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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Myth and the New Right

by Dorin Alexandru, English Literature student contributing to Ocean Drive

Lambda symbol of Génération Identitaire
Lambda symbol of Génération Identitaire, inspired by ancient Sparta

The New Right must assert itself within mythology. Not like the vapid mythologies of consumerism or advertising, hollowed out and shaped on a framework of artifice, but mythologies with depth and majesty. The New Right has to revive the mythologies of our ancestors filled with the rich tradition flowing from the roots of our ethnic consciousness. It is these mythologies which will imbue our movement with power and grace. They will trigger the heroic aspirations of a people so downtrodden that they have forgotten the nobility of the soul within them.

Mythology must turn away from the profane back towards the sacred. The Catholic tradition has been so far robbed of its sacred nature it no longer maintains the primordial energy of transcendence once so essential to its spiritual success. Christianity must reassert itself within the myths of the European ethnic unconscious before it is discarded as useless for our purposes. The church has to drift away from being concerned with the base nature of mankind — poverty, inequality, refugees, these are not matters of the spirit. Christianity must realign itself to a passion for the higher nature of man. Nobility is not a thing of blood, land or title but a strain of spirit.

Leftist Deconstructionism

Myth rooted in tradition is a threat to the left, this is why they insist on studying and deconstructing it. By repurposing the power of the myth and constructing proverbial myth-Frankensteins, they have asserted authority through the façade of undermining it. Myth is authoritarian, it cares not for individual pieces but lives as an organic whole ready to consume and appropriate whatever it takes to maintain its sacred purpose. The myth is a propagator of tradition. French Semiotician Roland Barthes makes it clear in his book Mythologies when he says, "myth is on the right". It's "language is rich, multiform, supple with all possible degrees of dignity" and it aims at "eternalizing" itself and its contents.1

Visible minorities in Canada
Multiculturalism: a leftist mythology

Return to European Mythology

The myth is essential, it is threatening, a thing to be reckoned with. With such a tool at our disposal how can we not overcome the frail façade of leftist ideology? The European myth is undying; we are the Acheans storming Troy, Romulus on the Palatine Hill, Constantine and the Chi Rho, Beowulf slaying Grendel, myth is unstoppable, myth is irreplaceable. Its contents are the archetypes of mankind and have only been brought to life through European civilization.

Through myth we are united, it is the language of sacred tradition. We understand it, it brings us together as Europeans. It possesses within itself a common purpose towards greatness. It is also what animates us; it's a possessive energy that manifests itself in the greatest acts of our people. Ultimately, it is illusive; it fails apprehension, always in motion and always pitted against itself. This ability to construct simultaneous mythologies is credit to myths drive for perfection. The myths that succeed are carried by the most effective descendants. Time and time again this has proven to be the European people. No civilization has fleshed out the contents of mythology so clearly and vividly as we have. Myth is not interested in the weak.

The New Right's responsibility today is to inherit the mythology of the European tradition. We cannot create a new mythology for it already exists as an organic fully fleshed ideal. The New Right must also ensure that it remains sacred; the myth belongs to tradition and is incompatible with modern conceptions (e.g. the Hero is not the anti-hero) and goals. At every turn the New Right must also criticize and admonish the mythologies of the left. The New Right has to immerse itself in the mythical tradition, for the myth is its strongest foundation.

Case Study: Génération Identitaire

Spartan warrior fighting against Asiatic invaders
Spartan warrior with lambda shield pattern
dealing with Asiatic invaders the right way

A good contemporary example in the utility of mythology within the New Right is evident within France's Génération Identitaire. The sign of choice for the youth group is the Lambda, a sign rich with historical and mythological properties. What is the Lambda? It is not obvious upon first glance to decode the sign and its significance and it requires a specific contextual understanding to imbue it with the desired meaning.

In every case the Lambda is an ideal symbol for Génération Identitaire's purposes. The Lambda is an icon, by that I mean it is the exact likeness of the 11th letter in the Greek alphabet: Λ. The Lambda is also indexical from a historical perspective because it points to Lacedaemon, ancient Sparta. One could imagine being in ancient Greece, seeing the lambda on a sign and understanding that it points to the city-state of Lacedaemon. Yet the most powerful aspect of the lambda as a sign-object is its symbolic properties. It is what the symbolic nature of the sign signifies that allows for it to be adopted by a mythology, particularly the mythology of European identity.

As a symbol the Lambda becomes associated with the military prowess of Sparta. It is the shield emblem that an enemy soldier first encounters. That fearsome sign begins to signify to him the formidableness, unwavering bravery, and war-like reputation of his opponent. It becomes associated with all that it means to be a Spartan. Put together the sign's iconic, indexical and symbolic aspects make for an ideal object to be picked up by a mythology.

The very Greekness of the letter, its association with the Laconian homeland and its symbolic representation of Spartan ideals come together to signify the very mythology of European identity. It brings to mind the history of Greece as a cradle for Western European civilization and the conquering spirit of the European peoples along with many more associations. In this way we can see how the sign comes to serve the myth and because the myth is so well ingrained in the European consciousness it proliferates itself successfully. Simply by this process of signification Génération Identitaire has rooted itself in a powerful mythology and inherited its energy.

[1] Roland Barthes, Mythologies, chapter "Myth on the Right" (Hill and Wang, 2013): 262 [PDF, here 150ff.]

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