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Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Double Standard on the Third-World Colonization of Canada

A fool who buys into the moralizing discourse on European colonization. When it comes to the ongoing flooding of Canada and other Western nations by Third-Worlders the colonization process is considered just alright.

by Thomas Jones

Pupils of Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School in Markham, Ontario
"We love you whiteys!" Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School in Markham, Ontario

Over the last decades, particularly after WWII, the left frequently used the term 'colonization'. However, in our current times, in light of mass immigration, this term is taking on a rather different, even opposite meaning. In the past when discussions on colonization and decolonization were held it was about Africa and the Third World generally. This made sense as the majority of countries in Africa and Asia were colonies of the West, but now these terms are experiencing something of a revival and are being used in reference to areas with White majorities and a strong European political, social and legal history; places like Canada.

Canada is being colonized and its European element marginalised if not entirely displaced, yet 'progressives' and their fellow travelers are all but silent about the ongoing colonization What exactly do they mean by "colonization" in this context? Canada is being colonized as we speak and its European element is being marginalised if not entirely displaced. Don't believe me? Just look at what is happening in all major Western cities, but especially the Greater Toronto and Vancouver areas (GTA and GVA, respectively). Whole areas have become almost completely foreign. This seems to be true of almost all cities within the GTA and GVA, but especially the main cities themselves and the GTA cities of Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga and Brampton and the GVA cities of Richmond, Burnaby and Surrey. In almost all of these areas the dominating "minority" group are Chinese but South Asians are also quite large.

The rapidly changing demographics are a clear sign that Canada is being colonized but this is apparently something to be proud of. When, in the spring and summer of 2014, a few people in Brampton put up flyers discussing the negatives of multiculturalism and mass immigration they were quickly denounced as horrid peoples with despicable views. Every now and then one hears reports of anti-Canadian discrimination in Richmond, primarily of how signs are only in Mandarin, but these reports quickly die away.

It is expected that the "Chinese populations of Vancouver and Toronto are set to double by 2031, helping push whites below 50 per cent of the population". It is incredible how different the population of Canada is now and will be in the future, as compared to the pre-1971 population.

Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra, Joyce Murray, has her twitter name in two languages but only one of them is official. She has her name not in English and French but in English and Mandarin! Joyce Murray 梅麗喬. Thankfully few MPs do this but in the future seeing Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, Arab, Tagalog and other Asian languages will be more common as politicians seem willing to stoop to any depths in order gain votes from minorities.

Already we can see how politicians including our Prime Minister and Provincial Premiers love referencing every little ethnic holiday, parade in foreign costume and otherwise placate the interests of all non-White Canadians. Indeed such incidences go part and parcel with our official policy of multiculturalism which in practice could be better labeled population displacement. Short term political gain is of greater importance than protecting the heritage of the founding peoples.

William Lyon Mackenzie-King once stated that "large-scale immigration from the Orient would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population." Already he is being proven correct but no doubt in the future we will witness just how much of a change Canada experiences as a result of colonization.

"Progressives" often state that only Whites can be racist and similarly they only ever attribute colonization to us as well. Never mind that there have been a multitude of empires from outside the bounds of Europe and there have been countless acts of colonization by Asians, Africans, Amerindians and other non-Whites. In the case of the Arabs and Turks this was often directed towards Europeans.

Currently Europeans are once again experiencing colonization both in the ancestral homeland and abroad. Even when it comes to the flooding of Europe there are few who are willing to publicly champion the cause of Europeans. So much for indigenous rights! No doubt "progressives" and their fellow travelers on both the left and the right salivate at the thought of the marginalisation and displacement of Europeans, even though all their cherished beliefs (human rights, democracy, etc.) are Western concepts.

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