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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Leftist Hypocracy in Removing the Confederate Flag

Confederate Flag (or Battle Flag of North Virginia)
Confederate Flag

Editor's Note

Following the Charleston church shooting, The Flag Shop in Vancouver, BC, announced on June 24, 2015 that all thirteen stores have removed the Confederate Flag (or Battle Flag of North Virginia) from their stock product line, arguing that it "is increasingly used by racist groups as a symbol of hate".


Dear Susan Braverman
President of The Flag Shop

I came across your website since your business is located in Canada, and the Confederate Battle Flag is still indexed as being available in both fabric flags and decal stickers.

Though when I tried to place an order I was appalled when I was redirected to a notice that your company has banned the flag permanently.

In your "Press Release" you obviously used this to ban ANY flag you assume would offend historically ignorant zombies including "the flag of apartheid-era South Africa".

The Black Book of Communism
An estimated 100 million people
were killed by communism
according to the Black Book
You also have NO problem selling the so called "post-apartheid-era" African National Congress flag. A brutal Marxist terrorist regime that committed unquestionable ethnic cleansing of white founding settlers by burning them alive with gasoline and rubber tires. Yet you still sell the flags of the old Soviet Union, Maoist China, North Korea, Castro's Cuba, North Vietnam, Sierra Leone...not to mention almost every mass murdering tin pot banana republic in Africa and Asia. So your quote that the Confederate Battle Flag (which was never the actual flag of the Confederate States of America) is "a symbol for hate and racism" is pathetic considering your unwavering support of the genocide of ONE HUNDRED MILLION people.

Many national flags you sell today are *STILL* symbols of repressed communist hell holes where human rights violations and genocide are government policy. I am not going to try and edumacate you on the true facts surrounding the War of Northern Aggression, nor do you actually care.

You are just another putz who jumped on the politically correct bandwagon, fearing a loss in revenue from sales of Rainbow Flags, Stars of David, and mass-extermination paraphernalia from multicult sheeple with a credit card. The fact you used the banning of the Stars and Bars to advertise some ungodly pink "Anti-Bullying" flag is a double standard insanity. I guess mass murder, terror, torture and rape is not bullying to you. Yet somehow Southern Pride is.

You, madam, make me sick!

Robert James

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