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Friday, 17 November 2017

Africanization Of Europe Will Improve The Culture And Race Of Europeans

by Obimbola Chibuzo

My scientific data says dynamic African migrants will improve the aging culture and inferior genetics of Europeans.

I have a hard time understanding why whites are increasingly sceptical of the idea that diversity through mass immigration is not enriching the culture and racial characteristics of White countries. I appreciate the opportunity I have been given by the Council of European Canadians to make the case that the entry of millions of immigrants is the only way to sustain and revitalize an aging Western culture.

I keep hearing among alt righters that diversity is destroying the ethnic identity of the British, German, French, Italian, or original Canadian people. But what is really happening is that White nations are getting vibrant immigrants to become the new working age population, and the NEW Europeans and New Canadians by intermarrying with Whites who barely marry and barely have children. This intermixing of races  will create a more interesting population with multiple identities and superior genes than the plainly existing Whites who look the same.

Statistics Favour Dynamic Africans

I will focus on the migrants coming from Africa to make my case. Unlike many white nationalists, I will provide solid statistics showing that Whites are aging, they are not having children, which means they are not as dynamic, whereas Africans, including Muslims from Africa, are having many children, which means they are younger and therefore more dynamic, entrepreneurial, less dependent on health services.

Here is my first statistical demonstration:
The population of the European Union (EU) on 1 January 2016 was estimated at 510.3 million. Young people (0 to 14 years old) made up 15.6 % of the EU-28’s population, while persons considered to be of working age (15 to 64 years old) accounted for 65.3 % of the population. Older persons (aged 65 or over) had a 19.2 % share.
Due to the fact that the fertility rate of Europeans is only 1.5 per couple, in a few decades the European old age dependency ratio (which is the number of people age 65+ relative to those of working age) will be over 50%.

Meanwhile in dynamic Africa, the average age today is only 18 years, and 40% of Africans are 14 old or younger. The fertility rate of sub-Saharan Africa is 5.1 per couple. Therefore, who can deny that Africans are more productive than Europeans, more dynamic, fertile and energetic?  Europeans are senile, and they need migrants to take care of them, clean them when they are old.

African showing healthy sexual dynamism

Contrary to those who spread fear, it is to the utmost benefit of Europeans to welcome millions of Africans to Europe. Let's not get emotional about European identity, let's deal with reality, and the reality is that Africans ARE migrating into Europe in droves. This migration cannot be stopped. They are too many and the Africans are very energetic in their will to power and entrepreneurship. Don't believe me? Well, let the statistic speak for themselves.

As a result of persistent and energizing migration by Africans in the past two decades, it has been estimated that there were around 4.6 million "official" African migrants living in Europe back in 2007, ready to become the working age population, ready to replace the aging Europeans. However, the truth is that the number of Africans was already almost double that number, 7 to 8 million, if we count so-called "irregular migrants".

The number of migrants has skyrocketed in recent years. According to IOM and UNHCR estimates, around one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, three to four times more than in 2014. And this is just the beginning, right now, up to 6.6 million Africans, mostly virile, energetic males, with entrepreneurial desires for women, are waiting in countries around the Mediterranean to cross into Europe.

These Africans are the cream of the cream of African society. Many whites complain about "population replacement". This is such a misleading term, what we are witnessing here is population replenishment: the substitution of aging, senile Whites with young, virile, energetic Africans. And since the European idea of civic nationalism says that Africans with citizenship are indeed European, it follows that we are the NEW Europeans. This is the reality, white nationalists, DEAL WITH IT!

African Males Marrying White Women = Superior Genetics

The other immense contribution that Africans will be making to Europe is that they are mostly male migrants, and they want to marry European women. I even heard the Canadian Jordan Peterson that European women are not attracted to European men who have become feminised. We Africans, on the other hand, are still very manly and we want to have lots of children. This will produce diversity, and will generate new, more enriching skin colours in Europe, away from the aging white skin we are seeing more and more. 

New European: Genetically Superior
But more important, and here again I am relying on science, race mixed individuals are superior genetically to white individuals. Read what the data says:
The children of parents who are more distantly related tend to be taller and smarter than their peers, according to one of the largest studies to date into genetic diversity.
Therefore, the more Africans and Muslims come to Europe, the more the European people will be improved genetically. Race mixing with Africans is really enriching Europeans and making them into a superior people over the Europeans who remain white only. That is the Science! We Africans are coming and we will improve you whites wherever you are!

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