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Friday, 24 July 2015

Requiem for Chad Pasloski and Canadian Civil Rights

In the brave new world of diversity enforcement, "anti-racist" witch-hunters are vested with the exclusive authority to define what a "racist" is and exact the appropriate punishment — his social and professional destruction.

by Tim Murray

Big Brother Is Watching You

Tonight we saw the Canadian version of Racists Getting Fired, only this time, it is Global TV News that is getting the "racist" outed and fired.

An obviously inebriated Calgary man, "Chad Pasloski" fresh from a company party, is caught on camera verbally abusing an immigrant brown taxi cab driver with "racist" language. A Global TV reporter then goes to his employer and asks if he is aware of his employee's behaviour. "No, we were not aware of it." The employee is abruptly fired, and through his lawyer, offers a profuse apology to the driver, to the viewers, and to all the people he has hurt. How many times have we seen that movie before. Once every week? Twice every week? For how many years now?

The technique of Racists Getting Fired — a US group which gathered 40,000 followers in just one month following its inception — is to take a screen shot of a "racist" comment made on Twitter, hunt down the identity of the "racist" commenter, establish where he works, then present a copy of the screenshot to his employer.

Here's where the blackmail comes in. If the employer does not take appropriate disciplinary measures, the company will be exposed for employing a "racist". Facing the prospect of a consumer boycott or a precipitous drop in sales, the employer exacts the most extreme discipline in order to demonstrate its "corporate responsibility" and commitment to "tolerance, diversity, and respect". The employee is summarily fired. His previous contributions, his stellar performance on the job, his popularity among staff — all irrelevant. He is thrown to the wolves to protect the bottom line.

Thus, with media complicity — free-lance shamers and outers are able to instill almost the same level of fear in the population that the KGB or Gestapo did. We don't get sent to a concentration camp of course, we just lose our livelihoods, our social standing, and sometimes our marriages. And when we see more and more people suffering this fate, we do what the shamers want us to do. We pull in our horns, watch our mouths and withdraw even further into our private lives. That's if there is a such thing as privacy anymore. Speaking of which, whatever happened to the respect for privacy rights? Oh, I forgot. "Racists" have no rights. No right to privacy. No right to speak. Who's gets to define what a racist is? The "anti-racists" of course.

The noose is getting tighter with each passing day. Each time a "racist" is fired, a celebration ensues, and more witch-hunters are encouraged to join the frey. Momentum builds. Result — mass hysteria. When the shoe was on the other foot in the fifties and sixties however, when it was the people on Left who fell victim to these kind of tactics in the McCarthy era, we never heard the end of it. It became one of the blackest chapters of American history. Now it is the Left which is orchestrating the persecution, and corporations which are its willing executioners.

In this case, the employer, Alcro Electric, justified the firing in the jargon that we have all become accustomed to. You know the rap, it goes something like this: "This is a company that prides itself on the promotion of respect, tolerance, and accountability. We believe that all of us should be held accountable. We have a zero tolerance policy toward those who do not share our commitment to these values." The standard grovelling barf-bag apology, in other words.

Consumer boycotts were the favourite weapon of Saul Alinsky — a pioneer of Cultural Marxist political strategy. I still have his Rules for Radicals, and for Cultural Marxists it was what Clausewitz on War was for Lenin. A handbook for conquest. Read it and you will understand how we got into this mess.

Oh, the power of the marketplace.

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