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Friday, 23 January 2015

Chinese-Canadian Activism versus Academic Freedom

by Ricardo Duchesne

Albert Einstein on academic freedom
Einstein on March 13, 1954

Since January 8 through January 22, the main media outlets in Canada have paid considerable attention to my claim that mass immigration threatens Canada's European character. It all started back in early June when Vancouver city councillor, Kerry Jang, wrote a formal letter to the administration at The University of New Brunswick complaining about my allegedly "racist" views about Chinese Canadians simply on the grounds that I had published a number of articles in this blog, Council of European Canadians, criticizing a motion passed by Raymond Louie, a Canadian with ancestry from China, urging council to direct staff to investigate discriminatory laws and policies imposed by the government on Chinese immigrants in the city between 1886 and 1947, in order to come up with recommendations for "reconciliation efforts."

In this article, and a number of subsequent articles, including a formal "reply" to Jang and Louie, I objected to the endless demands for apologies and redresses by Chinese leaders in Vancouver, noting that many apologies and compensation packages had already been offered by various levels of government in Canada starting with Prime Minister Harper's 2006 apology and $34 million financial compensation.

In the Council of European Canadians I have written many articles consistent with the promotion and defense of the ethnic interests of European Canadians within the framework of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988, which guarantees the rights of Canadians of any racial origin to protect and enhance their cultural and ethnic interests in a way that is consistent with the principles of our liberal democratic institutions. A high number of my articles have been on the philosophical and historical aspects of the ideology of immigrant multiculturalism and on the uniqueness of Western Civilization. Readers will notice that these articles have been carefully researched, backed by many sources, involving carefully constructed arguments with some of the foremost scholars favoring Canadian multiculturalism and addressing the dynamics of Western civilization.

Since this controversy erupted again in early January, I have been tempted to write a reply to the main articles which have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, CBC, Global News, The Tyee, four university student papers, and other venues. But the fact that the overwhelming majority of the comments in response to these articles have strongly supported my views and academic freedom to dissent, persuaded me not to offer a reply. I was satisfied too with the endorsement of academic freedom by the journalists at the Globe and Mail, the Post, and the Vancouver Sun.

January 22 article in The Globe and Mail

But yesterday January 22, in what is now the third article in The Globe and Mail about this controversy, three Chinese-Canadians not only disagreed but called upon The University of New Brunswick to censor me on the grounds that my views do not deserve to be expressed by any academic in Canada! Under the title, What this UNB professor practices is intolerance, not sociology, authors Avvy Go, Dora Nipp, and Winnie Ng, conclude:
The purpose of academic freedom is to prevent a chill on the pursuit of knowledge and to safeguard diverse viewpoints. However, in Canada no right is absolute; in the case of academic freedom, this right starts to unravel when academics hide behind academic freedom to espouse untruths that actually inflict harm. If the staff and faculty of UNB are truly committed to academic freedom and academic excellence, they should join the Asian Canadian community in condemning racism in any form in Canada.
This short but falsehood-filled article cannot go unchallenged. The authors are adamantly against my emphasis on the European character of Canada and how mass immigration threatens it. Yet, a quick examination of the careers of Go, Nipp, and Ng reveals three lives fully dedicated to the promotion of Chinese ethnic interests in Canada combined with the portrayal of European Canadians in a persistently negative way. They eulogize about the "the pursuit of knowledge," "academic standards," and the "academic profession" but only Ng has some sort of position at a university.

Ng holds the "CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University," a position described as "the first union-endowed chair at a Canadian University." Her university profile describes her as an "activist" and states that the "mandate" of the chair is "to create a hub of interaction between social justice activists and academics at Ryerson University." Strictly speaking, then, Ng is not an academic hired as a professor, but holds a chair financed by an union, "selected not only for her extensive experience in the social justice field but for her research interests in anti-racism, equality, and coalition and capacity building." There are no indications of peer-reviewed articles by Ng in the internet except a report she co-authored with five other names with the title An Immigrant All Over Again? Recession, Plant Closures and [Older] Racialized Immigrant Workers.

Avvy Go is also not an academic but "director of the Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic." This clinic is dedicated to "advocacy activities" for selected ethnic groups in Canada, namely, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Laotian communities in Greater Toronto.

Dora Nipp is CEO of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario; her career in Canada has revolved around the promotion and struggles of Chinese Canadians in the face of racist Europeans.

These three activists for Chinese/Asian interests show no hesitation declaring that
Mr. Duchesne spreads falsehoods about an entire community and in doing so betrays the standards of academia by engaging in racial caricature and perpetuating intolerance.
It is the other way around; in this article, these three Chinese/Asian ethnonationalists spread many falsehoods about what I have said and caricature the entire community of European Canadians by concentrating solely on their "racist" and "colonial" activities.
Efforts by Asian and African Canadians to claim their rightful place in Canadian history are framed by Mr. Duchesne as "assaulting European civilization".
This is untrue. I have never written about "African Canadians," for starters, and have never framed Asian arguments about their role in Canada as "assaulting European civilization." They offer no evidence for these cited words because I have not written anything close to this claim. I have simply criticized some current Chinese leaders in Canada for their continual demands for apologies and financial compensation from current Canadians (who had nothing to do with the head tax), and have also written historically based articles challenging their interpretation of the origins and context of the head tax.

Canada was founded by European Canadians

They continue:
In claiming this, Mr. Duchesne ignores the historical fact that the "founding" of Canada took place on the land of indigenous peoples, and that in the name of "preserving European civilization" systemic exclusion and colonial domination has been inflicted on the First Peoples. It is hard to avoid reading Mr. Duchesne's notion of "European civilization" and "Britishness" as something resembling white supremacy.
How can the argument that Canada was founded by European Canadians be categorized as a form of "white supremacy" if Canada was in fact created by Europeans? Why don't they respond to my fact-filled article Canada Is a Nation Created by Diverse Immigrants' — A False Meme? As late as 1971, when multiculturalism was officially introduced, the ethnic composition of the nation was 96 percent European, at which point all the institutions, legal system, educational curriculum, transformation of wilderness into productive farms, all the cities, the parliamentary traditions, the churches, the entire infrastructure of railways, ports, shipping industries, and highways, had been created by hardworking Europeans. This is not to say that other minorities were not participants; it is to emphasize the salient reality of Canada's European culture.

I have never endorsed any of the actions that were inflicted against indigenous peoples, or against any non-White immigrant but have simply tried to offer a view of Canada that does not stereo-typify Europeans as inherently racist and other minorities as inherently benevolent. Millions of current European Canadians are tired of having the history of their ancestors categorized solely by the words "systematic exclusion and colonial domination." This is clearly a form of "racial caricature."
It matters not to individuals like Mr. Duchesne that Chinese people first landed on Canada's west coast in 1744, came to pan for gold in 1858, and in 1881 were brought to Canada to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway. It appears immaterial to Mr. Duchesne that Chinese Canadians have a longstanding presence in Canada. Similarly, South Asians have made Canada their home since the turn of the last century.
Everyone knows this, what they don't know are facts such as the following: From 1608 to 1760, immigration to New France consisted of only 10,000 settlers, and thereafter it was "almost non-existent." The French-speaking population numbered about 70,000 in the 1760s, and thereafter, until the late 1800s, the population expanded rapidly through the high fertility rate of mothers, 5.6 surviving children on average, and not at all through immigration. By 1950, the Quebec population was almost 4 million. This increase was not a result of immigration but of continuing high fertility rates. It was only in the 1970s that Montreal saw an increasing inflow of non-European immigrants.

But these three activists don't highlight the struggles of Quebec mothers, how hard it was for them to make a living in the harsh climate of Canada. Instead, they prefer to make a living by depicting Europeans in the worst possible light as supremacists, and then they have the nerve to complain about "racial caricatures".

The next few sentences are just typical complaints about the "tremendous discrimination" Asians suffered and still suffer in Canada — if so, why do millions keep coming? How about the horrendous acts of human rights violations in China, rampant racism and destruction of the lifestyles of ethnic minorities, sickening treatment of animals, and commercial dealings in body organs?
[I]t is 2015 and one expects a more enlightened populace today — one that includes all peoples and rejects the portrayal of Canada as one preserved for "Europeans" only.
My argument is not that Canada should be preserved for Europeans only; it is that the policy of multiculturalism encourages Canadians from all ethnic backgrounds to affirm their heritage and culture, and that if we are to be consistent and not follow a double standard we should stop prohibiting European Canadians from pursuing their own ethnic interests in the same way that these three activists have made entire careers pursuing the ethnic interests of Asians in Canada.
Duchesne is a professor of history and sociology, but he has brought the academic profession into disrepute.
There are no indications that these three activists know much about the history and sociology profession; whereas I have an extensive list of publications in both fields. The three of them combined, as far as I can tell from a search of the internet, do not have a single refereed publication.
Mr. Duchesne's intolerant statements will run the risk of inciting fear and resentment toward Canadians of Asian heritage by reinforcing stereotypes of the ethnic Chinese as perpetual foreigners. He glorifies scholarship and writing that fuels xenophobia and provides fodder for white supremacy. Mr. Duchesne is a unicultural ideologue.
They have no evidence that I have reinforced stereotypes about Chinese Canadians; what is the case is that I don't accept their demands for endless apologies and "inclusive redresses." Go, Nipp, and Ng are the ones who have fueled xenophobia through many years of activism against European Canadians, polarizing Canadians into the bad racist whites and the innocent minorities.
The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada's Statement on Academic Freedom (2011)...sets out the responsibilities of academic freedom, which include: evidence and truth must be the guiding principles...committed to the highest ethical standards in their teaching and research; faculty should examine data, question assumptions and be guided by evidence; and faculty and university leadership are obligated to ensure that students' human rights are respected.
These three activists are welcome to take a look at my extensively reviewed book, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, which cites over 800 different books and articles, and which even critics have praised for its very high academic standards. I am also a highly liked professor at my university, with high levels of student registration in my courses. What the students like most about my classes is that they don't get only the leftist view of things but three or four viewpoints. The textbook required for my Introduction to Sociology course, for example, is a typical radical leftist text, in addition to which I offer students alternative readings with libertarian, old conservative, and European nationalist perspectives. I often say to students that they can follow any viewpoint; all that I require of them is to show awareness of alternative views, take them into account in their writings.

I don't object to the enthusiasm Go, Nipp, and Ng exhibit for Asian issues and historical contributions to Canada. It is natural that they care about their people. I object to the current double standard which says that only non-Europeans have a moral right to protect and enhance their ethnic interests. I am for a level playing field in the Canadian multicultural arena, with European Canadians enjoying the same rights as other ethnic groups in the defense of their heritage and cultural lineage. It is that simple.


  1. I am not for a level playing field in the multicultural arena.

    There is no level playing field in China---it is for the Chinese. In Japan the same. In India, the Islamic world the same.

    But AFrica for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for EVeryone IS White GEnocide. It is a crime.

    White people have a right to exist, have their own nations and pursue their ethnic interests.

    To deny that is to promote Genocide. THAT is moral reprehensible. The Globe and others MUST answer for that. NOW.

  2. Ricardo's last point is a tactical argument. Rather than make the uni-cultural, uni-racial case (which David Dorian just did), he suggests Europeans need to utilize the same multicultural arguments as all the other competing cultures. There is a beauty to the simple logic of this argument as well as some irony; multiculturalism was designed to destroy European civilization but if we turn it around, it can also be used to save it. Consider this the second line of defence since we have already lost the front line.

  3. I am an Asian who struggled between my own Asian ethnic identity and accepting a more rational approach to White-Asian racial relations (the approach which is supposedly cherished merely by 'White racists'). The result of this struggle was that I learned to accept that European civilisation is unique in the way that Prof. Duchesne describes it in his book 'The Uniqueness of Western Civilisation' (buy his book today if you have not read it yet) and that Europeans have traditionally had a more creative drive than Asians.

    Accepting the fact that European civilisation is uniquely advanced does not make me a White supremacist nor does this make Prof. Duchesne a White supremacist. It is simply a fact that is to be accepted, and it is there for all to observe. Asians want to adopt European civilisation because it is so advanced; this is obvious and cannot reasonably be denied. I also accept that Western ethnonationalism (a.k.a. 'White nationalism') is unique. As far as I am aware, there is nothing of that kind in Asia. Asians only have various sorts of petty nationalism (which is why I used to be against nationalism before I learned about Western ethnonationalism).

    My own ideas are very much the same as those of Western ethnonationalists; I believe that Western ethnonationalism is based on truth. Moreover, to be fair, we have to acknowledge that Asians have thus far proved to be the only other people capable of adopting European civilisation without too many complications. I believe that Asians can and should adopt European civilisation while not refusing to preserve their own traditions, and I also believe that Asians should adopt a kind of Asian nationalism that is sympathetic to Western ethnonationalism and inspired by Western ethnonationalism, just like Asians who adopt European civilisation are sympathetic to European civilisation.

    The search for truth is complicated by ethnic loyalties which are based on social identity processes. That is why I tend to favour mono-ethnic societies in the first place; I prefer to prevent ethnic conflict. I hope that White-Asian racial relations never reach the all-time low of American White-Black racial relations, but it appears that this is ultimately inevitable due to the liberal political climate in the West and the communist political climate in China.

    Nevertheless, I will stand on the side of Whites because truth is more important to me, and I hope that other Asians will do the same even if we are but a tiny minority of people who consider truth the most important. This reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. Asians living in the West who are anti-White are in the Goliath position, and Asians living in the West who are pro-White are in the David position; the same is true for anti-White Whites and pro-White Whites. Personally I consider it much more moral to defend Whites than to feed them to the anti-White sharks which come in all skin colours.


    NOTE: When I say Asian, I really mean Northeast Asian.

  4. Alexander Wolfe MurraySaturday, 24 January, 2015

    Excuse my ignorance but why would someone be asking for reconciliation when we were never really reconciled in the first place? Also, aren't most people from 1886 - 1947 dead? As 1947 is getting close to my birthdate I am getting a tad nervous that somebody wants me to pose for Girls and Corpses magazine!!!!! Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

  5. Publius Pompilius QuietusSaturday, 24 January, 2015

    White people and Asian people are similarly civilized groups, so an alliance to preserve our respective cultures against the world of black and brown savages would make sense. Though we may see some geopolitical tension between China and the West, this is a product of the post-1945 international system, not of any underlying dysfunctions (as opposed to the case of white people and black people).

    Moreover, your point that no identitarian-esque ethnonationalist movement exists in North Asia is fascinating. My first inclination is to say such a trend is due to the circumstances of the last century. That is, the Cold War divided North Asia between communist and capitalist, whereas the West was unified in NATO. Because of such civilization cohesion, all the nation-states of the West underwent similar revolutions, to which the New Right is largely a reaction.

    But I'm a Westerner, so maybe I'm lacking perspective on this particular issue. What are your opinions on why North Asia hasn't an identitarian movement?

  6. I didn't realize that there was such a group as Chinese-Canadians objecting to the fact that Canada was built by the Europeans (primarily from Britain). The whole country and its institutions were built on European thoughts and ideals - that is so patently obvious that it is silly to call it "white supremacy" to state the obvious. This is not a denial that the other groups that now make up Canada played no part in the development of Canada - of course they did but to a much smaller extent. We cannot use today's standard of behaviour to demand that past events be used to demand apologies & compensations from today's citizens. Political parties will do anything to get votes and groups should not use their numbers to continually force taxpayers to keep apologizing for things that happen in the past.

    The Multiculturalism Act of 1988 was brought in by the Liberals to diversify the parts of Canada outside Quebec (English-speaking Canada). Quebec used the Notwithstanding clause to declare itself officially unilingual French and then put pressure on the Rest (Most) of Canada to become "officially bilingual" and make French the criteria of employment in much of the public sector and increasingly, also in the private sector.

    How many people know that unilingual French-speakers make up only 12.6% of the country's population and most of them are in Quebec? Here is the distribution of unilingual French-speakers: QC (51.8%), NB (9%), ON (0.3%), YK (0.3), PEI: (0.1%), NS (0.1%), AB (0.1%), MB (0.1%), NF/LAB (0%). Check it out for yourself:

    For those miniscule numbers, we are spending $2.1 Billion every year, according to the Fraser Institute:

    That's a much bigger problem than stating the obvious that Canada was built by the Europeans and that it is perfectly OK for people like Prof. Duchesne to say that it is time to stop apologizing to the Chinese, the Japanese, or even to the aborigines for past errors.

    Kim Lian Khoo

  7. Epic post -- I agree.

    In MY canada, which is to say, the Canada represented by the Red Ensign, there is no such thing as a level playing field. To hell with cultural marxists.

    Ricardo, your last statement:

    "I am for a level playing field in the Canadian multicultural arena, with
    European Canadians enjoying the same rights as other ethnic groups in
    the defense of their heritage and cultural lineage."

    smacks of the same cultural marxism that all liberals and libertarians want to impose on Western society.

    How do you respond to that?

  8. "we have to acknowledge that Asians have thus far proved to be the only
    other people capable of adopting European civilisation without too many

    Does this justify the Chinese colonization of cities like "Hongcouver," where most, if not all, other Canadian citizens cannot even afford to live there due to the influx of Chinese immigrants with deep pockets?

  9. The current problems in Canada with multiculturalism shouldn't surprise us. It all harkens back to Pierre Trudeau's idea of a multicultural English speaking Canada and a protected Francophone culture in Quebec. Why shouldn't other groups like the Chinese not feel that they too could be deserving of some special recognition and dispensations? We can't have nations within a nation, but the door has already been opened for that and now can it ever be closed? It has little to do with being European or Asian, but rather the structure of the nation itself and its self serving politicians.

  10. That was my reaction at first, but here's perspective:

  11. Ricardo DuchesneMonday, 26 January, 2015

    Easy to be tough when you are hiding behind a pen name expecting someone else to take the risks while you sit on the sidelines.

  12. I agree overwhelmingly with Ricardo. My ancestors built, defended and died for the country that is now being turned over to the entire world when this isn't what we wanted.

  13. As a thoroughgoing white supremacist and racist myself, I can testify that Prof. Duchesne is very far from qualifying for that adjective. As a positive suggestion, I ask that I be given the authority to adjudicate the proper racial prescription for Canada and I can promise that within six weeks there'd not be a single Chinese, Nip, African, or any other non-Caucasian anywhere within Canada's boundaries. The proper ambition for white countries should be to become white 100%
    Tito Perdue
    author, xenophobe, gun owner, tobacco user, etc.,

  14. I always provide my real name - see comment above - and will give my address, too, if anyone wants it.
    Tito Perdue

  15. Lee Pefley is a character in a Tito Perdue novel. Nice try loser.

  16. I find it odd that you keep using the term “European” when what you clearly mean is “white.” Why don’t you simply say that? Code words do not help discussion or debate. Only fringe minorities accept the idea that “whites” are an “ethnic group” and there are millions of Europeans who are not “white,” and who have lived in Europe for generations. But if I understand your logic correctly, they could not “really” be “true” Europeans. Whatever the academic merits of such views (and for me there are none) they are indeed racist and I do not understand why you do not accept that term with pride. There were many intellectuals in the past who proudly and honestly acknowledged their racism and argued that their academic work justified and supported it. While I might not like their racism, I can at least “respect” them for being intellectually honest. You clearly lack that quality.

  17. You did not respond. Why not call yourself a racist and be proud of it? That is a question, not whining. Many of your "followers" seem to accept that label with pride. Please answer the question instead of making a personal attack.

  18. You did not answer the question. It does not matter what term some people prefer nor not, and that comment does not answer the question. Why not be proud of your racism and acknowledge that you believe your academic work supports that racism? You would be far from the first academic to do so. But you seem to be afraid be open and honest with your "followers", many of whom do proudly embrace their racism.

  19. In Vancouver, the irrationality of Cultural Marxism can't be underestimated. I was born and raised there, my family has had a presence there for about 100 years, and I even went to SFU. The attitudes there, like these activists, aren't uncommon. Essentially the perspective is that, a white man like myself, is responsible for all the injustices in the world for the last 1000 years. Collectively, we have crusaded, enslaved, and stolen from all other races. Apparently, the world would have been a much more peaceful place if it wasn't for us. Now we are going to be punished for it.

    This view is particularly true to Simon Fraser University (SFU). Multiculturalism and Feminism are gospel. They were the central lessons in almost all of the liberal art courses I took there. All of the most active clubs were about identity politics, with the exception of straight white men. I avoided discussions on these topics out of fear. I had fear because it was obvious that I was the enemy. Near graduation, I attempted to challenge these views, and this resulted in my first and only failing grade.

    Outside of SFU, I found that even friends of mine had views like these. For some, the only way for true progress away from the evil European legacy, would really be for us to go extinct. Naturally, I have left that place and I don't talk to people there anymore.

  20. Please set up a donate button so we can help fund this blog and any projects you may wish to begin. You speak for many of us. Thank you Richard, for your bravery and fighting spirit, you are an inspiration.

  21. Aye, I had a great uncle who was a war vet - he died in 1987. He got captured at Dieppe, and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp that was a mere mile away from Auschwitz-Burkenau. Now, mostly, he didn't like to talk about his experiences - he talked honest to me ONCE, when I came home from England with pictures (I won the trip for being good at passing tests in Army Cadets). I was already trained to let him talk uninterrupted if he wanted to talk - and I remember my mother and great aunt looking at each other in shock when he did deign to talk to me.

    But all he talked to me about was his 6 months pre-Dieppe training in England. But he did tell me things we kids suspected - like why there are little caves in the side of the Cliffs of Dover - they were, indeed, machine-gun nests. We were only just able to guess at this while we were there.

    Anyway, that great uncle hated Germans with a passion until the day he died - and I once heard him remark that he was grateful that he wasn't in the Asian theatre, because people captured by the Japanese were treated a lot worse than people captured by Nazis.

    At least the Nazis tried to give him a plate in his head - the Japs wouldn't have bothered.That plate - replaced just after the war by the British, gave him problems. Problems that wound up with him getting punched out by my grandad for hitting my grandmother's sister (my grandpa never hit any woman.)

  22. I read some of that crap against you, Rick. It was mostly just foreigners wanting to confuse Canadian history with American history.

    When we discarded slavery in 1805, we honestly should have sent every N who showed up on the underground railroad back to Africa, where they belonged.

    And the Chinese who got suckered by the CPR, should have been sent home on the government's dime.

    Otherwise, it's just a matter of "everyone can be themselves except whites". Do you care about how animals are slaughtered for food here? Then yer racist against humans who don't care.

    I made sure to recoil visibly against halal chicken while grocery shopping the other day. I don't want cruelly killed meat that got voodoo shouted in its ear while it was slowly dying in pain.

    Want to kill something for food? Bolt its cerebral cortex. I would even be behind bolting as humane execution for Willy Pickton types.

    I think it's disgusting that we allowed Clifford Olsen to die of old age.

    I'm sorry you have to moderate this, but I don't like mealy-mouthing. I don't even really know how.

  23. Lol, "Zolfberg,? And why would an anti-white jew like you be interested in saving European civilaization?

    Man, you're bullshit heroic!

  24. "multiculturalism was designed to destroy European civilization but if we
    turn it around, it can also be used to save it. Consider this the
    second line of defence since we have already lost the front line."

    STFU, jew! Your just sore that your multi racial utopia that you filthy fucking kikes have imposed on our European societies is going sour because these muslims are going top cut your fucking head off!

    Just GTFO of our countries, you filthy kikes!

  25. Ricardo is a philo semite. That means that he will do what the jews tell him to do. This blog would not survive if that were not the case. Soviet Kanuckistan has laws against these philosophies but as long as a blog owner caters to the jews, he's safe.

  26. Quebec French have historical reasons for their rights. French were first foremost in settling Canada - England was its rival, and conquered the French on the Plains of Abraham. But the English were pretty nice, kind of, and allowed the French to keep their language, culture, and religion, in certain places in the east, like Quebec (of course), Ontario, and New Brunswick. If French Catholicism has rights in Manitboa, I guess you can thank the Metis Louis Riel for that.

    The French joined with the English in the War of 1812, because they had the sense that Americans would force them to be Anglo Protestants should they conquer Lower Canada.

  27. "We can't have nations within a nation, but the door has already been opened for that"

    I suggest you read Wilmot Roberstson's "Ethnostate"

    If this jewish-controlled blog allows this post to go through.

  28. LOL, what a bunch of unrelated babble.

    Idiots like this:

    "Please approve this, mr site master, I need better-than-my peer opion. I
    never got to go to university, but I read a lot about evolution. FOR

    get approved for comments on a supposedly SERIOUS blog that GENUINLY cares about Europeans, but because I point out the jewish question in relation to this particular problem, I don't get to post?

    wow, just wow.

    Once a philosemite, always a philosemite, eh ricardo?

  29. Good comment. Just a piece of advice though -which I should probably heed myself- try to break down your response into smaller, more cohesive blocks, it makes the reading less daunting. One point of contention: "And maybe we didn't have the people do to the labour in those days before automated machines and computers and smarty-phone apps." We had plenty of people to do the labour, more than enough really. The problem was that these common-law Anglos began demanding such unprofitable things as 'workers' rights', and the deracinated CEOs, then as now, had no interest in sacrificing the bottom line for the benefit of their community. As for cross-breeding humans and chimps, forgive me if I seem hysterical, but that just sounds f***ed up!

  30. White Nationalist ideas seem more common in East Asians than in whites themselves. I have met a number of Asians who admire white culture and people and also seem to want to inter marry with them. These tend to be intelligent successful people as well.

    I never met anti-white asians. I realize a lot of asians like to live in their own communities and breed with themselves and such, but I never noticed any hostility from them. I have wondered if some of the anti-white multiculturalism nonsense is funded in some part by Communist China. We already know the Jewish role in a lot of that.

    Yes of course whites are more inventive, but to say that Asians simply adopt European culture is a bit off. Asia has a lot of culture itself which the West adopts.

  31. So how are things going for Prof. Duchesne? I sure hope our 'custodians of democracy' haven't succeeded in putting his job in danger. It seems like we haven't heard from him in a while.

  32. Wow, what's the Chinese word for Chutzpah?

  33. I like reading your writings.
    Interesting. You say you don't want Asian-white relations to become like white-black relations and then you mention the liberal west and the Chicoms.

    I can't see that actually happening as Black-white hatred really grew up in a bi-racial society at a time when Westerners would actually defend themselves and hadn't been hobbled by PC. There is also the "in your face" attitude that blacks seem to posses that is mostly absent in Chinese. The Chinese persona seems to interact better with traditional western culture; namely, sit down, shut up, be polite, work hard, and don't draw too much attention to yourself.

    I can see a hatred developing regarding China, the nation, though. I'm an amateur historian as my field is the German language, but I pursue history on the side, academically and personally. I'm developing a thesis that the America tends to go to war, hot or cold, with those it first builds up. (paraphrasing someone who should get credit for this... "It's dangerous to be America's enemy. It's deadly to be her friend." Just ask Saddam.)

    The list of nations America once aided and helped build up and then destroyed are quite numerous. I'll just name a few of the big or recent ones; Japan, Germany, The USSR, and recently Iraq. (You should educate yourself on how people like Teddy Roosevelt encouraged the Japanese to think of themselves as the "Aryans of the East" and to look at the Chinese with contempt although earlier they saw the Chinese emperor with respect and admiration. In the west, I think there is still a tendency to see the Japanese as not quite as Asian as the rest of them.)

    I can see a world in the not too distant future after another 2008 style collapse where American jealousy of Chinese success will be used to start another cold war. I'm not betting money yet, but if I was I would bet USA, Taiwan, Japan, South Korean against the PRC with Russia as their allies. I don't have much faith in Europe affecting much militarily as the day of grand white armies sweeping across the plains of Europe seem to have been relegated to the history books. (Europeans love sex; they just hate children, it seems.)

    Once this process gets started then the demonization of the Chinese will begin. Will it be a racial demonization as it was against the Japanese in WW2 (bucked teeth, spectacle wearing orangutangs)? Will it be a cultural demonization (eating tiger penis and dogs)? Or will it be a political demonization (commies bastards)? I don't know the answer to these questions although I guess it will be a mixture.

    America likes to portray itself as the good guys in any conflict. I just think that the USA is good as portraying itself as the good guys, especially to unthinking Americans.

    But anyway, I keep bumping into your writings and I must say I enjoy your style and am impressed with your command of English. You write like a graduate student who isn't actually boring to read. Xiexie and keep up the good fight.

  34. My good professor,
    Herein lies the problem. You are of the old school. You didn't get the memo saying that now education = indoctrination. You are teaching students how to think for themselves. That is the real threat. There is nothing more threatening to the status quo than a critical thinker who disagrees. One doesn't have to be a genius or a master of rhetoric to punch holes in their "logic" and they know this. The left on issues of race reminds me of the popular description of how the church tried to control science.
    "The Earth goes around the sun!"
    "You apostate."
    "I have evidence."
    "You have evidence against God's holy authority!?! To the dungeons with you!!! We will destroy your voice."

    "These three activists are welcome to take a look at my extensively reviewed book, The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, which cites over 800 different books and articles, and which even critics
    have praised for its very high academic standards. I am also a highly
    liked professor at my university, with high levels of student
    registration in my courses. What the students like most about my classes
    is that they don't get only the leftist view of things but three or
    four viewpoints. The textbook required for my Introduction to Sociology
    course, for example, is a typical radical leftist text, in addition to
    which I offer students alternative readings with libertarian, old
    conservative, and European nationalist perspectives. I often say to
    students that they can follow any viewpoint; all that I require of them
    is to show awareness of alternative views, take them into account in
    their writings.

  35. Never mind the church - ANY totalitarian state, regardless of whether it's based on religion or not.

    PC itself has become a religion; it just lacks a formal god. You can't question it. You can't argue about it. If you do, then you're labeled as a "redneck" or some other anti-white epithet that's OK to print.

    If blacks want something for themselves, then we must cheer them for "achieving" against "all odds". If whites want something for themselves, they're close-minded and racist.

    "1984" was not based on church stuff - but its "true beliefs" were just as ironclad as any religious dogma. And it featured a society with a Crimestoppers programme, for people to rat out anyone who said anything "un-politically correct" - and of course, the true believer would get a money reward.

    Modern "political correctness" (for lack of a better, formal name - why does it refuse to be named?) is pretty much exactly what Orwell was warning about.

  36. Canada did have a pretty low population in the 1880s, and most of it was concentrated in Ontario and points east. The CPR did kind of have a point - it needed a crapton of manpower, because it didn't use that steam-driver thingy that the American John Henry competed against.

    And as for cross-breeding, it would be a valid scientific experiment in search of an answer to a valid question. Science isn't supposed to care about "morality", it's just supposed to HONESTLY seek answers to questions, no matter how uncomfy those questions are (like "Is the Earth really the centre of the Universe?" That was once considered an f-ed up question, too.)

    And the question of the experiment would be "can humans and chimps produce babies if they wanted to, and if so, could those babies make babies?"

  37. As an aside, since you mentioned the Crusades, I have found this video a helpful share to Europeans wracked with guilt over it. And as far as the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition, Obama has killed more people with drones than were killed during the Inquisition.

  38. The wind of change is blowing throughout The Western World. Whether they like it
    or not, this growth of European consciousness is a political fact.

  39. Multiculturalism and multi-ethnic societies always have more problems than heterogeneous societies. A simple fact of history. Even societies where the competing enthncities have more in common than not, such as Belgium, have problems. Bringing non-European immigration to Canada is a huge mistake and will simply result in the death of British Canada and wiping out of European Canadians. One could even argue that non-British European immigration, especially in large numbers, would dramatically change Canada.

    Multiculturalism and the repression of a native population if they complain about their disposition is a uniquely White phenomenon. Other groups, once they are the majority, have no problems lording over minorities, which is actually quiet a normal thing for humans.

    Our grandchildren will curse us.

  40. Multiculturalism is a cancer thats not only infecting the west but also the middle east. The reason why Iraq, Syria, Turkey are in such a state is because they are forcing multiple races kurds/arabs/turks to live in 1 state.

  41. You mean homogeneous?

  42. The population of white and Native Canada was pretty low at the time; and many people were bound up with farming. So, perhaps, in the 1880s, there was an argument about low population. But the CPR really should have looked to Ireland or Germany or something, rather than China.

    As for the cross-breeding thing, hey, science. I think it's f*ed up to confine chimps for their entire lives for AIDS studies, when chimps don't actually suffer from AIDS, just so African ignoramuses don't have to learn to keep their pants up, don't have to change their cultural attitudes (whereas whites are constantly forced to change ours.)

  43. "Growth of consciesness"? That weaksauce sounds like code for "enforced cultural genocide of whites and their culture".

  44. A problem with a little bit of multiculturalism is that it leads to more multiculturalism, and that again will lead to even more multiculturalism. How to stop it when it is enough multiculturalism? The easiest point to stop it is at the beginning. Don't start something that cannot be stopped. It is not a question on a little bit of multiculturalism or non multiculturalism, but unlimited multiculturalism or non at all. The question is binary.

  45. Then why don't the whites stand up and be counted? "What? What's that you say?" :-)

  46. Avo, Ng and Jang all have their faces buried deep in the government hand out trough. And they want more! These people have made careers living off of the government. If there is one thing Chinese know, that is money - and Jang and his buddies smell a payout. At any rate, Vancouver was bought and sold to the Chinese decades ago. Voltaire wrote something along the lines of 'to know who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.' Chinese police chief, Chinese councilors, a mayor that has a Chinese partner.



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