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Monday, 26 May 2014

Waiting for the Rabble Horde With its Usual Attack on Reason

by Frank Hilliard

Anti-CEC troll
Know your troll...anti-CECer at work

There is a feeling similar to being on the front line. The enemy is out there, grouping, gathering, sharpening its axes. We know that sooner or later a Google Alert will drop our little organization into their net like a quail about to be savaged by a group of cats. And yet there is still peace and quiet here in the dawn hours at the CEC.

I was once, no, twice worked over by the left-wing media; the first time because I wrote a post saying women should man-up and start buying firearms for personal protection. You would have thought I was a mad dog judging by the invective hurled in my direction.

The second occasion was when I became the President of a now defunct right-wing political party in British Columbia. An enterprising journalist on the Vancouver Sun dug through everything I had ever written and extracted the most pungent phrases of political incorrectness. I was tarred and feathered as was the party (of fond memory).

I was called a misogynist, a racist, an old white male (that one hurt) and much else. It was a warning, not that I needed it, of what is about to happen here.

At some point in the near future, the Council of European Canadians is going to be called a lot of not very nice names. We'll be called them because, rather than engage in any form of debate, the left prefers to simply slap "Racist" graffiti over every discussion about everything. Certainly an organization devoted to promoting European classical liberal values, will qualify because it, rather we, are not universalists. We are not relativists. And worse, we are not rolling over and begging forgiveness.

In the United States, the anti-anti-racists now call themselves race realists with the hope, presumably, of easing the mind of readers from one word to the other with a dollop of alliteration. I have another word to put on offer; family-ists, or sould that be Familites. I shall explain.

Race was a well understood concept for all of human history up until forty years ago when it was suddenly booted out of contemporary discussion. There was no such thing as race; it was a mental construct, an insult, an abomination. It was racist to even discuss race. Well, with that as the standard, everyone with any sense sloped off the public stage to await further developments.

Those developments have now arrived in the shape of Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance in which he declares races are a human sub-species in the same way Chihuahuas and Great Danes are a sub-species of dog. Fred Reed has a lovely piece on this at Taki's Magazine which I commend to your after dinner reading (h/t SDA).

Race is back! And with it the possibility of being rather proud of one's race, one's culture and one's historical inheritance.

I'm sitting here writing in this beautiful language of ours on a computer designed by one us, on an internet designed by another over networks and satellites designed by other members of my extended family. It's a good feeling, frankly, and I'm happy to feel it once again.

The hordes will descend shortly to make me wish otherwise. Well, we'll see.

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