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Friday, 25 September 2015

How to Carve Out a Place for Eurocanadians on Campus

Canadian universities offer world class education in how guilty Eurocanadians should feel about anything and everything. Thoughts on what to do to take the campus back from leftist self-hatred.

by Dorin Alexandru, English Literature student contributing to Ocean Drive

Leftist intolerance and McCarthyism have almost entirely stifled free speech on campus, making it one of the least diverse and attractive places for debate and thought for young Eurocanadians.

Students are vital to meta-political movements. In Canada today, young European Canadians face an identity crisis. There are very few places for us to turn where European culture isn't under attack or being deconstructed. The very institutions where ideas and future leaders are supposed to be cultivated have been infiltrated by a system of education that serves to admonish our past and make it irrelevant. How can we trust in our universities any longer?

Universities are ultimately a place of politics. Their potential for political change is too great to be ignored. Any ideological current is nil without the intelligentsias support and — boy, do they have it. Walk into any social sciences or humanities department across the continent and you will find all manner of leftists. Cultural Marxism penetrated the very roots of the education system and like a brain eating parasite assumed control. There is very little diversity of thought in your average student body. There is left, slightly further left and perhaps conservatively left.

But there was a time before all that, a time when university was a place for diverse views and conflict. It was a place where struggle drove competition and politicking came as naturally for a student as studying. Unfortunately, this time is lost to the annals of the past but like all great things it must be revived.

German Burschenschaft 1817
1817 Wartburg gathering of 500 German students and professors protesting against reactionary politics and demanding a German nation-state

The Burschenschaft was a collection of student fraternities founded in 19th century Germany calling for the unification of the German peoples. Early on into their careers, the students, some of which had fought and put their lives on the line against Napoleon's aggressions, gathered at the Wartburg castle to rally a call for German unification and democracy. Ultimately, this was an event that would evolve into the March revolution and the unification of the German state which carries onto this day under the same flag used by those young radicals.

It is evident that power lies in the student and a questioning student is a dangerous student. Very little serious activism takes place on campuses nationwide. People only gather to make statements and not changes.

To this day no student organization exists in Canada that advocates for pan-European interests. If such an organization does exist, it would only be in the budding stages of development. Yet if the need presents itself (and it certainly does), what might that student movement advocate?

The Freezing of National Tuition Rates for Canadian Citizens

Education would be a primary interest for such an organization. Ontario alone is facing a 13% hike in national tuition rates over the next three years. School is very expensive and youth unemployment being so high among Canadians, that growth ought to be capped. Foreign Affairs Canada suggests doubling the amount of international students in Canada to over 20% of student population. Yet with growing inaccessibility of education and a shrinking 18-21 demographic, how might this turn out?

Post Secondary Enrollment in Canada
Domestic and international post secondary enrollment in Canada, high growth scenario (source)

Secure the Teaching of European Culture, History and Innovation in a Positive Way

The historical revisionism going on in schools is nothing new. European Canadians are being taught to be ashamed of who they are and where they come from. They are taught to feel only guilt and contempt. We are guilty, guilty for having ancestors that created Western civilization. We do feel contempt, contempt for the threat to their legacy. All programs and courses that teach students to reject the contributions of European peoples ought to be boycotted.

Stress the Bilingual and Bicultural Nature of Canada

Canada was founded by French and English Christians. Its laws and government is a product of Western European development. Any attempt to change this fact is a direct attack on this country's founding principles. Sharia law belongs to Islamic countries and not Canada.

Educate People and Provide Resources on Traditional Thinking

Opposition to cultural Marxism is essential. This fight ought to begin with the culture. Introducing young Canadian Europeans to contemporary and historical Right wing texts will create an educated body that will possess the tools to deal with the crisis at hand. This might mean a syllabus of works or regular discussion and reading of traditionalist ideas. Today a lot of thought is going on in the European and North American New Right/Identitarian movement and collecting these ideas to form a Canadian perspective is invaluable.

Produce Avenues of Discussion for Canadian Europeans

This would mean the creation of peer-edited academic and literary journals where students are able to explore and most importantly create uniquely Canadian content. To change the culture one ought to produce some culture.

Support and Aid Veterans Who Risked Their Lives for Canada

Among the humanitarian activities young European Canadians ought to take part of, the support of veterans who fought for this great country is among the worthiest. An intergenerational approach is necessary to unite European Canadians of all ages and students, as the most able bodied bear this responsibility.

It is sure that no serious group of European Canadian Students would support any existing mainstream political party. Today, even the so-called "Conservatives" are a threat to European principles. The responsibility of any politically minded European Canadian is to keep their politicians accountable.

There is a long and hard road ahead for the new generation of European Canadians. To be sure it will be a difficult road but by making our voices heard and sticking together we will persevere. It is important that the existing avenues (CEC itself) and the new ones unite under one umbrella to drive home their vision of Canada. Together under one nation, we will honour the efforts of its founders.

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