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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Canadian City of Burnaby: Election Results for November 15, 2030

by Tim Murray, Clairvoyant Demographer

Burnaby-North MLA Richard T. Lee attended the People's Republic of China National Day
Burnaby-North MLA Richard T. Lee attended the People's Republic of China National Day

Demography is Destiny (Auguste Comte)

It's that time of year again. The time where Canadians across the country are offered the chance to decide who will govern their cities. It is a chance that comes once every two years in mid-November.

Sadly, few eligible voters take advantage of this opportunity. Some attribute this failing not to apathy, but to a feeling of growing alienation. Voters don't feel that the candidates or the parties that endorse them reflect their interests or concerns. I wonder why?

Ethnic lobbies say that Asian voters — a rapidly growing demographic — do not see themselves sufficiently represented among those who court their votes. In Burnaby, for example, only three of the six candidates for mayor are members of ethnic minorities, including Realtor Raj Gupta and Helen Hee Chang, who organizes "multicultural" forums and strives for "inclusivity". Will Hee Chang succeed in her mission? Will Burnaby one day be governed by "New Canadians"? Will the composition of city council reflect the community at large? Will Burnaby achieve the ethnic proportional representation which all governments, corporations and businesses strive for in this wonderful Multicultural paradise which is Canada?

Burnaby's Bright FutureTo answer that question, let's look into our crystal ball. There it is, an image of the 2030 election is becoming clear...Ah, well look at this, the polls have closed and the results have come in! And it looks like the "Burnaby Diversity Party" has been declared elected. It's a clean sweep! Finally Burnaby City Council will be a mirror image of the city it is trusted to represent! Diversity at last! Diversity at last! Thank God Diversity at last! The victorious candidates have just heard the news. They've heard the leader of the opposition party, the PDW (Party of Dispossessed Whites) concede defeat.

Here is how this "Diverse and Inclusive" slate reacted to the announcement of their victory:

Burnaby 2030 - 1

"Yes!" Mayor-elect Jung Wenyan shouts. "We're Top Dog. Welcome to Chinese Columbia!"

Burnaby 2030 - 2

"Your days of dominion are over whitey!" said Councillor-elect Henry Yu Jr.

Burnaby 2030 - 3

Councillor-elect Hoh Lei flashed the Victory Sign as Burnaby is an added to map of established colonies. "The sun never sets on the Chinese Empire!" Mr. Hoh proclaimed.

Burnaby 2030 - 4

Multimillionaire Developer and now Councillor-elect Hwang Jian beams with the news of his party's clean sweep of Burnaby Council.

Burnaby 2030 - 5

Councillor-elect Zhou Ling was too ecstatic with the election results to comment.

Burnaby 2030 - 6

Councillor-elect Du Shen could not believe the results.

罗湖管 制站没有更多乐趣d No shit! Lo fun no more?

Burnaby 2030 - 7

Realtor and now Councillor-elect Ha Jin saw the results on screen just as he was closing a deal.

Burnaby 2030 - 8

"Mission Accomplished!" said Councillor-elect Lua Huifang.

我们已经 达到了首脑会议的 金山!

"We've reached the summit of Gold Mountain!"

Meanwhile, the white remnant of Burnaby's population, priced out of the local housing market, could not be awakened for comment:

Burnaby 2030 - 9


  1. "Here is how this “Diverse and Inclusive” slate reacted to the announcement of their victory"

    Oh, the irony. Chinese Columbia and the Empire. Yes, looks like Wilmot Robertson predicted this in his book: "The Ethnostate"

  2. Yes indeed White soldiers are dying for this.

  3. Hah. I bet China will have claimed at least part of BC as an official colony by then, anyway. And, like quailing mice, our government will not argue - and who will come to our side if fighting starts on the street?

    It will be interesting, at first, to see the whites who resist being called "racist", won't it?

  4. Its not crime, IQ, legality, jobs, economy, excess labor, culture, any of these excuses.

    It is evolution. If Whites do not defend their homelands from yellow, black, brown immigration, they will be extinct.

    Nature's first rule is survival. If you don't survive, you cant do anything else. And Whites are not willing to survive.

    1. Yes, but no one likes/wants to think of humans as still being subject to natural rules, like evolution/natural selection.

      The leftists are just as bad as the special creationists when it comes to this - the only real difference between them is where they think evolution stopped, vis-a-vis humans. Otherwise, they both seem to think we're divorced from evolutionary intraspecies competition.

      Of course the left can't admit it, because intraspecies competition exists between _races_ of a species, and the left has to maintain the belief that humans have no races - for them, evolution stopped as soon as apes became "fullly human"; differences in appearance, cultural mind-set, etc, have nothing to do with evolution, nature, and doesn't indicate any kind of racial separation.

      Meanwhile, they have no problem thinking of races as different species when it comes to other creatures.

      Partly, it's the fault of an old clunky taxonomic system, that needs to be overhauled in light of new knowledge, genetic and otherwise. A species has been defined as two populations of creatures that cannot - OR DO NOT NORMALLY - interbreed. That thing about "do not normally" needs to be removed (and perhaps that's one of the little reasons why they promote interracial breeding so much - thousands of years ago, no, whites, blacks, browns and yellows wouldn't have interbred "as a normal course of things", like domestic cats of different coat colours (and unlike cats, two whites breeding won't spit out a black baby, nor will two Chinese breeding produce a white.)

      Humans are one species with different races (and crossbred, self-sustaining subraces) - but then, domestic dogs and wolves are also one species with the coyote (but the coyote wasn`t included in the dog-wolf reclassification - it`s still considered a different species even though dogs, wolves and coyotes are ALL interfertile. Horses and donkeys would be `semi-species`- the change between being two races and two species is still ongoing, but the separation is almost complete (as mules can`t breed with anything).

      We NEED someone to try to cross human and chimp or bonobo genes with human genes in vitro, and see what happens. It might be that chimps are a race of human too (or humans are a race of chimp) - it would be damn fun to see the reaction, not of the religious people (I know what they`ll think), but of the supposedly scientific leftist crowd.

    2. Some dogs and wolves CAN interbreed, hence a number of dog breeds originating from wolfdog hybrids. However I believe that this only a applies to a select number dog breeds not already too far removed from the original wolf stock. More to the point, liberals have no qualms about recognizing dogs and wolves as two distinct taxonomic categories despite the capacity for interbreeding. The idea that human races do not exist as biological categories is totally unscientific and can easily be shown false. Th example of the dog is also useful in that it demonstrates that even two highly related breeds of an animal can differ fundamentally in the skills and aptitudes bred into them at birth. There is less genetic distance between various breeds of dogs than there is between the continental human races.

    3. It's mostly a matter of willingness - a standard poodle could breed with, say, a wolf, but only a desperate young wolf striking out on his own might want to. Otherwise, it would probably be killed on sight. That would be .. a "cultural" thing, stemming from a natural inclination to not miscegenate.

      I mean, we just _assume_ an "animal" will .. uh .. do any partner we put with them. Witness the way the Chinese managed to spin panda breeding so as to take the blame for their rarity off their own selves. Now we have kidlets actually believing that the giant panda is going extinct because of sexual dysfunction, and that Chinese worship them. Hahahahaha. I remember reading about how the WWF chose their panda logo, long ago - it was chosen after Nixon opened up China for trade, and we first saw what was going on there - the giant panda was considered a dangerous agricultural pest (just as any bear is, anywhere) and was treated as such by bamboo farmers.

      Lately, I've read that their panda farms involve a puppy-mill method, complete with artificial insemination. This is a cynical operation, not really intended to "save a species" - it's so they have plenty of baby pandas for to bribe countries with. "Want this for your zoo? Them don't say anything unkind about us, or we'll pull it and put you to national shame."

      Aliens might think us sexually dysfunctional too, if they picked up, say, some skinny white guy who just did not want to have anything to do with the big fat American Samoan woman they tried to pair him with.

      Oh, where did I see this about kids believing Chinese worship pandas? The World of Warcraft forums from about two years ago, when "Mists of Pandaria" was about to be released; so many kids were worried over what the Chinese would think about "dead pandas everywhere", thinking that the game would be delayed/banned in China (as Wrath of the Lich King was delayed there so that Blizzard could edit out the undead - it seems the Chinese are much more concerned about "dissing ancestors" (killing pixellated non-player zombies) than they are about dead pixellated panda people strewn all over a PvP battlefield.)

    4. Oh, and in the case of dogs, size becomes a barrier. Chihuahuas and St Bernards are still genetically compatible with each other and wolves/coyotes, but uh, size. Which could also be barrier between an elfin Pygmy girl and an extraordinarily tall Dutchman. And even if they did get it on, that girl would probably need a Caesarian or lose the kid.

  5. I had a sinking feeling when Expo 86 in Vancouver was announced, and after it was over, that the world now knew about little Vancouver and the lower mainland--a secret place that, before the invasion, was a paradise. A couple of years earlier, I was working on a utility pole when a Canadian, native-born, Chinese woman suddenly came up to me and began to speak. "New Chinese no good. All bad. Where get money in communist country? They steal. All thieves. Bad people." I was shocked, first, by her coming up to me, a stranger--most Chinese people that I'd met in the Vancouver area up to that point usually kept to themselves--and secondly, by her statement of hatred for this criminal element that would, over time, invade in mass and destroy the real estate market for young and old Canadians-- a kind of ethnic cleansing of the white, British Commonwealth people and culture of Canada.

    During the next decade, I knew a guy that was a real estate agent. (This was during the time that was the build up to the transition of Hong Kong from British rule to mainland China rule.) He told me of the houses in the West Side of Vancouver where the university is located, going for $1m, sight unseen, by these worried buyers. Sales were all done via the Internet, where Chinese agents would show the houses online to eager buyers. The process that followed--that turned into a regular pattern--was these buyers would tear down the traditional tudor-style house, and build a mega-house that completely covered the lot. Yet, inside, they'd build a small apartment, which is what they were recreating from their apartment in Hong Kong. The rest of t he house was for all their soon to come relatives.

    It was Premier Mike Harcourt that went to Hong Kong to lure these mega-rich foreigners to the Vancouver area. This was the beginning of the end, as far as I can see, when Harcourt did this. And the part that, even today, that seems weird to me is that the people that I spoke to about this, just couldn't see the danger to this policy. Even today, just before I lost all my Canadian friends, I mentioned the 410,00 Chinese population of the Lower Mainland, mostly in the Vancouver/Burnaby/Richmond areas. I said, "What is going to happen to you when we go to war with China? Don't you know what is going on the world? These people are a fifth column inside Canada. Where do you think their loyalty is going to be when war breaks out?" Right after that little statement, I never received a response to my emails or phone calls.

    I moved to California in 1999 for work, and today, now that I'm retired, I can't afford to live anywhere in Vancouver, British Columbia, or even Canada. So here I sit, in exile across the border. I currently live in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas, and nearly everyone here is white and Scots/Irish. It's here I'll stay now, gladly. Canada, as far as I can see, now, and into the future, is finished. The hypnotic spell that Canadians have been put under was a total success.

    1. Exactly the same here. House prices in Sydney and Melbourne have gone through the roof. Today I heard of a young couple, known to in-laws, who eventually bought a house after attending 80 auctions in which Chinese bought the properties way above expected value – presumably with black money. We know that 50% of wealthy Chinese (the crooked ones) want to move to Canada or Australia. How many people is that?? Why do governments allow foreigners to buy up existing housing?

    2. Funny thing is, the place I'm originally from, used to have an amusement park located on Bois Blanc Island. Taking a boat there - either from Detroit or Amherstberg, used to be considered a ride in and of itself (especially the big Detroit steamboats, that would take an hour to get there; these had full services, and often offered midnight river runs with ballroom dancing and all that fancy stuff.)

      Bois Blanc Island is on the Canadian side of the border, but the last owners of the Bob-Lo amusement park was an American consortium. The one-time head of it was actually very respectful, and wished to keep the amusement park open. In fact, it actually got better under this guy - and its biggest feature was always a 100 year old carousel. Alas, he was the victim of a disabilitating/ fatal car crash, and his hostile underlings consequently shut the park and replaced it with condos, which were sold to Americans, post-haste. The antique carousel with its hand-carved wooden horses, dragons, unicorns and grandma chariots got sold off piece-meal at auction.

      Ottawa stepped in and pointed out that the buyers didn't have Canadian citizenship, so had no right to buy or move into these condos.

      Could this be a hint to the mystery?

  6. Are you still a Canadian citizen? Are you still entitled to Cdn Old Age Pension? How do these things work if you worked for many years in Kanuckistan (paying into The System) then moved to USA? I looked up "Boston Mts Arkansas" on search engine Images, and there is some nice landscape there.

    Also, I don't think it's only Kanuckistanis who've been hypnotized. I'd say Americans have, too. That, or they see what is going on but don't have the capacity to do anything about it.

    Welcome to the real world, babyboomers. Or, don't bother. Run down to the TarSucks and have another latte or whatever they're called and contemplate your easy, unnatural life. I mean, just about everyone else around you is doing the same thing.

    - Daizy.

    1. The problem is, what CAN we do? The political, media and educational landscape are right against us.

      Remember that guy in Europe a few years ago? The one who went after the next generation of NewThink politicians ... he seems to have tried to spark a revolution, but no one joined him, and he was thoroughly drubbed and considered a nutter. One person can't seem to start something any more; we can hope for a "shot heard round the world, the start of a revolution", but I don't think things really can happen that way. Not any more, anyway.

      It'll take organization of the same sort the immigrants and Muslims have, but if such organization were made public, it would be declared "Nazi" or something, and probably shut down by the police with some pretext or another.

      It's doing no good to post on the internet, either. We can comment here and there, get banned, come back with a different account .... but in the end, it's just all useless hot air, isn't it?

      So, what CAN we DO?

    2. How about personal spiritual revival? Don't laugh, I'm serious. When you have come to understand your place in the Universe, you will know What To Do. Us nonpigmented folks have had it too easy for too long in some important ways; we've gotten 100% materialistic. - Daizy.

    3. What can we do?? A lot:

      Contact and challenge politicians of all varieties on the issue. Do it regularly. Take the moral high ground and use a consistent message. Call it White Genocide. That;s what it is.

      Practical politics: day to day speak on the issue as it comes up: it does all over the place. Remove your support, finanacial, social and otherwise for anti-white polcies. Do not co-operate with the system. Non-compliance explicity and implicity will cause damage to this system.

      Can they count on you to be their obedient sheep?? Definitely not.

      Don't co-operate with 'diversity;' in any way. Step away. When challenged step up and push back.. You will not co-operate.

      And yes, family and spiritual renewal is essential.

    4. I was long pondering this question for myself and at some point I realized that I have been asking myself the wrong question. The real question is can you still lead a happy life by watching things getting from bad to worse? I couldn't at one point, so I decided to do something, anything which helpt better my mood.

      So don't ask what WE can do (and wait for Godot eternally). Ask what YOU can do and the answer will finally come easily. Everybody needs to look around in his own life and see where he or she can make a difference, however small. And at one point things will fall into their place, people will converge and a movement, a party or a new thinking rises.

    5. We can complain to politicians all we want, but it seems to fall on deaf ears - they're set in their ways, and our complaints are like water off a duck's back, in my experience. The real power comes in the vote, but we have no party we can really trust.

      Cecil, so far you have the most concrete suggestions. But I did refer to talking day to day - folks don't want to listen, you get dismissed as a nutter, you get banned from websites galore.

      As for the system, we're all of it, rich and poor alike, bound to it; the best we can do is shop at the stores that hire the most white people.

      I once quit a job because the boss kept pairing me with a very obnoxious Pakistani, and took up my three-year EI training benefit to go back to school.

      I have gotten my own back in other LEGAL ways that I don't care to talk about in public - but in the end, I've only sort of covered my own arse. My concern now is saving the peacefully quiet society I grew up in. Heh, and I grew up in Windsor, a place that was dead at night when I was a teen, but became a screaming hellhole within ten years.

      No, they can't count on me to be an obedient sheep - but those sheep are the ones usually picked out first for elimination. The one thing about humans is, they like to punish disobedience in rather harsh ways.

      The rest of this all is rather vague, and keep in mind I'm no more of a fan of Focus on the Family/Moral Majority crap than I am of the obverse Muslim side of the coin.

    6. Perhaps we can learn from what has been learned about the process of religious conversion, that it does not happen through mass sermons or appeals to unknown audiences, but through social networks of small trusted friends and relatives. The beginning is the hardest as humans are by nature conformists -- which is not bad in a true conservative culture, but is a disaster in a culture/people dedicated to its own destruction -- but as one builds up from a small network, the others who have friends or relatives in this network will be prepared to listen as it means *conforming* to a close group, to a number of trusted individuals. This is how Christianity expanded. I am not saying this as a Christian, but as a matter of the historical record. The aim of this blog is to assist in the creation of many such small networks in Canada. Once we sense that these networks are emerging, we can start thinking of wider meetings in which we can plan strategies and consolidate the networking of small groups.

      Concentrate on communicating with a friend or relative, and build up from there

    7. Oh, aye, I do know that Christianity was not so much spread by the sword, with the possible exception of the Spanish - who had been made culturally paranoid by their recent occupation by Muslims. And, uh, quite frankly, I have no sympathy for cultures that believe in blood sacrifice, human or otherwise - so good riddance to bad rubbish when it comes to the Aztecs, and possibly the Incas, too.

      What you suggest is sort of what I was getting at - we need "cells" of trusted people. But there will always be infiltrators - one must keep on their guard. Hell, when I was young and idealistic, I was involved a bit with Greenpeace, a paid canvassing job. The campaign had to do with only how nasty the Great Lakes were - and who could deny that? I had a great uncle who owned a cottage on Lake Erie when I was a kid, and we kids (my cousins and I) were never allowed to swim there, and the beach was a screaming horror, really, with dead fish and other nasty debris all over the place - we were better off chasing frogs and snakes in the nearby swamps.

      Anyway, putting various verbal abuse as I went door-to-door aside, I was shanghai'd to do some demonstration about the "food web" down by the Toronto waterfront. A lot of educational things went on that day, all legal with permits and stuff. I think there were more undercover cops there than actual interested civilians. It was kind of fun to teach kids that, no matter our technological prowess, we're still connected to and dependent on other species to support our butts.

      Heck, if the bees go, there also go many of our commercial crops that we depend on.

      I think I recently found out where the enviro movement went wrong - apparently, some rich businessman paid off the Sierra Club - amongst other, lesser orgs - to not talk about human population any more ... and population used to be the key to environmentalism, based on Erlichs' "The Population Bomb". He wasn't wrong - it just took time for what was said to present itself.

      I first read that decades ago, I think I need to read it again.

      Anyway, I kind of got off track. Yes, we need a network of trusted folk, a secure method of communication, and a safe place to hide the wealth of Western knowledge for future generations - a sort of *cough* secret society, communicating in code, a la "The Da Vinci Code".

      If we can't fight back, then the aim will be to preserve what we have, covertly. To separate ourselves, to vow to not miscegenate, and to keep "sacred" the art and literature, and technology and science, of the European races.

      As for finding one's place in the Universe - well, the Universe is a big place, and Earth only a speck. I regularly visit JPL's PlanetQuest site, and am a participant of SETI@Home.

  7. How is the Yellow Peril not alive and well??? And being facilitated by Canadian Politicians.

    These people past and present need to go to jail for this Genocide.

    Jason Kennedy really stands out here, along with the whole Chretien government. We need names and accountability.

    1. I take it you mean Jason Kenny; yes, he is the biggest ethnic hustler in Canada's history. He was hailed as Canada's best immigration minister by some concerned citizens; it was claimed that he would finally reign in a system out of control, but I have now realized -- and I met him briefly at a conference organized by Civitas in Vancouver in 2012 -- that he reformed certain aspects of the system but only in order to make it more effective for the importation of masses of immigrants, at the same time that he sought to beat the liberals in getting immigrants to vote Conservative; the idea was the same; if we can't get Canadians to vote regularly for us because they are too liberal, we will import "conservative" Hindus, Muslims, and Confucians to keep us in power. I am planning an article about him and the Conservative strategy to replace white liberal Canadians with non-white immigrant conservatives.

  8. Randall TillotsonSunday, 26 October, 2014


    I have dual citizenship: US/Canadian, so crossing the border is a non-issue. From what I've been able to determine here, there are many people that can clearly see what's going on, and some naming with one of the current handles: NWO. They are glaringly aware of the immigration issue here, and the damage it's doing. And, this is in an area where I used to think these people were a bunch of "Beverly Hill Billy hicks that were a stupid as dirt. They aren't. If only Canadians that I used to know had the common sense that these people have!

    It wasn't easy to move into this area, because nearly everyone is related to everyone else. I'm the proverbial outsider, but I had the good fortune to be adopted by two of the clans here, so I'm now considered family.

    I do get both Canadian pensions that I paid into for over thirty years, as well as the American S.S., but even so, I could never afford to live in Canada. Haida Gwai was mentioned by one former friend, but then you're on an isolated island, and everything must be brought in from the mainland via an expensive and getting higher ferry ride.

    I keep thinking that some day, if these in-denial people live long enough, their children or grandchildren will come up to them and say, "Why did you let this happen to us?" But I'm not holding my breath. My generation is soon destined for the grave, for that, I'm grateful. I don't want to live long enough to see what horror may be coming--real or imagined.

  9. The new world order wants planetary crises and disorder to precipitate a UN world government and a federal planet earth Reserve Bank controlling a one-world currency so they can buy everything on the planet..

  10. Just another happy day inn British Columbia. Right!


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