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Friday, 16 October 2015

The Great Purge: Does it Matter if Canadian Conservatives Lose the Election?

by Rémi Tremblay, Fédération des Québécois de Souche

Conservative family in the 1940s
Conservative family in the 1940s

In the United States, Conservatism is the most popular political movement. A majority of Americans consider themselves to be conservatives, but what does it mean to be a conservative in 2015?

Modern conservatives usually share a consensus on a few issues, namely free market capitalism, generic Christianity, support of the military, Zionism and a conception of the United States and Canada as value-based, propositional states.

It has not always been that way. The Conservative movement (not to be confused with the Conservative Party of Canada) has, like the rest of the society, gone through dramatic changes since the 1950's and has been totally redefined. These changes, of course, are not limited to the Conservative movement. Similar changes have been observed in every mainstream political movement and what was acceptable then is now forbidden, but the change might be more visible in this movement, especially since its very existence was based on remaining stable and defending traditional morality and values. People considered to be conservative 50 years ago are now off limits and in most cases have been literally purged from what is now considered to be the Right.

Writers and thinkers like, but not limited to, Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan, Peter Brimelow and even Paul Gottfried, to some extent, who held paleoconservative views, lost their columns, were marginalized, ostracized and isolated because they either opposed mass immigration, the leftist social agenda or interventionist foreign policies. Like in the rest of society, politically incorrect conservative thinkers were ridiculed and ruined, if they had an audience as teachers, journalists or writers.

Who needs Conservatism? Conservatives defend today what the left demanded two decades ago. Western nations need new ideas.

The Conservatives, even if they do not want to admit it have conformed to political correctness on the most important issues like traditional marriage, multiculturalism, mass immigration, death penalty and, to a lesser extent, abortion. If some mainstream spokesmen still hold politically incorrect views on these issues, they keep them secretly hidden and never confess them publicly. In fact what happened is mainly that with each victory of the left, the Conservative moved a little bit to the left and then decided to defend this new position. To conserve it. This inherent weakness of the conservative movement explains why the position they defend today is what the left demanded two decades ago. Content with their success, Liberals keep on pulling to the left, knowing perfectly well that they set the center of the political spectrum.

In fact, Conservatives do not oppose the societal changes our nation have been going through; it simply wishes to slow the pace.

Even in regards to less sensitive issues we can see the shift to the left. Traditionally, Conservatives opposed big government and supported small businesses over corporations, they opposed an aggressive foreign policies to defend so-called universal values… today the people who hold such views are in the fringe of the Conservative movement; they are in the Tea Party.

The series of essays, presented by Richard Spencer and Paul Gottfried in the recently released book, The Great Purge, obviously focuses on the American movement which is much more intellectualized and publicized than in Canada. However, it applies to our country as well.

Twenty-five years ago, the Reform Party openly opposed multiculturalism, but also "any immigration based on race or creed or designed to radically or suddenly alter the ethnic makeup of Canada". About homosexuality, the leader, Preston Manning said that it "is destructive to the individual, and in the long run, society." Today, he would be banned of the Conservative Party for saying such things, like Jagdish Grewal would tell you, but in 1997, they were the official opposition.

Conservative family today?
Conservative family today?

Then came the Canadian Alliance, with a much more polished image and a more politically correct tone. Stockwell Day, a devout Christian and social conservatives, served as a transition before Stephen Harper's rise as the leader of the Canadian Alliance and later of the Conservative Party of Canada. The members who were social conservatives became backbenchers or were simply silenced and Harper adopted a status quo social policy, adopting the different past victories of the left, like multiculturalism, mass immigration, gay marriage, etc, and refusing to reopen these debates, preferring to see the debates come from the left.

In itself, Conservatism by its very own nature will never be the answer to the current social, demographical and political turmoil. Western nations need new ideas in order to come out of the current cesspool. What conservatives can and will do is defend the status quo, which is exactly the opposite of what we want.

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