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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Chinese and White Nationalists Should Work Together

by Chinese Nationalist Maiden

Ethnicity map of China
Is Communist Han China a nation or an empire?

From Interstellar to Biological Imperialism

The movie Interstellar (2014) skilfully revives the cultural optimism of the American 1960s and the radical expansionist drive that characterized American science generally and NASA in particular. Perhaps not merely incidentally, the space journey appears as a metaphor for the Western mind-set. Throughout the whole film I have observed a typically white racial worldview that manifested itself in both simple and complex ways. Many would say that the central theme of Interstellar is father-daughter relationship, and I would not disagree, but I also picked up many implicit racialist messages.

If it were only one thing that could be interpreted from a racial angle, I would call any racialist analysis of this film 'a projection of racialist values onto a film where there are no such values.' However, the 'expand or die' mind-set which was a recurring Western imperialist theme throughout the film eventually convinced me that I might have to interpret Interstellar as a film distinctly colored by Western 'expand or die' imperialism with an implicit racialist undertone.

Even though I expect Christopher Nolan to forcefully deny the racial angle, I do believe there is solid evidence to suppose that 'humanity' is synonymous to 'Western man' in the world of Nolan's Interstellar. It is a film that deals with the philosophical theme of the survival of Western man.

After a brief analysis of the recurring themes in Interstellar from a racial angle, it should become clear that the end of humanity is intricately related to the usage of humanity as a synonym of Western man — this conjures up the fact that the decline of the West and the decline of humanity are one and the same. Western civilisation as a product of Western man cannot survive without its host, because the worldview that created this civilisation has a firm basis in racial biology. As determined by the biology of race, a worldview is not merely a cultural matter. It is, however, a racially specific biological force that is intricately related to the creative drive of any human race. Therefore, any opposition to a highly civilized race such as characterized by the white race will be to the detriment of those haters who, blinded by their tactless hate, act against themselves and their descendants.

Since the opposition to noble blood is futile, all the opposition to the white race will be to the detriment of anti-whites; this fact is not a curse but a law of nature. The principle of noble blood is unalterable. As the champions of a self-defeating ideology exert all their power, money, and energy to bring destruction upon the white race, their zeal will be like no zeal, for even if the march of a civilized people is temporarily halted by ideological distractions, it will eventually grow impatient, rearrange its ranks, prepare for departure, and march on as if its mortal enemies were nothing greater than ants. The decline of the white race will continue until a critical point has been reached that will reinvigorate not only its will to live but also its will to thrive. Thus, the decline is only an intermission in the continuity of the legacy of European imperialism which is the manifestation of a noble mind.

From Imperialism to Red China

As we're speaking of imperialism, Red China and its territorial claims come to mind. The People's Republic of China (PRC) is now the world's number one economy (Arends, 2014), but its diplomatic relations with the rest of the world are just as bad as ever. The Communist Party of China (CPC) doesn't have an impressive plan that will significantly improve its international relations for the better anytime in the near or far future, from a diplomatic point of view. It is believed that the PRC as a superpower will show more soft power (Zhou, 2014), but the political reality is that the PRC will become increasingly aggressive (Glaser, 2011). As a testimony to this trend toward more political aggression by the PRC, the relations with Russia have recently worsened.

The Russians now recognize China as an unreliable political power (Novikova, 2014). The uneasy relations of China with the international community (Zhou, 2014) might at any time culminate in a catastrophic war in which China will find itself isolated and therefore fighting against the whole world. Thus, the political strategy and ideology of the CPC are not good for China as a superpower and have an extremely isolating effect. Communism — even with significant reforms such as in the case of the CPC — is part of the problem. The propaganda machine of the CPC sells communism to us as 'patriotic' or 'nationalistic' (Chen, 2014), but if it were so 'patriotic' or 'nationalistic,' then it wouldn't be part of the problem (Oiwan, 2014).

The reunification of China is a major theme in Chinese communist propaganda. This theme is officially called the One-China Policy, and it is to be remembered that the independence of Taiwan has always been an issue of major concern in relation to this policy. Article 2 of the Anti-Secession Law in the PRC says:
There is only one China in the world. Both the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China. China's sovereignty and territorial integrity brook no division. Safeguarding China's sovereignty and territorial integrity is the common obligation of all Chinese people, the Taiwan compatriots included. Taiwan is part of China. The state shall never allow the "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces to make Taiwan secede from China under any name or by any means.
It is said that the independence of Taiwan is a deep wound in our 'national pride.' Chinese communists have oftentimes claimed that they are willing to pay a high price for the reunification of China. This simply implies that they are willing to wage a war over the independence of Taiwan. The propaganda for a 'unified China' is all over the place in the PRC. The military aggression that is implied in this major theme of Chinese communist propaganda is a huge testimony to the reality of Chinese communist aggression. The biggest myth in Red China today is that there is basically only one Chinese identity. This results in the denial of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic differences. I believe that this myth will eventually culminate in Western-style denial of race differences.

I can understand the myth from the perspective of the One-China Policy. The existence of the PRC seems to depend heavily (if not entirely) on this myth and, therefore, I believe Red China could possibly collapse into different nation-states when people stop believing in this myth. It might also explain the remarkable fierceness of anti-secession laws in China. As the CPC has its own interest in the propagation of a single Chinese identity, it is opposed to the assertion of traditional Chinese regional identities (notice the plural). The communist opposition to tradition in general seems to go hand in hand with opposition to traditional regional identities. It is an undeniable fact that the communists have destroyed much of China's own heritage. Despite communist efforts, there is a strong rise in Chinese regional identities today.

Mao said:
Can a Communist, who is an internationalist, at the same time be a patriot? We hold that he not only can be but also must be. The specific content of patriotism is determined by historical conditions. There is the "patriotism" of the Japanese aggressors and of Hitler, and there is our patriotism. Communists must resolutely oppose the "patriotism" of the Japanese aggressors and of Hitler. The Communists of Japan and Germany are defeatists with regard to the wars being waged by their countries. To bring about the defeat of the Japanese aggressors and of Hitler by every possible means is in the interests of the Japanese and the German people, and the more complete the defeat the better.... For the wars launched by the Japanese aggressors and Hitler are harming the people at home as well as the people of the world. China's case, however, is different, because she is the victim of aggression. Chinese Communists must therefore combine patriotism with internationalism. We are at once internationalists and patriots, and our slogan is, "Fight to defend the motherland against the aggressors." For us defeatism is a crime and to strive for victory in the War of Resistance is an inescapable duty. For only by fighting in defense of the motherland can we defeat the aggressors and achieve national liberation. And only by achieving national liberation will it be possible for the proletariat and other working people to achieve their own emancipation. The victory of China and the defeat of the invading imperialists will help the people of other countries. Thus in wars of national liberation patriotism is applied internationalism. (Mao, 1938: 196).
The communists have historically never had the best interests of the German and Japanese peoples at heart. The CPC today has a thoroughly anti-Japanese stance, and it portrays Japan as a puppet of the West. Chinese communist propagandists use historical events such as the Nanjing Massacre as an excuse for their anti-Japanese rhetoric. The anti-Japanese argument from the Nanjing Massacre is definitely one of the most tired old tools of Chinese communist propaganda. I have been wrongly interpreted as anti-China and anti-Chinese, but nothing could be further from the truth. I love my own people dearly, and I honour my genetic heritage. I'm not against Japan, and I believe that despite our historical infighting, we East Asians should rise above that and work together for the assertion and protection of our genetic interests. Confucius says 'Because Po-yi and Shu-ch'i never remembered old wickedness they made few enemies.' Moreover, 'patriotic communist' is a contradiction, because patriots and communists aren't the same. I'm not a communist, but a patriot.

I've often heard the argument that the CPC or PRC isn't really communist anymore, but I think that this is just deliberate obfuscation that serves the Chinese communist agenda. The reforms of the CPC don't prove that they aren't really communist, but the reforms actually support the idea that they're communist. One has to look at it another way. This or that policy might not be strictly communist, but the CPC generally falls into the communist spectrum even when it does not support every point of traditional communism or Soviet communism. It's still a variant of communism. Therefore, I call it Chinese communism to make sure it's clear that we're dealing with one specific variant of communism which might have its own peculiarities in respect to other variants of communism. I don't care whether this or that idea isn't strictly communist, I only care about the fact that the ideas of the CPC generally fall into the communist spectrum, and therefore the CPC is communist.

A Christian China?

China is projected to become the largest Christian country by 2030 (Blumberg, 2014; Philips, 2014, Apr. 19; Philips, 2014, Apr. 25). I don't have anything against Christianity, but it wouldn't please me if China's own religious heritage were marginalized by a foreign religion. China has its own traditions, and we've already had enough negative foreign influences over the past century. This is not to say that it's the fault of the West, but it implies that China should be more careful in its adoption of foreign influences. Lack of modernization is maladaptive, but too much modernization is dangerous.

There has to be a balance of tradition and progress. Since China lost sight of balance, it brought destruction upon itself. Exaggerating the importance of balance is a mistake of the past, but on the other hand we shouldn't be too quick to conclude that balance is necessarily an irrelevant concept. Sometimes it's the right thing to seek balance, sometimes it's the right thing to seek extremes, but what China (and by extension the West) needs to do right now is to seek reconciliation with its past and move forward, confident of its traditions and heritage without seeing it as something that is necessarily an obstacle to the achievement of progress as the highest ideal.

Whither East Asian Nationalism and Western Nationalism?

Asians who team up with Hispanics, Blacks, or Jews against whites are dangerously deluded. Whites aren't gullible, but it takes longer to trigger their ethnocentric instincts. Reality is, they're just holding back at the moment. When whites do finally wake up, Asians shouldn't be on the side of anti-whites. Whites are really nice altruistic people. But when a nice altruistic man becomes really mad, no one wants to be the person who made him mad and pushed him too far. I have experienced that whites are exceptionally friendly, civilized, and reasonable people, and I mean it when I say that. Recently a white told me that I shouldn't be on the side of whites because they have anti-Asian sentiments. I don't find anti-Asian sentiments offensive. A wise man once said: 'It's a fool's act to be offended when offence isn't intentional. It's an even greater fool's act to be offended when offence is intentional.' I know there are some whites who are anti-Asian, but I will keep on trying to unite with those whites even if they keep on slapping down my outstretched hand.

On the Self-Determination of the Chinese People

It should come as no surprise that I believe that nationalism is anti-communist by definition, because nationalism is in the best interests of the people, and communism has always proved itself to be antagonistic towards these interests even though it makes many empty Utopian promises, and therefore nationalism is opposed to communism by default. The only salvation and liberation of China will be a Chinese nationalist uprising. The self-determination of the Chinese people must be respected, and if different Chinese groups want to assert their regional identities, the larger Chinese population should not be opposed to their aspirations of self-determination.

I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of Cantonese people seceding from the modern-day China. It would only be a process that is more historically honest. China has always been divided into different regions which were loosely tied together by a vague concept of loyalty to the Emperor. I would like to return to an Imperial China where we can all be ourselves; where communism will not be forced down our throats and where we can assert our traditional regional identities without being opposed to perhaps a larger imperial system which will protect our interests. The self-determination of the Chinese people is denied by the CPC. If the Taiwanese want to be a separate nation-state from China, then let them be. It's not against our interests to allow different regional groups to rule themselves. It's, in fact, deeply anti-Asian to force these groups to live under the flag of one nation-state that cannot guarantee the protection of their traditional regional identities and their regional interests.

The traditional peoples of China are the victims of the same communist propaganda themes as the HK (Hong Kong) people. The communists aren't the victims, but we're the victims of communism. That's the only 'Great Humiliation' that the Chinese people are suffering from today; that's the real shame and guilt that we feel. The conflict isn't really about HK people vs. mainlanders, but it's actually about the (traditional) Chinese vs. the communists. The essential problem is that the communists are anti-Asian or anti-Chinese. They want to destroy our traditional 'diversity' and replace it with a modern communist monoculture which is supposed to be 'Chinese' in essence; this extreme level of homogeneity can only be achieved by means of even more communist-approved destruction of Chinese heritage. The Cantonese won't be Cantonese anymore, the Koreans traditionally living in China won't be Koreans anymore, the Uighurs traditionally living in China won't be Uighurs anymore, etc. The destructive force of communism and its legacy are the greatest problems of China today.

Don't believe the communists when they say they've changed their ways. It's just a lie that is meant to confuse you; it is designed to keep you from seeing things clearly. Liberating China from communism and its destructive One-China Policy is really pro-Asian and patriotic. Soon after its necessary liberation, I expect that China will have better diplomatic relations with its neighbours, and this is really important from a pro-Asian perspective. My only concern is that the Chinese people shouldn't be seduced by democracy; they should support the rise of a new monarchy. China falling apart into numerous absolute monarchies would be fine with me as long as these states are founded on pro-Asian principles. I would be happy to see the different traditional peoples of China go their own way again; we have tried a 'Great Unified China' for long enough now, so it's about time to try its opposite. I believe that the strength of Europe lay in its division. Therefore, a 'Great Unified Europe' as proposed by EU advocates and others would always end in disaster.

Returning to the traditional diversity of China doesn't necessarily mean returning to the inter-state wars of the Warring States Period (476-221 BC), but we can take the good of that period, i.e. the monarchism and the autonomy of the states, while leaving out the bad, i.e. the excessive warlordism. The Chinese were quite creative in that period — it is even called the 'golden age of Chinese thought' — so a return to a disunified China might not be such a bad idea. It appears that the flow of thought currents slows down significantly or even completely in 'Great Unified Countries,' because there is no healthy inter-state or inter-regional competition anymore. Moreover, I think that inter-state wars can also positively contribute to a quicker flow of thought currents. Peace can lull people asleep and be a real innovation killer. This does not mean we need to return to incessant wars, but a war every now and then wouldn't hurt that much from a long-term historical perspective; it might even be positive. Furthermore, I can also imagine a system in which all regional monarchies would be united by loyalty to the Chinese emperor like in ancient times; this system could act as a larger pro-Asian system which checks the different states.

However, such a check could easily be abused, and the system would probably devolve quickly back into a 'Great Unified China.' I think other means of cooperation should be sought, such as a special pro-Asian alliance between all states of the sinosphere. This alliance should definitely not be racially exclusive, because that would isolate Asians from the rest of the world. Racial exclusion in diplomacy isn't necessarily the best move for any race; I would argue it's even a huge mistake. When I say pro-Asian, I assume that people understand that basic principle. It's anti-Asian to isolate East Asians from the rest of the world; self-isolation could cause major global conflicts. We have to be international-minded in order to prevent such conflicts, and I should emphasize that liberals don't have a monopoly on the prevention of global wars, because it's just common sense that global wars should be prevented. If any good lesson were drawn from the Second World War — which was basically an unfortunate civil war between whites in Europe, and East Asians in Asia — then it's the lesson that global wars should be prevented. A Third World War would almost certainly involve East Asians and whites, so it's deeply anti-Asian for East Asians and deeply anti-white for whites to be passive about global wars. Edmund Burke, who is generally viewed as the founder of conservatism, rightly pointed out: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Xi Jinping

An American conservative political commentator recently wrote:
Xi Jinping is another [nationalistic strong man]. Staking a claim to all the islands in the South and East China seas, moving masses of Han Chinese into Tibet and Uighur lands to swamp native peoples, purging old comrades for corruption, Xi is the strongest leader China has seen in decades. He sits astride what may now be the world's largest economy and is asserting his own Monroe Doctrine. Hong Kong's democracy protests were tolerated until Xi tired of them. Then they were swept off the streets." (Buchanan, 2014)
The theme of asserting China's interests is perceived as nationalistic, but that isn't necessarily the case. The way Xi Jinping does it is self-isolating, and it seems no one really takes notice of the fact that this doesn't significantly improve China's diplomatic relations. In fact, it would make sense if China tones down a bit on assertion of interests because, as I see it, its main interests now lie in building up a good relationship with its neighbors — some internationalism is a necessity — but the opposite is happening. The CPC wants more and more and more, and when one wants too much, things might not end well at all. I think the CPC is playing a dangerous game, and they can't keep it up forever. At some point, there will be an escalation down the road. They're just asking for it.

Xi Jinping is not a nationalist. He is just a communist; he has asserted the supremacy of the CPC various times. He basically believes that any meaningful economic reform has to take place within the one-party system. This is a typically communist belief. Furthermore, it's quite logical that one is perceived as 'the strongest leader China has seen in decades' when the economy is booming. If someone is popular, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is strong or competent. The common people have a tendency to project the success of a country on its leadership (that is to say, they are wont to equate the former with the latter), but this doesn't necessarily have to be true because a country might be successful despite its incompetent and weak leadership.

The conflict between Hong Kong and the mainland is a complex issue and I have my own views on this, but I hope that I'm reasonable. It doesn't matter whether Chinese nationalists agree with me on every point, but it matters that we are free to speak our minds. I perceive myself as a diplomat or mediator. A pro-Asian nationalist might feel torn between loyalty to HK or the mainland, but this doesn't have to be. He or she can get beyond this dilemma of torn loyalty; it's difficult to be reasonable in such a sentimental conflict, but it's — in my humble opinion — utterly necessary for a nationalist to be reasonable. I'm trying to think independent from communist biases — I really hope no delusional communistic ideas influence me — and I think that the attempt at independent thought is the first step in the right direction.

I also think it's essential to take communist propaganda with a grain of salt; those who take communistic propaganda at face value will be duped by communism which is one of the deadliest of ideologies. Furthermore, I honestly think that the independence of HK would be best for HK people, because they will be totally free to defend their own interests and to look out for themselves. HK people have their own identity, and I don't believe the 'Greater Chinese Communist Identity' should be imposed on them. Neither do I believe it should be imposed on any of the mainland Chinese. If one rule applies to the HK people, then it also applies to the mainland Chinese.

I'm absolutely neutral in the conflict between HK and the mainland, even when my views will anger and infuriate many a communist. I really don't perceive myself as anything other than a diplomat or mediator, because I don't believe that I am pro-HK or pro-mainland; I am just pro-Asian. I understand that mainlanders who still take the communist propaganda at face value want to claim HK as their own, feeling justified by the One-China Policy and so on; it can surely feel good to claim a neighbour's property and prosperity as one's own. However, as nationalists we have to acknowledge reality, and we have to shake off the delusions. It is vital to acknowledge that the HK people have their own traditional identity and their own unique history which is separate from that of the mainland.

Therefore, it doesn't make any sense for the mainland to make a territorial claim on HK, even when one acknowledges that the mainland exerted influence over HK in the distant past long before the West took control of it and started shaping its separate history and identity. Rome also doesn't make any territorial claims on Britain just because it had once been under Roman influence or control. Frankly, I believe that even if it were desirable from this or that perspective, re-integrating Hong Kong with the mainland isn't worth the trouble, since it requires violence, oppression, and genocide through mass immigration from the mainland. None of those acts are nationalistic in my opinion, but to the contrary. I do not only find the idea of swamping related Asian populations for the sake of communist expansion morally corrupt, but I find it even more indignant to call such a perverted act 'patriotic' or to insinuate that it proves 'patriotism.'

The identity of HK is not interchangeable, and it's wrong to assume that HK people would or even should just tolerate their traditional identity being existentially threatened, systematically marginalized, and eventually annihilated. Likewise, all other traditional Chinese shouldn't tolerate this being done to their identities as well. If it's totally legitimate for HK people to defend their traditional identity against the single homogeneous Chinese identity imposed and propagated by the communists, then it's also legitimate for us mainland people to stand up for our traditional identities. I believe it's entirely legitimate for HK people to defend their interests; it's entirely legitimate for them to defend their heritage; and it's entirely legitimate for them to oppose mainland invasion. Since people are indoctrinated with communism in the mainland, a mainland Chinese might think that these beliefs are proof that I'm anti-Chinese, but quite the opposite is true.

The Chinese communist elite thinks of the Chinese people as nothing more than a bag of chips which can be moved around — hence we are being used as such in their genocidal scams (i.e. swamping other peoples), oppressing our own, making propaganda for them to our own, etc. We are supposed to self-censor and censor each other for the sake of this elite. Westerners are supposed to do the same thing for the sake of their hostile elite.

I believe that the Cantonese-speaking region of China can be compared to the Catalan-speaking region of Spain; that it's legitimate for both to secede, and I would consider it deeply anti-Asian and anti-white if these Asians and whites were denied their right to self-determination — which I consider to be a universal value/right that is entirely supported by the concept of ethnonationalism. I think that the 'unification of the Chinese people' has proved to be a disaster for traditional Chinese heritage, and I think the same is true for the traditional heritage of Spain. Secession is good for the traditional peoples. I support Catalan independence, but I'm not anti-Spain.

Ethnic minorities in China
Ethnic minorities in China

I think that any nationalist should consider the best interests of the different traditional peoples living in his country — living in our own nation-states based on our own ethnicity, identity, culture, language, etc. is the most realistic 'Utopian' world we can aspire to. That world won't be perfect, but it will be a lot better than the one we're living in today. We surely can't ever achieve the Utopian societies that are proposed by 'progressive' ideologies.

Those hypothetical societies are purely based on grand fantastical ideas (if not outright delusions), and they will never have a place in reality; those ideas cannot be translated to reality at all. The ethnonationalist ideal, however, of a world where every people can have its own 'home' is an ideal that can be directly translated to reality; it will be difficult at times, but it can certainly be achieved if gradualism is acknowledged as the path to an ethnonationalist world.

Moreover, I don't think we should force people against their will to live in a single nation-state made up of multiple traditional peoples; traditional peoples should be free to secede if they don't want to live in the same nation-state as others anymore. I'm more concerned about the well-being of the people than the alleged 'glory of the great unified country.' I don't believe in that glory, and therefore I see nothing wrong with Taiwanese and HK independence (or even Tibetan independence — which is a recurring Western political theme that is a real nuisance to the Chinese communists).

Unification has a tendency to destroy the unique traditional identities for the sake of a 'Single Identity of the Greater Unified People.' For example, the EU tries to propagate a 'Greater European Identity,' the USSR tried to propagate a 'Greater Russian Identity,' and the PRC tries to propagate a 'Greater Chinese Identity.' I care about peoples and their heritage, therefore I don't support the unification of peoples as according to the progressive-globalist ideal, but I support the liberation of peoples as according to the ethnonationalist ideal.

I believe that international ethnonationalism will significantly reduce ethnic conflict on a global scale. For example, the HK identity clashes with those of the mainlanders, so it's better to leave the HK people alone and to avoid unnecessary conflict between them and mainlanders; the best way to avoid conflict is to acknowledge the reality that people have different and conflicting interests. HK people should be free to protect their own interests and their own heritage.

HK people have their unique identity, and that is good for them. Mainlanders have their unique identities, and they should be free to protect their own interests as well. Ethnic conflict is kept at a minimum by ethnonationalism, and this will be good for the maintenance of world peace, although I expect that war won't disappear from the world as long as the world is imperfect. We can strive for a better world, but we'll have to be satisfied with the limitations of reality.

Communist propaganda is strongly anti-HK and anti-Taiwan, because HK and Taiwan are a thorn in the side of the CPC. The financial success of HK and Taiwan debunks the communist myth that China needs the CPC for economic success. The CPC is exposed for what it really is and isn't by the fact that Taiwan and HK are so successful without the CPC. It's now too obvious that the CPC isn't necessary for economic success. They can't have that, so they need to completely take over HK and Taiwan as soon as possible. When HK and Taiwan have fallen in the hands of the communists, and the rest of Asia as well, the world is next. It has always been a dream of the Chinese communists to conquer the world, and now the realization of that dream seems closer than ever. The constant obsession of communist propagandists with territory that 'should' belong to the PRC is a testimony to that.

I've heard people talk that there isn't any 'Chinese communist menace,' and they often seem to believe that anyone who says otherwise is a fear-monger. I believe that these people are living in a state of denial, because the Chinese communists have 'Great Plans' for the world. If today HK and Taiwan fall, then tomorrow the world might fall. The Chinese communists are trying — and have always tried — to take over the entire world. This must not be underestimated.

I don't understand why Westerners don't seem to be very concerned about this, and instead seem to imagine China as a friendly trading partner. All countries in Asia have an uneasy relationship with China, so they know what China really is, and more importantly, what China really isn't. Yet the West, with all its race-obsessed liberals and greedy capitalists, doesn't seem to realise that the Chinese communist menace is a reality in Asia today, and a reality in the West and the rest of the world tomorrow.

Final Words

I now strongly believe that opposing the interests of the white race will always work to the detriment of the anti-whites. The same goes perhaps, albeit to a lesser extent, for anti-Asians. If East Asians oppose whites or vice versa, then we will cause mutual destruction from which no absolute victor will arise. The only natural political course for East Asians will be to find ways to cooperate with whites on an unconditional basis. It is in the best interests of the Chinese people to join the fight of whites in the West, and to help whites as if the Chinese people were a subgroup of the white race itself. No race-mixing between our peoples is in our best interests, but without the mixing of blood, both of our peoples can thrive and reap the fruits of an unconditional 10,000-year cooperation. (In Imperial China, the Emperor used to be addressed by the title of 'Lord of 10,000 Years' (万岁爷). The traditional exclamation '10,000 years!' (万岁!) was used as a wish for the Emperor to live a long life.)

A pro-white asked me recently how Asian nationalists can practically help Western nationalists. I will provide a list here of things that an Asian nationalist can do:
  • Donating money to pro-white groups;
  • Writing scientific race theory books that advocate an unconditional 10,000-year alliance between whites and Asians and utterly destroy the liberal and communist myths that divide our peoples;
  • Posting racialist comments that seek to bring our peoples together rather than to divide them;
  • Analyzing liberal news articles and publishing these analyses online;
  • Publicly speaking out for white and Asian racial interests (i.e. public pro-Eurasian advocacy);
  • Funding Western nationalist political parties and movements and Western nationalist metapolitical groups and movements;
  • Investing money in companies which support racial realism;
  • Attending Western nationalist meetings;
  • Networking with Western nationalists and befriending them;
  • Starting judicial cases against anti-whites and funding such cases;
  • Working towards future Asian nationalist military support in case of a revolution or the event of war and advocating such military aid (Chinese nationalists might have special interests in this because we need to gain practical experience in overthrowing a powerful hostile government as represented by the CPC);
  • Writing e-mails to anti-whites no matter their ethnic background, religious affiliation, or political persuasion;
  • Denouncing and opposing Asian anti-whites and naming examples of such people to show honesty, integrity, and sincerity in our intentions to help whites in their current racial struggle for survival;
  • Making an effort to build a strong Asian nationalist community that supports white/Western ethnonationalism unconditionally.
White-Asian cooperation is my ideal, and it is my freedom of speech to say this. People are free to disagree with me and I am open to hearing all opinions and perspectives, but I sincerely believe that an unconditional long-term alliance between our peoples is in the best interests of our peoples. I don't think that ethnonationalism has to be politically or racially isolating. I think we can have pan-ethnonationalism, i.e. an international network of ethnonationalists working together towards common goals and ideals, and well-organised advocacy of such a network.

Speaking of converting Asians to the racialist cause, there will always be Asians who will not be receptive to our message, but for every Asian who will not be receptive to our message, there will always be another Asian who is receptive to our message. Only a minority is needed to bring about a revolution; only a minority of Asian nationalists opposed to Asian communists, Asian liberals, and Asian anti-whites is needed. They will be the teachers and leaders of our people; they will strive to bring the majority of our people to the right side of the political feud. Moreover, it is my sincere hope that an Asian billionaire will someday rise as the champion and sponsor of the pro-white cause. I do pray that this wish will be granted, for I do not want this idea to be merely a passing daydream.



  1. I would certainly hope that White and Asian nationalists can establish a
    relationship of mutual respect and cooperation. Chinese culture is one
    of the great flowers of human history and deserves to be seen as such
    by those of in the West. It is every bit as deserving of a secure
    homeland as our own.

    One of the lessons we might learn from
    Chinese history is that just as civilizations may fall and die, they
    also may be reborn. The collapse that we are facing in the West is part
    of a cycle that China has been through many times. Most recently, the
    end of the Qing empire was a century of disaster followed by a century
    of struggle to recover. There could be many lessons there for us to
    gain insight into our own fate, from which we might benefit.

    you think of the Chinese Communist Party, you should recognize that the
    Chinese people are now vastly better off than they were a hundred years
    ago, and the party has had a central role in that. Is is possible that
    the next great Chinese dynasty may emerge from within the Communist
    Party, as Han came from Qin and Tang came from Sui?

  2. (I posted this once, it showed up and then disappeared. If it is a duplicate, please delete it.)

    I would certainly hope that White and Asian nationalists can
    establish a relationship of mutual respect and cooperation. Chinese
    culture is one of the great flowers of human history and deserves to be seen as
    such by those of in the West. It is every bit as deserving of a secure
    homeland as our own.

    One of the lessons we might learn from Chinese history is that just as
    civilizations may fall and die, they also may be reborn. The collapse
    that we are facing in the West is part of a cycle that China has been
    through many times. Most recently, the end of the Qing empire was a
    century of disaster followed by a century of struggle to recover. There
    could be many lessons there for us to gain insight into our own fate, from
    which we might benefit.

    Whatever you think of the Chinese Communist Party, you should recognize that
    the Chinese people are now vastly better off than they were a hundred years
    ago, and the party has had a central role in that. Is is possible that
    the next great Chinese dynasty may emerge from within the Communist Party, as
    Han came from Qin and Tang came from Sui?

  3. @jmf
    "I would certainly hope that White and Asian nationalists can establish a
    relationship of mutual respect and cooperation. Chinese culture is one
    of the great flowers of human history and deserves to be seen as such
    by those of in the West. It is every bit as deserving of a secure
    homeland as our own."

    Jesus H. Christ. WTF is wrong with you? Cooperation with non-whites in a country which is originally a [WHITE] British colony?

    Why not co-operate with south east asians, pakistanis, somalis and muslims too?

    Where do you draw the line?

    And where the hell is the blog owner on these issues? Are you in contact with the person who moderates these statements? (I told what would happen eh? Ricardo?)

    Dr. Duchesne? Do you accept such preposterous proposals?

    Whatever happened to "The Uniqueness of Westen Civilization?"

    Or was that just an experiment in philosophy?

    Of all the B.S. garbage blogs I've read...One thing can be sure:

    If its a "Kanadian" blog its either:

    1. crawling with brainwashed apologetic philo-semites


    2. crawling with "racial equalitarians," (to borrow a term from the 1960's)

    LOL, this blog BLOWS!~

  4. @ Chinese Nationalist Maiden

    "Speaking of converting Asians to the racialist cause"

    You don't need to convert them (asians)...They are already racist. It's just that the Western governments, with their kosher and philo-semite elites, condemn only whites for being racists, so your point is totally useless.

  5. Alexander Wolfe MurraySunday, 11 January, 2015

    The idea of cooperation between Chinese Nationalists and white
    nationalists is not so far fetched. Homer Lea, an American and perhaps
    the first and last world class military consultant praised by both Field
    Marshall Lord Roberts and Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd had his ashes buried next
    to Sun Yat-Sen. Amongst the guests at the internemnet in Taipei were
    Walter McConnaughty, America's ambassador, Yen Chia-kang, Premier and
    Vice-President of Nationalist China and Sun Fo, only son of Sun Yat Sen.

    Lea wrote two books. The Day of the Saxon was about his concerns
    for the British Empire and the dangers of commercialism, feminism and
    socialism.The Valor of Ignorance was a warning to America to guard its
    genetic inheritance.

    Although very few in America or China
    understand the co-operation between Homer Lea and Sun Yat-Sen the
    article by Chinese Nationalist Maiden may begin to change all that.

  6. I can't thank Ricardo enough for all of his efforts! I am of British heritage. My ancestry here in Canada traces back over 100 years. My forfathers built and defended a country that looney leftist special interest groups think they are taking over. Ricardo and the rest of you at the Council of European Canadians, you have my support 100%!

  7. A very thoughtful and interesting article. I don't know very much about China yet but have noticed some things about Chinese people in BC. In the mid 80s I knew a Mandarin speaking woman. She informed that few Vancouver Chinese spoke Mandarin and most spoke Cantonese. In the past years some of my Cantonese aquaintances mentioned that majority of Chinese now speak Mandarin. I think I detected some concern about this. I imagined it may have been because of ethic differences?

    What I wonder now is if Canada's most recent Mandarin speaking imigrants are people who prospered under communism? If so, what are their interests in Canada? Besides making lots of money. The Hong Kong immigrants I know fled the communist take over. I was in HK briefly in '99 and found it facinating. I wish I got yo spend more time there.

    Many of the local post modernists delight in fomenting racial hatred in Asians against the whites of their host nation. Thus is sad to see. Chinese families are very loving and close. I noticed a commonality in some traits with Scandinavians, hard working, generous, and family orientation.

  8. Thank you chinese maiden for your article, and making me aware of this blog site in the process.
    I have read your article, and am impressed by your feeling towards your nationalistic pride of your own people. I pretty much agree with everything you've said so there's not much debate there.
    Yes I agree China will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future, but they realize along with the other BRIC nations, that some sort of war may be imminent in order to stop the surge and progress of the capitalist NWO elite. (God Help Us)
    I have always felt connected and compelled to think of my european identity and heritage, as a tribal instinct, and am surprised how many people of caucasian decent don't feel the same.
    You see, many white people don't see forced multiculturalism and diversity as a threat to our very existence, and have actually embraced the idea!
    Although many of them complain about those foreign ethnic customs, they don't understand xenophobia is a natural feeling, and unwillingly associate it with racism...which has become taboo in the white men's world. (the original definition for racism was a race of superiority, but the meaning has since been twisted by the media and powers that be, and redefined as feeling of white racial differences). that's why there are no groups or organizations that openly celebrate or express their white european heritage.
    Mainstream controlled media and political lobbyists have pretty much destroyed any existing serious resistance to forced integration with other third world cultures in the west.
    In order for people of european heritage and descent to rekindle their feeling of pride and distinction as a separate race of people, (like the blacks, asians and jews) they will have to be reprogrammed.
    We have gone from accepting anti-white racism, to reverse discrimination polices, to the latest term of white privilege. Very Sad!

  9. Prof. Duchesne:
    This is unrelated. It doesn't have to be published! It's just that I went to high school in the 1990s and want you to know...

    The Waterloo District School Board: We Like Fucking With The Minds Of Teenagers

    1989 - As communism in Europe falls apart Canada, under the Mulroney government, starts letting in 100 000s of immigrants. But there are already a lot of minority students for us to work within KW!

    1989 - High school year books revert to black and white to make all students look the same. If you're a secular Arab born here you're white now! If you're black you're still black.

    1989 - We introduce serious courses like Religion, Political Science, and Canadian Studies which are about how to prevent the holocaust from happening again.

    1989 - We start teaching hardcore that the Germans murdered 9 million in concentration camps and made lampshades out of their bodies. For some reason it makes East Indians and Asians white and blacks even blacker.

    1998 - More kids commit suicide.

    2008 - Let's wear pink to stop high school bullying!

  10. "I don't have anything against Christianity, but it wouldn't please
    me if China's own religious heritage were marginalized by a foreign

    China has its own traditions, and we've already had
    enough negative foreign influences over the past century. This is not to
    say that it's the fault of the West, but it implies that China should
    be more careful in its adoption of foreign influences. Lack of
    modernization is maladaptive, but too much modernization is dangerous."

    I can see where you're coming from in a modern sense, but Nestorian
    Christianity started to spread like wildfire under the T'ang and, thus,
    was perceived as a threat (popular acceptance = threat, now that does
    sound familiar). No Western power threatened or awed China in that
    period. The same was technically true re: the spread of Christianity in
    Japan before the Tokugawa stamped it out. Nobunaga himself supported the
    Christian faith and it could be said that the Tokugawa owe everything
    they took to Oda Nobunaga, but that family did what they determined was
    in their own personal best interests, not the interests of the people or
    culture of Japan.

    "The essential problem is that the communists are anti-Asian or
    anti-Chinese. They want to destroy our traditional ‘diversity’ and
    replace it with a modern communist monoculture which is supposed to be
    ‘Chinese’ in essence; this extreme level of homogeneity can only be
    achieved by means of even more communist-approved destruction of Chinese
    heritage. "

    Very well said. The Cultural Revolution should be considered absolute proof of your assertion. No person in history is responsible for the deaths of more Asians, specifically Chinese, than
    Mao Zedong. One could make a proportional argument re: Jenghiz Khan, but not in absolute numbers nor, possibly, in absolute intent. The Great Khan actually liked Chinese culture. Mao did not.

    "My only concern is that the Chinese people shouldn’t be seduced by democracy; they should support the rise of a new monarchy. "

    The West would benefit greatly from the same. We've been in decline since the rise of true Democracy.

    "I also think it’s essential to take communist propaganda with a grain of
    salt; those who take communistic propaganda at face value will be duped
    by communism which is one of the deadliest of ideologies."

    Absolute fact. The American public school system turned me into a Communist by
    the time I started high school. The more I read about how Communism
    ACTUALLY works and the horrors it has inflicted, the more I questioned
    everything taught to me.

    "he Chinese communist elite thinks of the Chinese people as nothing more than a bag of chips which can be moved around"

    That's the general theme of cultural Marxism in the West. We are all
    interchangeable parts without differences worthy of notice. Sorry, but
    the stupid people in power are not my equal or my betters - They are low
    men from inferior stock.

    "I support Catalan independence, but I’m not anti-Spain."

    These independence movements in Spain (Basques, Catalans, etc.) have been
    squashed for the same reasons any such movement would be squashed in
    China - Communism. Spain is ruled by Communists calling themselves

    "The Chinese communists are trying – and have always tried – to take over the entire world. This must not be underestimated."

    Neither should the tribe which invented Communism. They are evil enough to do
    whatever it takes to win. They are evil enough to destroy the world if
    they cannot obtain it.

    A good article. Thanks for publishing it.

  11. I can't begin to do justice to this with the time remaining before I pass out but promise to return when more awake.
    Couple of things...
    1. The red emperors belong to the same dynasty as the founder, Emperor Mao, the same who mass murdered what, 60,000,000? It's as if Nazi Germany had survived Hitler and then kid of gave up the genocide thing... As a recovering libtard, the magnitude of this, added to that of Stalin, astounds me. Not that I didn't know these factoids before, but I guess I morally equivocated them to justify my stupid old ideology.
    2. Movie recommendation: Intimate Enemies, a French film about the 1958-62 Algerian conflict - very good. I got some interesting racialist notions from it, and thought it almost perfectly executed. Also if you like sci-fi check out "Dredd", as per my avatar. The new one, not the Stallone one. Many attribute fascistic undertones, but another well made film with much interpretational leeway.
    Keep up the good work and welcome over at Amren, where I'm the scariest resident troll.

  12. I love how analytical this is. You made a lot of good points.

    "Unification has a tendency to destroy the unique traditional identities for the sake of a ‘Single Identity of the Greater Unified People.’"

    I strongly identify with this and related points you made. As an American Southerner, I've had the unpleasant experience of watching the steady denigration and destruction of my culture and people. I support secession so that we can maintain our specific identity and political traditions and I would certainly support similar efforts among the Chinese.

    "I don’t understand why Westerners don’t seem to be very concerned about this, and instead seem to imagine China as a friendly trading partner."
    I share your befuddlement. I think many asians, Chinese and otherwise, can be great allies, but I think certain asian governments are obviously not.

  13. It's the Atlanticist/Progressivist/Globalist world order (academics, politicians and media) that has been selling multiculturalism to the world at the expense of native populations. In this article you overstate the divisions in Chinese society, there are no serious divisions between cantonese and the rest of mainlanders with the exception of Hong Kong, and all other ethnicities are pretty much insignificant in comparison with the +91% Han Chinese. I understand that this is a white nationalist site, but you're just selling your own race short here.

    Another big mistake you make is to say that Russia finds china an unreliable power, but this is very wrong, Russia and China are now closer and more connected than ever, forming an strategic opposition against the atlanticists and NATO. Please read:

    You also misunderstood the nature of the Chinese political system:

    China (along with Russia) has the potential to become a force for good in the world stage by overturning the globalist status quo, something that everyone with nationalistic leanings should welcome.

  14. Thank you for this thoughtful article.

  15. I certainly have a great respect for East Asian civilization, and I often think of East Asians as the closest race to Whites in terms of greatness, talent, and values, but an alliance between Whites and Asians? I fail to see the point. As far as I'm concerned, the only people that White nationalists need to get on their side are Whites themselves. After all, no amount of East Asian support can save Whites if they are not willing save themselves. And if both Whites and Asians were one day able to regain control of their own civilizations from their elites, then what would be the point of teaming up? Who could possibly stand as a competition to both Western and Eastern Eurasians combined? Life is always a zero-sum game, and tribalist instinct will always move peoples to compete against outsiders. As nationalists we should be concerned primarily with making sure our own race doesn't lose.

  16. Hey you made some great points CNM!
    I am of non-western background, but I think that Western European/European culture in general is one of the most dynamic, complex, creative, and expansive cultures in the world. European culture is a perpetual Linux of the human cognitive cultural matrix. The non-European cultures are not, they are like third rate versions of outdated Windows interfaces, and they never self-correct their flaws or change at all. This superior culture could only have been the product of the superior Europid race and not the other races. The current decay and the massive third world immigration, intentionally done by design by the Jews/decadent Western elites, has caused me a lot of personal stress and i have lost lots of hair over this issue.
    I absolutely abhor Jews, Arabs, Semitic derived religions, Islam, blacks, mestzo's and various other lower races. I despise the low brow'ing of Western culture and the ghetto hip hopization of current commercial mainstream Western society. I hate the do-gooder self-righteous two faced liberals and the various capitalist scum hollowing out the West. I hate the social engineering being done for the short term gains of Western elites. I hate the guilt baiting being done by the scum liberals and the various non-Europeans w/ chips on their shoulders and inferiority complex's and i absolutely detest the whole recent trend of identity politics.
    It's a shame that Western society has succumbed to thought control and p.c, it's a shame that so many great Western cities have been corroded by this whole mullti-cullturism, diversity, cultural Marxist garbage culture plague. By losing their main cities, Western Europeans have basically unplugged their minds from an important socio-cognitive corridor, and they are losing any semblance of having a Western European cultural foundation; i believe this is also being done by design by elites. When I heard about the Rotterdam child sex scandal and the recent shooting done by Muslims, i banged my head due to the stupidity and inaction of common Europeans while losing a lot of hope.
    Unassimilable immigrants, especially Muslims, should be deported and kicked out of the Western world without any remorse or second thoughts.

  17. Agreed.

    Here's another reason why I think such aliances are doomed to fail. I noticed some very ignorant poster commenting that "commonality in some traits."

    Oh really? What do you call this:

    As far as I'm concerned these people are NOT like us, therefore such an alliance is out of the question. We don't eat our pets, nor do we sell their hisdes for profit. This goes totally against European values and to suggest that Europeans and asians are similar is preposterous!

  18. Oh really? What do you call this:

  19. What do you think about a white-asian alliance? That is the gist of the article.

    Care to answer the question?

  20. This alliance makes sense in that western liberal/marxist/progressives don't attack the Chinese. They only attack whites. Asians don't care if some eccentric people decide to dedicate time and money into ensuring the white nations survive.
    And by the same token, the social justice warriors/antiwhite/antifascist/progressive/liberals in the west don't care if some westerners are helping out China or Japan.

    On the other hand, China considers Canada part of its empire. They are firmly entrenched. How do we get our European nation back?
    The only way I can see is that we change laws - increasing taxes on them, limiting them in some way. Maybe not allow them to have children. That way they can enjoy life in Canada but in a couple generations they will be gone from European Canada. Or if they want kids, they can go back to China. Same with other immigrants, except the ones that have arrived since 1981. All those Muslims/Semites and Paki's are too high risk of pedo rings or terror attacks.

    Who are Chinese/Japanese patriots? Do nationalists have any real groups? Political or academic. Does Canada?

  21. RideTheTiger, I respectfully disagree with you. My issue with allying with East Asians has to do with practical politics and not with any sense of moral superiority over them. Actually I do think that Europeans and East Asians (particularly Northeast Asians) are surprisingly similar in many of their moral and aesthetic values. But as a White nationalist I simply do not see the practical value of such an alliance, and I fear it may only lead to disappointment on both sides.

  22. Christianity represents a mutilating and destructive force towards all civilizations and should be resisted wherever and whenever possible. It undermines the often profound spiritual link between a people, their environment, and their ancestors, and encourages an indulgent one-worldism that prizes faith over identity. Why even here in Eastern Europe, which is almost 100% White, and where almost no form of political correctness has been imposed on the people by force, the evangelical and catholic churches compete to see who can bring in more Black African missionaries to show how 'enlightened' they are. Meanwhile the evangelicals spit upon any tradition they consider to be 'pagan' (i.e. authentically European). As far as I'm concerned, your desert god should stay in the Middle East with his 'chosen people'.

  23. China is a massive civilization which lies across the confluence of many different cultures and races in Asia. It doesn't make to generalize Northeast Asians by the example of Southern Chinese urban peasants. As anyone who's been there will likely tell you, there is more difference between Southern and Northern Chinese than between the Germans and the French. In Japan for example, eating meat (or wearing animal skins, etc.) was illegal until the early modern era (late 19th C), with only consuming humanely hunted wild animals being slightly tolerated.

  24. Alexander the Great was a tyrant and imperialist with delusions of godhood, which is why many of his men came to resent him by the end (see Cletus the Black). What appealed to him in the Persian imperial universalist model was the idea of being elevated as a god above the various little nations who would have to kowtow to his 'enlightened' wisdom for guidance. What appealed to successive generations of Westerners was his military prowess, although many had dreams of becoming enlightened despots like him as well.

  25. Thank you for taking the time to write this. It was like an oasis of much needed sanity. Do you have a blog of your own? If not I implore you to start one. There can be no co-operation without communication.

    The problem with funding companies that support racial realism, is that as far as I know there aren’t any. They simply can’t exist in the West. I read today about some people who scour twitter looking for racist tweets so they can get the posters fired. Economic ruin is one of the biggest weapons our enemies have. However, if we weren’t dependant on the western market, perhaps we could start building these businesses. I don’t know how or if it could work since I’m not a businessman. But perhaps this is another way we could help one another.

    I hope you have more posts to come. This could be the beginning of something important. As much as it pains me to say, I no longer have faith that the West can save itself. And if I’m brutally honest I believe many of us don’t deserve to be saved. But that’s another topic for another time. Either way I wish you the best. I don’t know much about Asia but you seem to be wonderful gardeners. If ever an alliance does come in to being, I vote to call it: The League Of Gardeners.

  26. No, the gist is: white nationalist & asian nationalist co-operation. In principal I am for it. Not sure about the 'unconditional' part but I like the idea of still being around in 10,000 years. The rate it's going now, we'd be lucky to make a 100.

  27. Alexander Wolfe MurrayWednesday, 21 January, 2015

    I wouldn't worry too much Alma. Spain got its country back after the Reconquesta. If you phone me in 700 years time we can discuss our progress and compare notes.

  28. "It doesn't make to generalize Northeast Asians by the example of Southern Chinese urban peasants"

    Indeed. One could also further that argument to say that it doesn't make to generalize Northern Europeans by the example of Southern European urban peasants.

    So, what the hell is your point mr. asian-sympathizer?

  29. STFU, troll!

  30. "Not sure about the 'unconditional' part"

    LOL, that's why you stupid goyim will fall for the trap set by the jews and philo-semites on this website.

    Just ask yourself one question:

    Cui Bono?

    Certainly not the whites. And if it's not the whites who benefit, then to hell with degenerate jewish/asian alliances!

  31. "I welcome a China that will be the number 1 power economically and to a lesser extent culturally"

    LMFAO! Economic power and cultural power are inextricably linked!

    What makes you think that China as #1 economic power will not impose its cultural power over the rest of the world?

    Man, I can't believe the naivety of some of the posters on the useless blog.

    Ricardo? Where are you? What do you think of Chinese domination of world economics and how it affects the rest of the world in terms of culture?

  32. An alliance of some sorts, at least a mutual respect and admiration for each other's goals, would be reasonable to consider if we faced a common foe. In the case of European nationalism whether anywhere in Europe, in Australia or New Zealand, or in Canada and the United States, the enemy has been unmasked and is known to us.

    If you have the same tribe of wandering lenders and social tinkerers responsible for the changes to China that we do in the west then it might be wise to consider that alone sufficient reason to cooperate because with the same we would be, in at least that sense, natural allies.

  33. In Canada the majority of immigration now is from The Philippines, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka. Negroid and Arab immigration rises and falls in response to the wars and various social (inc. crime waves) and natural disasters in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Hispanic and Mestizo immigration is not very high. Hardly any Europeans migrate to Canada. Many of them are British and French Negroes and Arabs and Pakistanis, etc. White Europeans often go back home. Most White immigrants are probably from the USA.

    So immigration now is a majority Asian-sourced phenomenon. But then when these Asians arrive, esp. if they end up in low-cost housing in Toronto or the North End of Winnipeg (initial destination of many Filipinos), they are appaled and alarmed to see hordes of Negroes. And they are generally disgusted by urban Natives, and can't figure out why their public drunkenness and begging and crime are tolerated. Rich Asians of course move into White suburbs, and avoid urban centres.

    However, almost all E. and S.E. Asian immigrants mouth the platitudes of the Multikult, while privately (including in public, in their own languages) complaining about all the Negroes and Natives and Arabs/Pakis/Muslims.

    Since E. and S.E. Asians are generally hardworking, they have no real connection to Negroes or Muslims, but are encouraged to see themselves as all "New Canadians", as if they have the same interests.

    The Global Parasite attempts to co-opt Asians. Most Asians are initially bewildered by the power wielded by this tiny parasitic element.

    Because most Asians are extremely materialistic they are not going to support White Canadians in any short term, and will take all possible advantage of being a minority in an anti-majoritarian regime, But in the long term, many Asians understand that they came to Canada because it was White, and understand that it will increasingly deteriorate as it becomes more Asian, and even more so (MUCH more so) as it becomes negrotic.

    The only way to get Asians to have an interest in supporting White Canada is by making it clear to them as soon as possible after they get off the boat, and as bluntly as possible, that it is in their material interest to keep Canada as White as possible.

  34. "As far as I'm concerned these people are NOT like us"
    I beg to differ.
    As a European American with a European heritage going back over 2000 years and a Scots/British heritage extending back over 1000 years it strikes me that you are simply being ridiculous.
    However the Chinese choose to utilize their domesticated animals is entirely abstract to the larger point of the fate of nations.
    Simply because you have an unhealthy and almost fetishistic emotional attachment to canines does not give you the right to dismiss the Chinese culture as somehow lesser than European culture.
    After all, it is European culture that cursed the planet with the communist/collectivist movement in the first place.
    Really, which is worse: A Chinese rustic utilizing the resources at hand to make his life better, or European "intellectuals" so objectifying human life that they are able to justify the mass murder of well over 150 million fellow humans?
    Given a choice, I would much rather have said Chinese rustic for a neighbor, rather than a hypersanguine leftist European "intellectual" who is willing to murder everyone who dares oppose his insane political fantasies.


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