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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Three Doses of Cultural Marxism in 30 Minutes: How the CBC Delivers its Message

by Tim Murray

Racial rainbow indoctrination
'A dose of racial indoctrination a day, keeps the common sense at bay'

I recall reading a book long ago about the famous Doolittle raid on Japan, conducted shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. The raid that was launched from the aircraft carrier "Hornet" and the book was entitled Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. The title drove home the point that in just thirty seconds, the United States was able to deliver a crushing psychological blow to the Imperial Japanese military of such force that it ultimately provoked the Japanese Navy into striking Midway, and lose a battle that turned the tide in the Pacific War. In other words, just one incident of short duration set in motion a chain of events that led to American victory.

Imagine then, a Culture War that is being won by a series of brief moments, a series of ideological 'Doolittle raids'. And imagine that a state broadcaster — acting like the Hornet — could be a major platform for launching these attacks on the Canadian psyche, wearing it down day by day with short news clips that insinuate a subversive message. You don't have to exercise your imagination too much because that state broadcaster is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation — the CBC — a vessel of Political Correctness that feeds off $1.1 billion of conscripted money each year, a broadcaster that for millions of Canadians is in their face and in their living room every night.

On the night of November 10, 2014, the CBC launched another raid, a raid that in less than 30 minutes, dropped three payloads of propaganda that are designed burrow into our subconscious mind like delayed-action time bombs.

The first story was about the Canadian government's suspension of visas and residency applications from West African regions affected by Ebola. Viewers were told that this move to protect Canadians from a deadly virus was questioned by the World Health Organization. One young White man at the University of Ottawa, "Steven Hoffman," typical of his generation of indoctrinated students, declared that by responding this way "We're stigmatizing Africans." Then another man, the Canadian son of Liberian refugees, stated that he was "really disappointed" with the decision. The take-away message was, once again, we are to feel guilt and shame about our treatment of the "Other." If we want to show that Canada is a free and tolerant nation, we must accept immigrants from Ebola affected regions.

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. The broadcasting station is liable for a heavy overdose of Cultural Marxism.

The second story revolved around Immigration Minister Chris Alexander's announcement of the "Zero Tolerance of Barbaric Cultural Practices Act." The legislation would be designed to screen out prospective immigrants whose cultural practices included forced marriage, child marriage, honour killings and polygamy. Of course, the CBC needed to follow up Alexander's announcement with an interview of a Ms. "Matto," an Asian-Canadian professional grievance-monger of some sort who argued that the Act was full of cultural "presumptions" and that "violence against women happens elsewhere" — a classic example of cultural marxist "moral equivalence." It was like saying, in response to the claim that the Germans gassed millions of Jews, "Well, antisemitism exists in other countries too." As for polygamy, Ms. Matto reminded viewers, White Mormon sects like the one in Bountiful, BC, can practice that too. In her mind, polygamy practiced by a tiny fraction of North Americans can be compared to rampant polygamy practiced in the Muslim world.

The final injection of Cultural Marxism was administered by a story about how a video made by the Quebec Liquor Board Employees Union was deemed to carry a 'racist' message. In support of their argument that employees in privatized liquor stores were apt to be less informed and less helpful than their counterparts in government liquor stores, the video featured one of their union members asking an employee in a (privately owned) Alberta store about which wine to choose. The employee spoke with an South Asian accent, and he did not seem to be able to offer helpful advice. What critics found most objectionable though, was the video included an interview with a "man of colour" who remarked that many of these employees were Pakistanis who had little knowledge of wines. This led the CBC to interview another man of "colour" in the grievance industry who said the incident illustrated "a lack of sensitivity to diversity." Hmm. Interesting. This response could lead one to ask: Would it be culturally "insensitive" to note that a Pakistani immigrant working in a sporting goods store would likely be less able to discuss the relative merits of different brands of hockey equipment than a native-born Canadian? In contemporary Canada the answer would be yes. Yes, it's come to that.

In summary, it was just another day at the office for the CBC and its flagship news show, The National.

This is how Cultural Marxist indoctrination succeeds. This is how the CBC works — through daily doses of propaganda, through constant repetition. Like water dripping on a stone, over time, even a stone can be eroded. Thanks to Cultural Marxism and its main media mouthpiece, the CBC, two generations have suffered intellectual erosion to the point that mental rehabilitation may prove impossible.

Watching the CBC should come with a health warning.

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  1. "If we want to show that Canada is a free and tolerant nation, we must accept immigrants from Ebola affected regions. "

    Normally, I'd say 'let the idiots destroy themselves!', but this is one case in which I really hope their only putting on a show. Particularly as most of my family is still over there. Could I also take this opportunity to complain about the new comment system, and also ask if there is any way I can be represented by old google account instead of this V for Vendetta avatar?

  2. 'As for polygamy, Ms. Matto reminded viewers, white Mormon sects like the one in Bountiful, BC,"

    Quite frankly, I'd like to see these clowns kicked out of the country, too. Send them back to Utah.

    As a drinker, no, I would not trust a Muslim's advice on what to drink, any more than I would ask Nancy Reagan about the merits of one strain of weed as compared to another.

    As far as Alberta privatized stores go, well. For one thing, I know what I like, and don't really need help, unless my drink is on some really high shelf or something. For another, the one I tend to frequent most often gets in these wine guys on the weekend, that let you sample the wine wares; they're always English guys and gals with the tell-tale upper-crusty accent. Whether or not they know anything about wine, well, they probably know more than I do about that stuff.

    As for the CBC, that's an Orwellian wet-dream - while it's owned by the government, its content and message is dictated by ideologues, who hope to one day reign over a herd of sheeple who all think their way, because that's just how they were raised. Big Brother was the collective populace, the government was just going along with what the public thought should be done - because the public had been socially engineered long ago ... not by government, but by the "grass roots" - young college ideologues who grow up to be teachers, journalists, and entertainers, all of whom, of course, are more socially influential than politicians.

  3. I am afraid not, Google accounts do not work on Disqus which is a different system and a different company. But you could upload an avatar of your own to your account as many commenters do.

  4. Indeed the CBC is pure propaganda. Its contemptible. They have never asked a serious question about any PC issue. Just last week they asked about race and discrimination in Canada--- and never once asked about the implications of White Genocide and the right of Canadians do oppose their dispossession.

    Its a basic question. Do white people have a right to exist???

    Come on Peter Mansbridge -- are you anti-white? Do white people have a right to exist and not be destroyed by demographics???

    Good for the economy, does NOT justify Genocide.

  5. Thanks so much for this. CBC has become so sneaky. I hardly ever go there anymore. Thank you too for starting this site.

  6. Doesn't seem to work for some reason.

  7. It sounds like you've bought into one of the main premises of cultural marxism: that we should look upon all peoples, including our own, with calculating indifference. You can think what you will about Mormons' lifestyle, but they're still our own people regardless. Besides, comparing a small, relatively orderly Mormon community to hordes of violent and hostile Muslim invaders is like comparing apples to oranges. And no, Mormons do not come from Utah, although many settled there during the 19th Century. We should try to help to our kinsmen break out of an unhealthy lifestyle, not kick them out of the country like illegal aliens.

  8. You need to be logged in. Drop me an email for more detailed support.

  9. CBC=Communist Broadcasting Corporation.

    In any case, I never watch TV (A.K.A. jewish entertainment) anymore.

    Just flip through 10 any random channels and look at how the white male is portrayed.
    Ususally one of the following:

    Gay, beach bum, nerd, emo, dread-locked, metro-sexual, antagonist, ad infinitum, nauseam.

  10. They're not "my people" at all. They're humans. That's all. And I don't worship human monkey butt.

    And yeah, I'd kick out the Mormons, if they want to keep their lifestyle.

    See, you can't force them to change. All you can do is get rid of the damn stupid monkeys,

  11. Our white ancestors were too nice. We would have been better off if they treated the monkeys they came across like monkeys, and sold their skins for book covers, and left the wildlife alone.

  12. CBC is sickening to say the least.

  13. It's strange, I could see that I am Wolf replied a couple days ago, but it hasn't appeared on the page.

  14. We did not clear his posts, so your reply must have been removed in the process, either. I changed the recent comments box so that pending comments are not visible anymore.

    Having had a ton of comments myself removed in many newspaper comment sections, I know how frustrating this can be, but we do this for a reason. The project is very young and there may be all sorts of people who wait for an opportunity to denounce it.

    I beg for the understanding of our readers. If a little restraint is shown here and there, I will always go out of my way to publish comments.

  15. I endure this hogwash every day becuase there is nothing else.

  16. CBC can try to reconcile their cultural marxism with Jian Ghomeshi's Q show and his sexual behaviour and their condoning of it at the CBC studios. Their own idealogical leanings permitted a toxic workplace like this to flourish. Now that it's all out in the open, they are throwing their star under the bus and trying like mad to erase any trace of his existence at CBC and their affiliation with him. Yet another of the fruits of cultural marxism and inclusivity and diversity. The CBC should continue to have their funding cut and cut and cut some more.

  17. Canada has effectively psychologically disarmed its population. There is absolutely no will to resist here. The mere mention of wishing whites to continue to exist is seen as "racist".


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