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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Brampton "Racist" Flyers: Should European-Canadians be Replaced?

by Ricardo Duchesne

The Brampton Flyers of April

Late in April 2014 a few dozen flyers were distributed in Brampton Ontario. The flyer, entitled "The Changing Face of Brampton," showed an old black and white photograph of White Canadians in Brampton some decades ago. This picture was juxtaposed against a photo of a Sikh group. Beneath these photos the flyer stated: "From this. Is this really what you want?"

In June 2013, The Globe and Mail published an article, How Brampton demonstrates the new vision of Canada, celebrating the dramatic transformation of Brampton, Ontario,
from a quiet bedroom town to a booming community more than half a million people. Its growth has been fuelled by an immigrant population reaching 50 per cent in 2011.
In a matter of only 10 years, from 2001 to 2011, the percentage of people of European background dropped from 60 per cent to about 34 per cent! With a population of over 523,911 in 2011 Brampton is now the 9th largest city in Canada. The G&M article gushes over this ethnic transformation, commemorating it as "a harbinger for how new demographic trends will reshape Canada."
Ottawa plans to bring in roughly five million more immigrants over the next two decades. They will alter the nation's racial and ethnic makeup to such a degree that, by 2031, according to Statistics Canada, today's visible minorities will be the visible majority in Toronto (62 per cent) and Vancouver (59).
Today in Canada, a nation thoroughly controlled by cultural Marxists, European Canadians, the people who founded Canada, are not allowed to question, ponder over, or even ask a simple question about this impending ethnic transformation. Accordingly, the reaction against this flyer in Brampton was swift and negative from the start; within a few days the entire mainstream media, CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and many other media outlets, went into high gear condemning the distribution of a few flyers (less than a hundred) as a "racist" menace to Canada's freedom and stability. The premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, lashed out at what she called a "hateful flyer" and issued a statement saying she will not tolerate the "hateful politics of division in Ontario." Fake Conservative Employment Minister, Jason Kenney, dismissed the flyers as far outside mainstream Canadian opinion, "unacceptable expressions...on the fringe of the fringe."

No one cared to debate openly with the claims contained in the flyer, or with the leader of Immigration Watch Canada, Dan Murray. Instead premier Wynne and Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell called upon the police to determine if the flyers could be considered a hate crime! "We've been given the information of their existence, we've seen them and we are looking into them to determine whether or not there's any criminality to them," said Const. Fiona Thivierge.

It was later determined that the flyers did not constitute hate speech. The hysterical reaction of the media and politicians was clearly intended to suppress and demonized any opposition to the end of European Canada. The words "despicable" and "disgusting" were regularly used to described the flyers even though the flyers merely asked Canadians if they had ever agreed to the ethnic transformation of their city from a European-created town to a congested, urban real estate hell-hole, dominated by Asians. There is no freedom of speech in Canada when it comes to questioning the policy of mass immigration and the displacement of Europeans from their homelands.

The Brampton Flyers of August

A few months later, in early August 2014, a new string of flyers questioning the colonization of European Canada by Asians surfaced in Brampton again. A line of the flyer said, "Stop the Madness," asking Brampton residents to "say no to the massive Third World invasion of Canada," and adding that immigrants will reduce White Canadians to a minority. It also had the face of a Sikh man covered by a "prohibited" symbol. The flyer also blamed immigration for lowered wages, increased poverty and unemployment, and the eventual reduction of Whites to a minority in their own country.

The mainstream media reacted as usual; according to the Brampton Guardian:
Anti-immigration messages with heavy racial overtones that caused a furor in Brampton few months ago are back again.
This time Dan Murray claimed that Immigration Watch Canada was not responsible for the distribution of these flyers. Protests were held in Brampton against the flyers. Global News reported that:
residents in Brampton say they are fed up with the flyers being circulated in their neighbourhoods expressing anti-immigration sentiments that immigrants and immigration is bad for Canada and Canadians.
The media has no clue and does not care what the residents of Brampton think. Of course, the newly arrived residents from Asia welcome the way treacherous liberal elites have afforded them with the means to take over the town of Brampton and claim it as their own. The media apologists never asked the original residents and founders of Brampton if they wanted to be colonized by Sikhs, Indians, and Filipinos. No one, not the politicians, the over-paid academics or media representatives, cared to address what Dan Murray had said in response to the distribution of flyers back in April:
The people of a European-based background who had lived in Brampton all their lives, their parents and grandparents and way further back, have become a minority in Brampton in a very short amount of time: from 2001 to 2011 the percentage of people of European background dropped from 60 per cent to about 30 per cent, so the flyer was pointing out.. is this a good thing to be happening? Is becoming a minority in your community an issue Canadians should be talking about? That's the message — its pro-Canadian.
European Canadians are simply supposed to accept their eventual death as the historic people who created Canada. The Canadian Race Relations Foundation actually concluded that the creators of the flyer "crossed the line from dialogue to outright racism" in claiming that "white Canadians were being reduced to a minority"! According to the gifted Rubin Friedman, Spokesperson for the Foundation:
The image and wording are deeply offensive...It is disturbing to say the least that the authors of this despicable piece have rejected what is at the core of being Canadian — diversity and mutual respect — while trying to raise fear and prejudice.
Friedman is a member of the JFO: Jewish Federation of Ottawa, which is committed to Jewish peoplehood. Interestingly enough, the word "peoplehood" is reserved today for Jews only. The American Heritage Dictionary offers this definition:
The condition of being a people or one of a people: "As symbols go, few are as national and sectarian as the menorah. It is the symbol of Jewish peoplehood" (Charles Krauthammer).
Wikipedia offers an entry on "Jewish peoplehoood" but not "peoplehood." Essentially, having a sense of peoplehood means having a collective sense of belonging to a people that is distinctive in terms of its language, history, religion and ethnicity. I understand Friedman's sense of being part of the Jewish people. But why is he against any sense of European peoplehood; if Canada as late as 1971, when multiculturalism was first introduced, was over 96% European in ethnicity and all the institutions, languages, legal and educational systems were European, why does he insist that this vast majority at the time had no right to have a sense of peoplehood? Why the double standard? Is Friedman aware that Israel is an ethnic state for the Jewish people and that non-Jewish immigrants are routinely expelled?

Friedman says that "both diversity and immigration are central to Canada's history and therefore its strength." Not true. Canada was created by European Immigrants and European Natives. The institutions, economic infrastructure, and values of Canada were all created by Europeans. Canada's legal system, parliamentary democracy, the school curriculum, which was based on the intellectual heritage of Europeans, were all developed by Europeans. Canada's style of architecture, the arts, the basic values of freedom of speech, rule of law, and individual rights — were all created by European Canadians. Aboriginals did not create Canada; they were organized in tribes endlessly engaged in conflict. The concept of a "nation state" is a European invention. To repeat: When multiculturalism was introduced in 1971 the population of Canada was 96 percent ethnically European. By then, the entire culture of Canada had been created by this ethnically European population.

The historical record shows that
  1. 90 percent of all immigrants who came to Canada before 1961 were from Britain
  2. at the time of Confederation in 1867, despite the large numbers of European immigrants in the preceding decades, 79 percent of the European population had been born in Canada
  3. the French-speaking population numbered about 70,000 in the 1760s, and thereafter, until the 1950s, the population expanded rapidly, not through immigration, but through the high fertility rates of the French natives.
The claim that Canada was created by immigrants from all over the world is a deceptive lie!

Albert Lo, Chairperson of the (Race-Hustler) Foundation concluded:
Racism is never a basis for dialogue. No dialogue can take place when those responsible do not have the courage to put their name to their words. The Foundation denounced the past occurrence of a disturbing flyer in the same area which opened the door to those wishing to articulate their prejudices by using misleading images. This latest flyer shows what happens when you go further down that path right into overt racism.
Presumably, Albert Lo has the monological, rather than dialogical, authority to decide what constitutes racism. I wonder if he would have the courage to have an open debate with me about Canada's immigration policies, what the concept "race" means, what does he think about the rampant racism in China, which is officially endorsed by a government dedicated to eugenics or the creation of a master Chinese race? I am not into oppressing other ethnic groups, or declaring Europeans a master race, or the best race in Canada, but why should I not be allowed to criticize openly diversity and mass immigration without being called racist?

The imposed silence on these issues is what led British social workers, police authorities and diversity promoters to cover up for years a story of rampant child abuse by "Asian" immigrants in the town of Rotherham. As Roger Scruton writes in his article Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Muslim Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness:
Until now, its scale and scope would be inconceivable in a civilized country. Its origins, however, lie in something quite ordinary: what one Labour MP called "not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat"...The result of this has been that police forces lean over backwards to avoid the accusation of racism, while social workers will hesitate to intervene in any case in which they could be accused of discriminating against ethnic minorities. Matters are made worse by the rise of militant Islam, which has added to the old crime of racism the new crime of 'Islamophobia'. No social worker today will risk being accused of this crime. In Rotherham a social worker would be mad, and a police officer barely less so, to set out to investigate cases of suspected sexual abuse, when the perpetrators are Asian Muslims and the victims ethnically English. Best to sweep it under the carpet, find ways of accusing the victims or their parents or the surrounding culture of institutionalised racism, and attending to more urgent matters such as the housing needs of recent immigrants, or the traffic offences committed by those racist middle classes.
It is individuals like Friedman and Lo who have created a climate of fear in Canada to the point that few are willing to voice even mild criticisms of our immigration policies even when such silence involves covering up the violation of the individual rights of Canadians.

The York University Flyers

York University Flyer

In mid-August, another batch of flyers were posted at York University and in mailboxes of nearby homes where many students live. The media, again, called the contents of the flyer racist without engaging in a tolerant way with the claims of the flyer. The flyers simply decried the shrinking majority of "White Canadians" on university campuses: "If mass third world migration continues, White Canadians will be reduced to a persecuted minority."

The reaction of authorities at York University was plainly hysterical: "community shocked by offensive flyers." What "community"? "We are disturbed and appalled by these blatantly racist flyers and the actions of Immigration Watch Canada," said YFS vice-president equity Mithilen Mathipalan in a press release. "This disgraceful incident should serve as a reminder to the York University community that hatred is often right around the corner and that we all need to everything we can to fight against it," said a brainwashed leftist student named Fantauzzi.

Imagine, the police were even called to investigate the postings — in a university setting were almost every wall is filled with flyers promoting cultural Marxism and trashing the historical legacy of Europeans in Canada. Mathipalan went on to repeat what every student is required to belief without any dissent:
The diversity of the York community is a source of strength and we will not tolerate any kind of hate speech that fosters an unsafe environment for students.
One would think that in a place were ideas and open inquiry should be the order of day, there would be some effort to explain how is "diversity a source of strength" and why the contents of this flyer constitute hate speech. But don't expect even the most minimal questioning on the part of the professors. At York, where I completed my PhD, almost all the student ethnic groups, apart from an Eastern European and Ukrainian group, are non-Caucasian. Only Africans, Muslims, Jews, Asians, Hispanics are allowed to show pride in their cultures and ethnicities. In the social sciences and humanities, every professor is a leftist and "critical thinking" is directed heavily against White imperialism and racism.

Never mind that European males created the modern world, modern science, every technology used by minorities and all the disciplines taught at universities — not a single course has anything positive to teach about the founders of Canada. In fact, to say that Canada's institutions were created by Anglos and Quebecois is deemed racist. Facts are racist.

This is the state of mind in our places of "higher learning," controlled by one-dimensional leftists, and diversity promoters.

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  1. Is it also possible that the "I fucking love science" quote is not his own words, but a name of one of those Facebook groups created by someone else? I don't know the answer, as I do not have access to Facebook.

    1. OK, in case, and since it does not add to the argument, I deleted this phrase.

  2. Thank you for voicing the concerns of many European Canadians.

  3. “I understand Friedman's sense of being part of the Jewish people. But why is he against any sense of European peoplehood”

    Indeed; this colossal double standard needs to stop. Jews are notorious for controlling public discourse through various means to their advantage.

    “I wonder if he would have the courage to have an open debate with me”

    I doubt it; he is intellectually very weak and he knows it, as are most profs today, especially in cultural Marxist institutions like York U and U of T.

    Thank you for another great read and exposing the blatant double standards and the same paralyzing fear that allowed 1400 children to be abused by Asian immigrants.

    1. "1400 children to be abused by Asian immigrants."

      It's actually far more than 1400. Rotherham is just one city; it happened in several other cities.

  4. Sooner or later, the lies will be exposed, and these leftists will lose the battle. The truth does not fear investigation. Excellent article, Ricardo. What would we Canadians do without you?

  5. Thank you for this important work.

    But what is being done is Genocide. IT needs to be called that and those doing it punished.

    1. What shall be the perfect punishment for these traitors? Capital punishment, imprisonment, or exile to a third world country?

      Personally, I would advocate the third one. Death is too merciful, imprisonment would cost taxpayers money, the third one would be perfect, because they can taste what they would have created in Canada if they remained in power. After all, Justin Trudeau did dress in Islamic pyjamas and prayed to Allah in a mosque in Calgary, I don't think he would mind living in the Islamic dominated part of the world for the rest of his life. In fact, by doing so, we're "not punishing" traitors like Justin Trudeau, we are giving them a lifelong "privilege of cultural enrichment".

  6. Having recently returned back to Canada after having taught in Asia for the past 12 years, the only thing that surprises me or upsets me is the simple mindedness of so many European Canadians.

    Clearly, the cultural Marxists have been quite successful in their attempts to smash western civilization, in large part, I believe it works hand in hand with or is heavily influenced by MK Ultra sub project 58. This psyop, basically has put the majority of the baby boomers in to a trance.

    Yes it does seem that white genocide is in the air, as it were. However; I don't think this agenda will prevail, many websites and blogs are reaching an ever increasing audience, who no longer buy into the simplistic main stream media lies. For example, this blog has great potential for growth, then there is which has also done a brilliant series of shows detailing the history and machinations of the cultural Marxists, Gnostic , Henry Makow, Alex Jones, etc.

    All in all, I have to say thank you Professor Duchesne, your articles have had a tremendous impact on me. You have truly taken my understanding of current and past events to a new level. Constantly, I find myself wondering how it could have been that, after having finished a 4 year degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, that my understanding of Marxism was limited to the 1850's or there about. No one ever connected the information in the manner in which you have done, the entire time I studied there. Oh well, in hind sight, I can see just how Fabian U of T truly is and just how "un-progressively hopeful" I really am. I really have to tip my hat to you and Henrik over at

    By the way, I would buy tickets to see you debate any of our so called "cultural benefactors". Cheers and keep up the excellent work.

    1. Well, Ricardo could try to debate our benefactors, but you may be sure that the event will be trashed before he says a word. Has happened before, with other parties. And all the while, our finest stand around ignoring the mayhem, later placing the burden on those with incorrect views to provide their own security. Yah, right.

    2. Another mainstream media modus operandi for a 'fair debate' would have professor Duchesne seated with four other 'debaters' all who ganged up on him. The moderator would also side against him and not even allow him to stitch two sentences together before rudely interrupting him again and again.

    3. Another favourite controlled media ploy is to conduct a taped interview. The viewing public later will only see an edited version that is intended to make him look foolish by omitting the full context of what he is actually trying to say.

  7. I wish the media would be honest enough to admit that if anyone's complaining about these flyers, it's the immigrants themselves - but they'll put a white mouthpiece useful idiot up to do the talking.

    1. Keep up the good work Ricardo.

    2. Ricardo, I would pay to see you debate Susan Fennell (Brampton mayor) on the immigration issue. Seeing you take her to the woodshed would be the greatest thing for me to witness!

  8. What happened to the links to Hilliard & Goodchild in the right hand column under "Contributors"? I enjoyed reading their articles.

  9. They are welcomed to submit articles; it was a question of having one administrator. They have their own blogs, I might add.

  10. It is an accepted fact that racism is an
    ideology that gives expression to myths about other racial and ethnic groups,
    that devalues and renders those groups Inferior. That replicates and is continued by deeply
    rooted historical, social, cultural and power inequalities in society. Look at
    your self in the mirror maybe you fit in there.

  11. Make no mistake, this smothering of our European heritage has been planned for some time. The same small but overly influential tribe that has encouraged mass 3rd world immigration to Europe, has done the same to North America.

  12. The Native That You KilledWednesday, 25 March, 2015

    Oh, you're complaining about immigration?
    When are you leaving

  13. I wish we would just WAKE UP!!! Call me a racist I don't care but all I know is I don't want my culture destroyed!!!


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