculturalism and official languages act as examples of patriotism. The fact is none of these are acts of patriotism. The flag is bland and lacking in any sense of history, unlike our Red Ensign which was removed because of the prominent British symbolism. Multiculturalism is an obvious failure and has led to the mess we Canadians currently find ourselves in with regards to nationalism, immigration and rapidly changing demographics. And the official languages act has resulted in unnecessary bureaucracy which goes out of its way to ensure that English is everywhere in monolingual French communities and French is everywhere in monolingual English ones. Many Westerners feel the Liberals are too pro-Quebecois but the fact is they could care less for Quebecois patriotism or heritage. The so-called Quiet Revolution is a great example of this disinterest. Then of course there is the fact that the Liberal party's beloved Trudeau Sr. was an open communist sympathiser.

Pretty sad state of affairs when one is supposed to vote based on "social justice" or purely fiscal grounds and not about who will actually defend Eurocanadian heritage and people. This is disheartening as in the end the protection of our people and way of life is more important than "refugees" or income tax-splitting.

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