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Canada's Expanding Muslim Population

Justin Trudeau at Muslim prayer meeting in Calgary
Peter Goodchild

Which country has the fastest-growing Muslim population? No, it's not Canada, it's Ireland. But Canada is a close second. From 2010 to 2030, the general population of Canada is expected to increase by 18%. However, according the Pew Forum survey "The Future of the Global Muslim Population," during that same time period the Muslim population of Canada will increase by 183% -- i.e., 10 times faster than the general population. One focal point is Calgary; it's the fastest-growing Canadian city, and its Baitunnur Mosque is the largest mosque in North America.

In fact, there has been a huge but mostly silent emigration from Muslim lands into many countries, but especially into Ireland, Canada, Finland, Norway, New Zealand, the US, Sweden, Niger, Italy, Paraguay, Laos, Guatemala, Timor-Leste, and the UK (in rank order).

Why is this movement of population occurring? It may be that Muslims are thinking they should leave their homelands as quickly as possible. That's particularly the case with those who live in countries around the Persian Gulf -- Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. For more than a thousand years, the Gulf Arabs made their living mainly by running the slave trade (see George MacMunn, Slavery Through the Ages), but Westerners finally forced them to abolish that business. Not long ago, the Gulf Arabs switched to collecting money from the oil industry, as the Americans and British were busy drilling wells. Now the oil is starting to dry up, and the chances of making a living at anything else are rather slim, because the Gulf countries are really just sand. As a further result, there's also almost no agriculture. But, for now, there's enough money for investments.

The emigration is what Jews would call a diaspora, except that it's nearly invisible, because there's very little contact with the host population. A Gulf Arabic man looks almost like someone from southern Europe, and if his wife covers her head, so do lots of European women. The Arabic language, with its strangely velarized consonants, wouldn't really draw too much attention. (Many Muslims outside the Gulf, though, speak languages other than Arabic.) As for what goes on in the homes -- who knows?

But there's the question of where Muslims can go. They're not always welcome in Europe, although that doesn't stop them from trying. Far better to find a land where people won't notice what's happening, where the locals have been brainwashed by Liberal (Cultural Marxist) regimes into thinking that theirs should be "a nation of immigrants," where people have been convinced that it's better to be "multicultural" than to take pride in one's own culture. What's needed, in fact, is a country that's basically just vacant land, a nice piece of acreage that's just waiting to be taken and developed, a place where nobody is now living. What country fits that description best? Canada, of course.

(Is "multiculturalism" a description? Or a command? If the latter, to whom does it apply? Multiculturalism eventually means a world of no culture, with everyone waiting to be mentally spoon-fed by the government. Without a culture, there is no reference point, no anchor, no defense against tyranny. Still, tyrants have come a long way over the years, having learned how to get the public to really enjoy waiting for the next executive order.)

With Justin Trudeau securing the Muslim vote for his Liberal Party, it will take only a few decades for more than half of Canada's population to be Muslim. Perhaps our granddaughters should start getting used to wearing the hijab and other "modest" clothing, even in the middle of summer. Not to mention undergoing genital mutilation, enjoying the blessings of holy matrimony of the polygamous variety, getting an occasional beating with the blessing of Sura 4 of the Koran, and becoming among the 20,000 annual victims of Muslim honor killings (to use Robert Fisk's estimate). And complaining will accomplish nothing. In the years to come, don't bother calling the police: the Gulf Muslims in particular are determined that sharia (Muslim religious law) will replace any local laws. Many Western countries have eagerly been taking steps in that direction already. If Canadians despise their own culture, they will make little effort to maintain the ideals that their ancestors fought for.

Getting into Canada isn't hard. It's mainly a question of which doors one prefers to use. After getting in, the next task is to bring in all one's relatives, preferably under the "family class." Then one can continue the Muslim tradition of avoiding birth control and begin multiplying in the old-fashioned way.

It's hard to imagine a softer target than Canada. We welcome Muslims into this country, even if we send our young men and women to die in the Middle East fighting those same people. If Canadians protest about anything related to Muslims, they risk being accused of a "hate crime," a subsection of Orwell's "thought crime." In both cases, the conviction is contained within the accusation. Did Justin Trudeau's father Pierre pick up this curious bit of jurisprudence as a souvenir on a trip to Cuba?

At the moment, there is in Canada no "facts on file," no centralized data bank, to document the world's 1.6 billion Muslims, or even the 1 million who are now here. Canada is the only industrialized country to lack a right-wing party. And we have no right to deride Americans for giving up their civil liberties without a peep: Pierre Trudeau's invocation of the War Measures Act predated Bush's Patriot Act by 31 years. The real "hate," though, will be that of our descendants, and it is us they will despise, for our unwillingness to speak up for them when we had the chance.

When I write things of this sort and send them out, most people pretend they never received them. Shortly after writing the above paragraphs, however, I saw again the book by Wafa Sultan called A God Who Hates. In the first few pages she tells a fable about a village where everybody is very depressed. A visitor asks what is wrong, and somebody says that there is a terrible ogre that rules the village. The ogre's name is Fear. The visitor goes looking for the ogre, and finds that it is only a very tiny creature. There's hope for all of us.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chinese and Whites in British Columbia from an Ethnocentric perspective

Ricardo Duchesne

Canadian, American, Swedish, Italian and Scottish workers at a Canadian National Railway construction camp, British Columbia, 1913

The official interpretation of the Canadian government on race relations between Whites and Chinese immigrants is summarily articulated in the Library and Archives of Canada, under the heading, “ARCHIVED - The Early Chinese Canadians 1858-1947.” The essential explanation this web page offers as to why Whites “were so hostile” to Chinese immigration is “anti-Chinese racism.” The document does not ignore other factors, such as the fear that “the Chinese could work for lower wages and would take jobs away from white workers,” but the message of the web page is that anti-Chinese agitation was centered “around the idea of ‘white supremacy,’ captured best in the phrase ‘White Canada Forever.’”

This explanation is rarely challenged by anyone in Canada today. It is part of the mainstream curriculum in Canada’s schools and universities, widely disseminated by all the media outlets. This explanation has provided the rationale for the apologies and financial compensations by the Federal government in 2006, and, most recently, the apology from the British Columbia Legislature in May 2014. It is also the explanation embraced by Chinese leaders in Canada in their still ongoing demands for "inclusive redress".

The discursive apparatus sustaining this explanation is powerful, well-documented, and seemingly beyond dispute precisely because it is the only scholarly developed explanation today, and it is the only developed explanation because it is an integral component of Canadian elite efforts to create a nation in which the historic White majority population is obligated to accept a multiracial nation where Whites will be marginalized and their role as the founders of Canada will be obliterated. Once you accept this commitment to a multiracial culture, which by necessity implies believing that a White society dedicated to diversity is morally superior to a White society that is not, this explanation is inevitable.

The most comprehensive study of British Columbia’s effort to stop Chinese immigration is Patricia Roy's three-volume series: A White Man's Province: British Columbia Politicians and Chinese and Japanese Immigrants, 1858-1914, The Oriental Question: Consolidating a White Man's Province: 1914-41 and The Triumph of Citizenship: The Japanese and Chinese in Canada, 1941-67. While this study offers great details on the economic factors that influence the attitudes of whites towards Asians, its central preoccupation is the “race” factor in the creation of this province, premised on the idea that race is a “socially constructed” category, which can be deconstructed by writing critical books about “white superiority” and “racism” as prejudices that can and should be transcended as we go about creating a Canada that is open to all races.

No racial group in human history other than Whites has ever been committed to racial diversity. The peoples of the earth have always exhibited ethnocentrism, preference for their own culture and a disposition to judge other cultures by the standards of their religion, customs, and ethnicity. Research has been coming out lately showing that ethnocentrism is a natural and practical evaluation of one’s ethnic identity and interests consistent with evolutionary theory and cultural sophistication. This argument was well articulated in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences (January 2011) under the fitting title: “Oxytocin promotes human ethnocentrism”.  This study was based on a series of experiments in which participants were administered doses of oxytocin wherein  the researchers learned that “a key mechanism facilitating in-group cooperation is ethnocentrism, the tendency to view one’s group as centrally important and as superior to other groups” at the expense of an out-group.

I said “fitting title,” because “oxytocin” is commonly known as a hormone associated with breastfeeding and love, but this article showed that it is also associated with in-group favoritism and ethnic tribalism, that is, with behavioral traits commonly associated in the West with intolerance and conflict. How can the same “cuddle chemical” be associated with ostensibly opposite behaviors such as in-group bias or “out-group derogation”? But this is no contradiction at all -- despite the equivocations of the authors as liberals who can't digest ethnic identities -- since preference for one’s ethnic group requires affection and attachment to one’s own people, being loyal, reliable, trustworthy, and cooperative within one’s group.

But in the “imagined” future that our Canadians elites envision for Canada, a nation in which multiple races are projected to be able to get along without biases, ethnocentrism is seen as an “irrational fear” that only exists, and has existed, due to human ignorance, which can be remedied through proper education. This is the belief underpinning the official interpretation of race relations in Canada’s history. But there is a major dilemma in this way of thinking and program, and it is that a particular people, “white Canadians” – to use the official wording – are the only ones under the burden of overcoming their ethnocentric biases.

In the study of race relations in this nation, racial egalitarians cannot but be preoccupied with the dominant White group in its relations to minority out-groups since Whites have always constituted the vast majority in Canada. We thus have a situation in which early generations of Whites living in an extremely harsh environment, where a livelihood was hardly guaranteed, being subjected to the moral judgment of White liberal elites committed to racial equality living in comfortable settings made possible by past generations. The overplayed drama of "racism" is driven by well-off Whites condemning the actions of poor past Whites in the name of an imagined future free of ethnocentric favoritism. The non-Whites are always seen as the victims since Whites are the majority and only majorities an imposed institutionalized racism.

The archived article, “The Early Chinese Canadians,” manifests this dilemma and blindness in almost every paragraph. There is never an effort to examine ethnocentrism as a human attribute partaking in all cultures. The only group standing in the court of judgment are Whites. Among many similar expressions we have: "White British Columbians firmly believed that their way of life was better than all others." "They said that Chinese people carried diseases and other bad habits."  "Anti-Chinese racism reflected a belief in the superior power of the British Empire." "In daily life, white Canadians felt free to show their dislike of Chinese people without any concern for the consequences."

Why were Whites so malicious? No reasons are offered. One is simply left with the impression that Whites have been uniquely racist; humans are not naturally ethnocentric, but would prefer a universal communion of all races, if not for the racist Whites standing in the way. The preference Whites had for their own group is portrayed as a historical anomaly; a mistake to be overcome in the world once we get all Whites to accept diversity. White racial acts are based on irrational fears. Other groups consist of normal humans beings eager to assimilate into a diverse Canada free of racial divisions.

But when one examines the sources critically, without accepting the assumption that humans are naturally without ethnocentric biases except for the dominant whites, one can detect the inherent flaws of this official interpretation. We can start by showing that in the best explanation of racism against the Chinese, namely the work of Patricia Roy, there are a number of implicit observations pointing towards a different, and more realistic and scientific interpretation, of the events.

Obviously I can only offer a glimpse of what would constitute a new way of looking at Canada’s race relations from the perspective that we are all ethnocentric. For this purpose the “Introduction” to the second volume of Roy’s book, The Oriental Question, is quite useful. Right away, in acknowledging the role of economic competition, she says that “fear” of Asians, of being “swamped” by an inflow of Asians, was connected to the fact that Asians were competing against whites for jobs “in the fishing grounds, in the fields, in the market place, in the classroom. Citing his own words from the first volume, A White Man's Province, Roy adds that this competition was serious enough to “warrant deep fears about the ability of white British to maintain their dominant position in the province” (p.1). Now, of course, Roy, thinks she is bringing attention to the role of economic competition, and she is, but what is important is that she is implicitly admitting that white “fears” about the Asians as a race were not irrational since fear of out-groups is always connected to competition for resources, which is more accentuated when resources and opportunities are scarce. In other words, what Roy says could be fitted within an interpretation that fully recognizes the reality of in-group ethnic bias, rather than assuming, as she does, that ethnicity is merely a “socially constructed” identity based on “erroneous” assumptions about the existence of different racial groups (p. 8).

Roy observes that during the years between 1914 and 1941, with the passing of the exclusionary Chinese Immigration Act in 1923, the fear about Asian “swamping” declined, and whites were able to consolidate “their white man’s province.” Excluding Asians, and episodic reactions against Japanese residents, serve as a way for whites to acquire their own identity; that is, the formation of BC as a viable province with its own culture and people entailed use of the Asian “other” as “part of their [white] self-definitions” (p. 2). Again, there is very little to work on here, but if we don’t accept her premises, we can ask: has there ever been any other identity in human history that was not formed by identifying an “other”? Can a community ever be created in which everyone belongs and no one is excluded? Roy, and everyone who writes about the making of Canada’s provinces, takes it for granted that we can have a universal inside-ness freed from any taint of xenophobia and in group-favoritism.

There is no denying that Western nations alone have been committed to a universal community because of their unique development of a wider sense of the “we,” not only in nurturing a scientific method with universal applicability, but in coming up with a model of political belonging based on equal rights of citizenship regardless of race and religious identities. However, first, it should be noted that Western nations developed the concept of civic citizenship within the context of a high degree of ethnic homogeneity, in countries where ancestors had lived for generations. The most liberal nations -- England, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark -- were indeed the ones with the strongest liberal traits, constitutions and institutions. Second, what has been transpiring in the last few decades with the promotion of mass immigration and race mixing is unprecedented, and purely experimental in nature. The results we have so far may be ascertained from the most detailed study we have of the way different ethnic communities are interacting and belonging in the West: a comprehensive survey by Robert D. Putnam of 26,200 people in 40 American communities, the conclusion of which was that ethnic diversity decreases trust and co-operation in communities.

Putnam observes that in mixed ethnic communities people tend to "withdraw even from close friends, to expect the worst from their community and its leaders, to volunteer less, give less to charity and work on community projects less often, to vote less [...] and to huddle unhappily in front of the television." Known for his bestseller, Bowling Alone (2000), Putnam also noted that "across local areas in the United States, Australia, Sweden, Canada and Britain, greater ethnic diversity is associated with lower social trust and, at least in some cases, lower investment in public goods."

In light of this study (and there are many other studies showing that to this date white and blacks in the United States have not created a community with a sense of “we”, and that Canada still has a marginalized native population), should we categorized past whites in BC as “irrational” in their insistence that Asians were not capable of assimilation? Were they altogether wrong in fearing that, if the borders were not regulated, they would be “swamped” by Asian immigrants? Well, as Douglas Todd, of the Vancouver Sun (April 1, 2013), has recently reported:
  • After being an overwhelming majority in Metro Vancouver up until the 1980s, whites will make up only two out of five residents by the year 2031, according to projections done for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
On the question of assimilation, Todd further notes:
  • University of British Columbia geographer Daniel Hiebert also predicts that ethnic groups in Metro will increasingly concentrate in neighbourhood enclaves, creating a degree of racial segregation paralleled only by blacks and whites in major U.S. cities
Similar trends are predicted for Canada’s other major cities; for example, “Metro Toronto’s visible minority population will mushroom by 3.3 million, with whites accounting for just 37 per cent of its residents by 2031.” According to Hiebert, the “scale of ethnographic change over (the next) period will be larger and more rapid than anything we have seen previously.” The entire region of Richmond adjacent to Vancouver centre has been so overwhelmed by Chinese immigrants that it now resembles a huge Chinatown with Chinese only signs.

Past whites assessed and forewarned us about the dangers of Asian swamping. Current whites offer us delusional dreams about racial assimilation and togetherness on the supposition that whites are the only ethnic groups capable of racism. It does not occur to them that the racism of non-Whites may be far cruder since they lack any notion of civic citizenship and a universal “we”. Roy’s work is all about white racism, of course, but in a sentence about the “leading anti-Asian agitators” among different white ethnics, she slips the following: “the Aboriginals lacked the franchise but when they came into contact with Asians, mainly Japanese fisherman, their views were similar to those of their white counterparts" (p. 2).

Imagine if academics were as obsessed writing about non-white racism as about white racism? 

In an upcoming article I will discuss rampant racism by the current Chinese people and government against all races and against their own minorities, hoping to persuade some that by swamping our cities with Chinese we are going to deteriorate race relations in Canada even more than a hundred years ago.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Reply to Vancouver Councillors Kerry Jang and Raymond Louie

Ricardo Duchesne

Kerry Jang, Vancouver City Councilor, Masquerades as Manchurian, Vancouver Chinatown Parade 2014

Kerry Jang, Vancouver City Councilor, Masquerades as Manchurian, Chinatown Parade 2014 Credit: Alison Marshall

I emailed my article, “Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies,and "Inclusive Redress" (May 26) to the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregory Robertson, and to Vancouver Councillor, Raymond Louie, who was the main subject of the article. Louie replied indicating he had forwarded the article to Kerry L. Jang, who is a Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, and also a Vancouver Councillor. 

Professor Jang replied challenging the contents of my article. Louie, in his reply, which came after Jang’s, simply stated that:
  • Dr. Jang has well captured my sentiments in his response to your blog post and I hope you do take the advice to undertake better research before so casually painting the Canadian Chinese community with the same brush. If research is not the issue, then it concerns me deeply given your position in shaping our country's young minds. 
Now, before I proceed, let me state that I will be using the contents of these emails in articulating my reply to them fully mindful that both Councillor Louie and Dr. Jang offered reasonable responses to my article devoid of any personal ad hominem attacks. Therefore I am not divulging to the public anything that might be deemed to be a personal email exchange. As it is, if an email is made or received in connection with public affairs, then the email is a public record even if it is sent from a home computer, or made on a personal email account from any computer, and sent or received by any public employee, or any elected or appointed public official.

Dr. Jang indicates that he, like Louie, is “also a Canadian of Chinese descent, with my family roots going back to the late 1890's from China to Vancouver.” His first criticism is that my article “assumes that all Chinese feel the same way and we understand 'white guilt' which we love to manipulate.” He observes that not all members of the Chinese community agree with the ongoing campaigns for apologies. He admonishes me for not having “explored this divergence of opinion”, which would have been the “scholarly approach” to take.

My reply: this is beside the point; it is a given that not everyone in a community of thousands (ethnic Chinese in Vancouver number about 410,000) will agree with one voice. The point is that every single person I named in the article, including Louie, has been a leading spokesmen calling for more apologies and redresses from White Canadians. I did not mention Kerry Jang in the article, but he, too, has been a vocal Chinese demanding ever more apologies and redresses from Whites. For example, as it was reported on March 13, 2014, in Burnaby Now:
  • A joint statement from March 10 signed by Vancouver councillors Kerry Jang, Tony Pang, and school trustee Allan Wong, along with the three Burnaby councillors, was released in an effort to address the government's role in ending racism and offering a genuine apology - not just a "quick win" attempt to secure votes. 
The main voices in this campaign for continuous apologies are leaders of the Chinese community in Vancouver. We may in fact ask: what is common about Raymond Louie and Kerry Jang, and many of these leaders demanding money from Whites? Well, they both belong to the municipal party currently in power, which has very strong ties to BC's NDP party. There have been complaints about the "unscrupulous way" in which leaders of Vision Vancouver have shared private information in their data base with "other progressive organizations" (aka BC's NDP party). Jang, we are further informed, "has been an unabashed ally of the NDP."

Now, let us remember that Kerry Jang and Louie are elected Councillors of the ruling municipal party, Vision Vancouver. The leader of this party and major of Vancouver is Gregory Robertson. A few weeks ago, on May 7, 2014, it was reported that Mayor Robertson, in an address to Vision Vancouver members, referred to his critics as "angry white old men." As journalist Allen Garr reported, there was nothing in the use of this phrase that had anything to do with policy, or any sense of social injustice. The goal was to ridicule critics of his policy by attacking their race:

  • The “angry old white men” comment, however, was far more deliberate. As I observed on Sunday, Robertson was speaking from notes. This was part of a strategy to appeal to the folks in the room. It was intentional, worked out by the brains trust that surrounds our mayor. 
Who could the brains trust be? 

Jang insists that these leading Chinese spokespersons are not manipulating white guilt, adding:
  • As a social scientist (I am a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia), the value of apologies is simply not to extract a form of revenge, create guilt or compensation as you suggest. The act of apology or acknowledgement is a way to help people heal and most importantly, educates to ensure that as a society we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. 
The running theme of my article was not the mere request for an apology but the endless demands for apologies and redresses by Chinese leaders in Vancouver. As another group of Canadian patriots has outlined (Putting Canada First), the following are the measures already taken by various levels of government in Canada:

- A 2006 apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper 
- $34 million in financial compensation 
- Twenty-seven historical legacy projects currently in existence 
- A formal apology from B.C. Legislature 
- A promise of one million dollars in legacy funding from the B.C. Government 
- A formal apology in 2010 from the Municipality of New Westminster 

Yet, Kerry Jang, Raymond Louie, Victor Wong, Sid Chow Tang, Henry Yu, Bill Chu, Tony Pang, Allan Wong, Ann Kang, Richard Chang, and numerous Chinese leaders in Vancouver, are not satisfied but expect yet another -- “an absolutely genuine apology” -- backed by more financial compensation, and more “education” to demonize Whites and elevate the moral status of the Chinese.

Jang goes on to say that:
  • On the individual level, ‘saying sorry’ acknowledges and affirms someone as a person with equal rights and status. It helps people put the past behind them, and the positive effects of apologizing allow us to move forward. There is a good reason as to why our parents taught us to "say sorry" for a number of transgressions -- and you must agree that when someone apologizes to you for a mistake it does help! We all have feelings and they are central to good emotional health. 
No, in demanding that present-day Whites say sorry multiple times for things that happened a century ago, for which they were not responsible, to a current generation of Chinese who have not been discriminated but are instead continually celebrated for their “vibrant diversity,” is an act of submission that can only be understood in a climate of political correctness imposed by the cultural Marxists who dominate our institutions. The Council of European Canadians is dedicated to reviving the spirit of pride, loyalty, and manly courage that made possible the creation of this country.

Jang continues:
  • The motion seeks to do some research into the forms of discrimination actively promoted and used by the City of Vancouver. Although the Feds and the Province have made their apologies, anyone who understands how governments work is that each order hs different powers and as such have different things to apologize for. Municipalities have land use powers and for example in the case of the City of New Westminster, such powers were used desecrate a Chinese graveyard for development. Each order of government has different powers and did different things which affected different parts of the community. The federal apology, as it has to do with immigration - affects only head tax payers and little to do with land use which affect people who were not head tax payers and so on. 
He is referring to the motion forwarded by Councillor Louie calling for a detailed investigation of all the ways in which the Chinese were “discriminated” from 1886 to 1947. The fact is that at our schools and universities the history of BC and Canada generally are already taught in a way that accentuates negatively the role of White “colonizers” and portrays non-Whites as innocent victims. At the university level, it is the case that leftists dominate the intellectual atmosphere, continually putting down Whites and celebrating the “enriching” diversity of non-Whites. Here is a list of university books addressing "white racism" that I found via a quick Google search: Peter Li’s, Chinese in Canada (1998); Wing Chung Ng’s Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80, The Pursuit of Identity and Power (1999); David Dyzenhaus and Mayo Moran’s Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations, and the Chinese Canadian Head Tax (2005); Shanti Irene Fernando’s Race and the City: Chinese Canadian and Chinese American Political Mobilization (2006); and Lisa Rose Mar’s Brokering Belonging: Chinese in Canada's Exclusion Era, 1885-1945 (2010).

The ideological tenor and multicultural orientation of all these books is evident. The main theme in Lisa Rose Mar’s book is how the Chinese have shaped their ‘ethnic culture and identities to claim recognition and acceptance in America’s multiracial, multicultural democratic state.’ Whether the United States may have been, and still is, a nation founded by Europeans and Christians, who may wish to retain their own identity, is not a question Rose Mar ever considers. She wants it to become multiracial, and this ideology drives her reflections. Likewise, Wing Chung Ng’s book is about how the Chinese in Vancouver shaped their cultural identity in the context of "Anglo Saxon racism". He takes it for granted that Canada should "entrench and deploy multiculturalism" and minimize its European-based identities. Each one of these historians argues that Canada’s white culture was essentially characterized by "systematic racism."

But this is not enough for the Chinese in Vancouver who claimed to be attached to Canada. They want apologies at every level of government for every possible form of “discrimination”. Let’s put this in context. We are not dealing with a marginalized minority, assuming the Chinese were ever marginalized; we are speaking of an ethnic group that is now the majority in various regions of Vancouver, and will soon be the ethnic majority in the city at large. With the implementation of Trudeau’s multicultural ideology, Vancouver would see a flood of non-Western immigrants. The total number of Chinese in Vancouver in 1951 was still only 8,729, in a population of roughly 345.000; in 1961, it increased slightly to 15,223, and then to 30,640 in 1971. It was during the 80s that the gates were thrown wide open and the entire Third World was invited to come to Canada. Consequently, by the mid-90s, the Chinese population in Vancouver suddenly shot up to 300,000, out of a total population of 1.8 million. According to a census of 2006 the total number of Chinese in metro Vancouver stands at about 410, 000.

We are thus talking about a very powerful demographic group that also happens to be very wealthy with deep ingrained connections to Communist China. This group has been allowed to alter radically the formerly elegant, serene, community-oriented, British city of Vancouver, turning it into a loud, congested Asian city (still attractive only because of the architectural and institutional legacy of past White generations). As Henry Yu announced a few years ago: “Vancouver is no longer a Canadian city, it is a global city that is one stop within the Pacific world, with two-thirds of male Canadians of Hong Kong origin between the ages of 25 and 40 living and working outside Canada.” Yes, the city now has a Chinese global lifestyle --- one “that is common in Hong Kong, where people know that a key to making money is not to view the place you make money as necessarily the same place you live.”

Jang continues:
  • Finally, the intent of the motion is to do research. Its not just about understanding the scope of discriminatory practices, but at the same time, as I discovered while working with the Japanese community here, highlight the fact that so many "non-Chinese" came to their defence. So, its not just about "white guilt" as you put it, but also "pride" in fighting for and standing up for basic human rights for everyone in our Country. While working with the Japanese community we heard many stories were people came together to fight the internment, fight to allow the students at UBC to complete thier degrees, etc. Its an opportunity for highlighting our common values. There are many such stories in the Chinese community as well and that would make an excellent blog post. 
Jang may have been taken by surprise hearing for once, the first time likely, a Professor, challenging the hocus pocus Canadians have been compelled to digest for decades about bad White colonialists. He surely is aware that Asians come from cultures that, by our standards, are crudely racist and where individuals enjoy few rights. He surely knows that the ideas and values he is advocating here were nurtured by Whites, and that these ideas are driven by the erroneous universal egalitarian illusion that White countries must be diversified otherwise they are racist, even though there is not a single non-White country calling for diversity and mass immigration. Clearly he is exploiting White ideas to advance the ethnic interests of the Chinese, utilizing the same white guilt our educational institutions inflict on White children. What he calls “pride” is nothing but the relentless demands by Asians to extract ever more resources from Whites. It is time Whites show respect for themselves and stop kowtowing to the Chinese.

He concludes:
  • I hope you find my comments helpful, and I do encourage you to do better basic research for your posts. Opinions based on incomplete or unbalanced research is the very antithesis to our role as educators. I certainly strive to research all sides of an issue, and when I get it wrong, I acknowledge my errors - and sometimes they warrant an apology! 
All this talk about research is devoid of any substance; why not answer the argument I cited from Dan Murray explaining the historical context for the head tax. This context was: "Chinese labour contractors brought many more thousands here in the 1880's and 1890's as surplus labourers (in some cases as strike breakers), but in general as competing/replacement workers). Chinese contractors and certain businesses used Chinese labourers to compete with host population workers for employment and to replace host workers where possible."

Perhaps Whites should be demanding compensation from Chinese contractors for bringing cheap laborers and strike breakers against Canadian citizens.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies, and "Inclusive Redress"

Ricardo Duchesne

Early Chinese in British Columbia "suffering" under Head Tax

Raymond Louie, a Canadian with ancestry from China, currently serving his fourth term as Vancouver City Councillor, has urged council to direct staff to investigate discriminatory laws and policies imposed by Whites on Chinese immigrants in the city between 1886 and 1947, in order to come up with recommendations for "reconciliation efforts." He says that apologies and payments by politicians for the head tax are not enough. A complete review or “research” investigation of the sufferings inflicted by Whites upon the Chinese – “as long as it takes” – is required. The media reported on May 22, 2014 that Louie has set a motion to go before the city council next week on this matter.

This motion by Raymond Louie comes in the hills of BC Premier Christy Clark's apology to Chinese-Canadians on May 15, 2014. Christy Clark expressed deep sorrow and regret "for the provincial government’s historical wrongs" from 1872-1947. With great solemnity, contrition and sense of historical rectification, this apology was fully endorsed by Clark’s Liberals, the Opposition New Democrats, the Green party, as well as Independent members of the legislature. There was no dissent.

It was not enough that, in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government had already apologized and made payments of $20,000 each to Chinese-Canadians who paid the head tax or their surviving spouses.

The Chinese understand "white guilt." In fact, immediately after the BC government apologized, Chinese leaders said it was still not enough and rejected it. The Chinese Canadian National Council and the Head Tax Families Society of Canada both "declined" the apology. Apparently, they are dissatisfied with an apology that has been tainted because a Liberal government document surfaced last February suggesting the party would attempt to gain "quick wins" at the ballot box in May by issuing formal apologies to ethnic communities for “historic wrongs”.

“A government should never be seen to be profiting from racism but this is what has happened here today,” Victor Wong, executive director of the Chinese Canadian National Council, said in a release. Sid Chow Tan, president of the Head Tax Families, added that “most of these apologies, I take with a grain of salt.”

They want, in the words of Wong, “an absolutely genuine apology,” one that includes “financial redress”. According to Tan, $8.5 million of the $23 million in total head-tax revenue went to the B.C. The $8.5-million “tax grab” (worth more than $800 million today) should be “symbolically returned” to families that suffered hardship.

They also want "inclusive redress”. What does this term mean? Neither Wong nor Tan elaborate. The media, too, never explains. Yet this term goes to the heart of what the Chinese are asking for in the long run. It means redressing past wrongs by elevating the cultural status of those groups to whom wrong was done. It means that Whites today – who had nothing to do with the head tax – should offer both financial and cultural reparation to the Chinese (today) who did not suffer any discrimination but may well have arrived from China a few days ago.

“Inclusive redress” can be categorized as a White-created cultural Marxist term employed by Chinese cultural nationalists to promote their ethnic interests in Canada. The Chinese want the Canadian government to make the history of White discrimination against the Chinese a central part of Canada’s curriculum, and beyond this some Chinese leaders are calling for the inclusion of Chinese Canadians as founders of the Canadian nation.

Chinese leaders in Canada are not always straightforward, but one may get a sense of the ultimate goals behind the ongoing demands for apologies from the writings of Henry Yu, history professor at UBC. He said that the 2006 apology by the Federal government was “just the beginning.”

In an Op Ed piece in The Vancouver Sun (February 2, 2010), he claimed that the English language “stunts diversity.” Calling it a “colonial” language, he demanded that Asian languages, long “silenced” by “white Supremacists”, be given the same official status. He even equated the presence of a high number of whites in leadership positions with “the legacy of a long history of apartheid and white supremacy.”

This is the context in which we should judge the motion set by Vancouver Councillor Raymond Louie. He said there’s no timeline associated with the motion, but wants the process to extend “as long as it takes” for a complete review of the issue. “For our staff to complete this, I want them to take the appropriate time to do it right.” He wants a full scale investigation of every instance of discrimination against the Chinese from 1886 to 1947.

Redress also means re-imagining the history of Canada in such a way that white Europeans are portrayed as oppressors and non-Whites as victims with the goal of taking Canada away from the Europeans and transforming the nation into a multicultural and multiracial society. As the Asian Anushka Nagji put it at a Consultation Forum on the issue of redress this past January 2014: "The story of Canada is not a tale of brave European explorers and a vast untamed wilderness. It is a sordid tale of genocide and colonization, unjust laws, racism, oppression, and exclusion."

The Europeans must not only apologize but admit that their history is a sordid tale of genocide, and then hand over the lands in which this "sordid exclusion" was played out to those who were excluded.

Never mind that Clark did announce the government would put $1 million into a legacy fund that would be used to fund educational initiatives. Never mind that countless studies have already been published by White academics on the head tax and “racism,” and that every child from primary school onward is encouraged to think positively about the “hardships” and “enormous contributions” of Chinese immigrants.

“The research by our staff will yield,” according to Louie, “many surprises for many of our people today on just how egregious some of these initiatives were, and do its part, I think, on what I hope is to educate people on what had happened in the past and learn from the past.”
In what is yet another Chinese leader of another organization dedicated to the head tax, Bill Chu, founder of the Canadians for Reconciliation Society, has indeed suggested that BC should do more to educate the broader public about historical discriminatory policies. “If people don’t know what you’re apologizing for, they probably will reject it outright.” Chu noted racism was once “endemic”.

“There’s no city that really escaped it.” Apologies, financial compensations and inclusive redresses should be coming from all the cities of BC. “For example, the no-Chinese clause, meaning Chinese would not be employed by the cities,” he stated. “That was a provincial thing, but it trickles down to municipal levels.”
The insanity of all this apologizing and redressing is that no one has cared to conduct a proper historical study of the events leading to the implementation of the head tax. Dan Murray at Immigration Watch Canada is one of the rare few who has challenged the official cultural Marxist version of the events. According to Murray, "the conventional wisdom that the Chinese were victims of persecution by the B.C. government or Canada's federal government is incorrect."

It is worth quoting in full the key point Murray arrives at:

"Most of the Chinese who came to Canada from 1858 to 1900 arrived in British Columbia first. Most of those who stayed in Canada, stayed in British Columbia. The Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Laws were predominantly British Columbia issues. Well over 10,000 Chinese came here as temporary railway labourers in B.C and were supposed to return to China. Chinese labour contractors brought many more thousands here in the 1880's and 1890's as surplus labourers (in some cases as strike breakers), but in general as competing/replacement workers). Chinese contractors and certain businesses used Chinese labourers to compete with host population workers for employment and to replace host workers where possible."

"The inflow angered people of all political stripes in the host B.C. population. The main complaint was that the Chinese would work for less than the wages paid to members of the host population. The vast majority of B.C.'s population supported provincial legislators who passed a litany of laws (1) to limit the numbers of Chinese immigrants through the use of a head tax or (2) to end Chinese immigration completely."

I welcome anyone to challenge this version of the events.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Waiting for the Rabble Hord With its Usual Attack on Reason

There is a feeling similar to being on the front line. The enemy is out there, grouping, gathering, sharpening its axes. We know that sooner or later a Google Alert will drop our little organization into their net like a quail about to be savaged by a group of cats. And yet there is still peace and quiet here in the dawn hours at the CEC.

I was once, no, twice worked over by the left-wing media; the first time because I wrote a post saying women should man-up and start buying firearms for personal protection. You would have thought I was a mad dog judging by the invective hurled in my direction.

The second occasion was when I became the President of a now defunct right-wing political party in British Columbia. An enterprising journalist on the Vancouver Sun dug through everything I had ever written and extracted the most pungent phrases of political incorrectness. I was tarred and feathered as was the party (of fond memory).

I was called a misogynist, a racist, an old white male (that one hurt) and much else. It was a warning, not that I needed it, of what is about to happen here.

At some point in the near future, the Council of European Canadians is going to be called a lot of not very nice names. We'll be called them because,  rather than engage in any form of debate, the left prefers to simply slap  "Racist" graffiti over every discussion about everything. Certainly an organization devoted to promoting European classical liberal values, will qualify because it, rather we, are not universalists. We are not relativists. And worse, we are not rolling over and begging forgiveness.

In the United States, the anti-anti-racists now call themselves race realists with the hope, presumably, of easing the mind of readers from one word to the other with a dollop of alliteration. I have another word to put on offer; family-ists, or sould that be Familites. I shall explain.

Race was a well understood concept for all of human history up until forty years ago when it was suddenly booted out of contemporary discussion. There was no such thing as race; it was a mental construct, an insult, an abomination. It was racist to even discuss race. Well, with that as the standard, everyone with any sense sloped off the public stage to await further developments.

Those developments have now arrived in the shape of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance in which he declares races are a human sub-species in the same way Chihuahuas and Great Danes are a sub-species of dog. Fred Reed has a lovely piece on this at Taki's Magazine which I commend to your after dinner reading (h/t SDA).

Race is back! And with it the possibility of being rather proud of one's race, one's culture and one's historical inheritance.

I'm sitting her writing in this beautiful language of ours on a computer designed by one us, on an internet designed by another over networks and satellites designed by other members of my extended family. It's a good feeling, frankly, and I'm happy to feel it once again.

The hordes will descend shortly to make me wish otherwise. Well, we'll see.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Brampton "anti-Immigration" Flyers Questioned Marginalization of Europeans in their own Homeland

Ricardo Duchesne

Late in April 2014 a few dozen flyers were distributed in Brampton Ontario. The flyer, entitled "The Changing Face of Brampton," showed an old black and white photograph of white Canadians in Brampton some decades ago. This picture was juxtaposed against a photo of a Sikh group. Beneath these photos the flyer stated: "From this. Is this really what you want?"

The reaction against this flyer was swift and hateful; in a few days the mainstream media, CBCToronto StarGlobe and Mail, and many other media outlets, went into high gear condemning the "racist" flyers. The premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, lashed out at what she called a “hateful flyer” and issued a statement saying she will not tolerate the “hateful politics of division in Ontario.” Employment Minister, Jason Kenney, dismissed the flyers as far outside mainstream Canadian opinion, "unacceptable expressions...on the fringe of the fringe". 

Peel Region police, under the suggestion of premier Wynn and Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell, said investigators would try to determine if the flyers could be considered a hate crime of any sort. "We've been given the information of their existence, we've seen them and we are looking into them but it's to determine whether or not there's any criminality to them," said Const. Fiona Thivierge.

It was later determined that the flyers did not constitute hate speech. The anti-White elites would have to settle calling the flyers "despicable" and "disgusting". The intended message being that those who challenge immigration in  Canada will be ostracized from the mainstream.

But what the media did not expect were the many comments posted challenging the elite-controlled message. Here are some good samples:

*"It is not racist to be concerned about growing cultural aggression against the society you were born in, that you love, and that your ancestors established, built and defended. Canadians have the right to defend and preserve their traditional established European culture. Ethnic enclaves that have become unrecognizable as Canadian, in which English or French are not spoken, inhabited by people who are not interested in assimilating, violate what it means to love your country and respect its culture. If you are new, the same thing applies. Love and respect the new country you came to. Don't attempt to recreate the one you left. This is Canada."
** "I believe there is a deep, ingrained desire by the majority of people to live in a homogeneous society.
Exhibit One is Brampton itself. Tens of thousands of immigrants from a third world country immigrate to Canada, and have the opportunity to live anywhere across our vast nation, and fully integrate into the fabric of our society. They could have moved to Red Deer, or Kimberly, or Corner Brook. Instead, they wanted to live among their own. They wanted to share their unique culture, and be able to speak their language among their own kind.

We see this time and time again. Iranians in North Vancouver. Caribbean's around Jane and Finch. Chinese in Richmond. South Asians in Brampton. In many of these areas, 'White Flight' has occurred, based on the desire of those of European stock to be surrounded in neighborhoods by those who share their same language and values.

Multiculturalism is a myth. Great on paper, but in reality, it just doesn't work. Let's put our current immigration polices to a vote. We all know it would be a landslide in favour of halting or severely restricting immigration. Politicians of all stripes are self-serving cowards."
*** "I lived here over 25 years ago, and moved away, I have been back for 2 years and am again moving away as it is like living in India! Fennell has made numerous trips to India to get these people here! I am sure the crime rate has risen. These people are socially ignorant, they are rude and they want to come here with all their beliefs' and expect us real Canadians to respect them! I think not! Why should we respect them when they certainly have no respect for us! ! My insurance rates increase as my insurance agent said it the worst driving area in Ontario! Susan Fennell once she is kicked to the curb as mayor needs to take them back to India and stay there with them!"
**** "Do you recall this Nationwide Referendum Question from 1967: Do you approve radically changing Canada's immigration policy in such a way that will:

A) Allow massive amounts of non-European immigrants to come to Canada, far outnumbering immigrants from traditional sources?
B) Cause traditions that are enjoyed by the vast majority (such as Easter, Christmas and Halloween) to be re-named and/or marginalized?
C) Ensure your offspring are often discriminated against in the hiring for many government positions, such as the RCMP?
D) Introduce issues such as honour killings, genital mutilation, and 'home grown terrorism'?; and
E) Make many Canadian cities unrecognizable in regards to current cultural makeup and language?

In favour - Vote Yes. Opposed, or would like to discuss this in greater detail before approved, Vote No.
***** "Immigrant Multiculturalism is an ideology promoted by white liberal elites who live in majority white neighborhoods. The ones paying for this are the white working class and now the middle classes. It is a totalitarian ideology that does not allow for dissent which is why the G&M does not print any article that is critical of this ideology, and the CBC as well. Even the National Post carefully addresses incidents of Muslim lack of assimilation, but never questions the replacement of Whites by non-Whites, which is the objective of this ideology being implemented in all European countries, and only in European countries. Japan, China, South Korea have below replacement fertility rates and globalized economies but they don't accept immigration. These countries have pride in their heritage and ethnicity, whereas European countries were taken over by cultural Marxists."
Should we be surprised that today (May 24) The Star published an article with an endearing title,  
"Brampton students counter anti-immigration flyer with positivity", in which no comments are allowed as they might disturb the "positivity" of mass immigration? It is about some high school students who came up with their own flyer about racial harmony and good feelings. At the top they use the same picture from the original flyer depicting white Canadians, and at the bottom they show an image of many races cheering about, well, about being part of a diverse group. 

Apparently, the white group is inferior to the racially diverse group. 

Why are the people who actually founded Canada -- its culture, institutions, infrastructure -- in need of replacement by non-White immigrants? Why is everyone so certain that a multiracial society is an improvement on a society that is majority European in ethnicity? These are questions no one in the mainstream is asking; rather, asking them risks being labeled "disgusting"  and "hateful". 

We in the Council of European Canadians intend to ask these questions, and protect the interests and historical ancestry of the people who founded Canada. 

Dr. Ricardo Duchesne's April 18, 2014 Red Ice Radio interview on the Uniqueness of Western Civilization

Dr. Ricardo Duchesne was a guest on Red Ice Radio, speaking about his book, the Uniqueness of Western Civilization, on April 18, 2014. Interview summaries: Hour 1 and Hour 2.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Are There EuroCanadians Who Aren't Europeans?

This must seem an unlikely question. How can people from somewhere else, Africa or Asia, be EuroCanadians? There is an answer which will surprise you. The Burgher people of Sri Lanka are as EuroCanadian as can be; upstanding, hard-working, successful, and as European as you are.

Michael Ondaatje
Poet, author and noted Burgher descendent

The explanation is that the Burghers are the male-line- descendants  of European colonists from the 16th to 20th centuries (mostly Portuguese, Dutch, German and British) and local women, with some minorities of Swedish, Norwegian, French and Irish.

Their descendants found themselves sandwiched between the native Sinhalese people and their rivals the Tamil people.  When Ceylon achieved independence, the majority Sinhalese introduced the controversial Sinhala Only Act, recognizing Sinhala as the only official language of the government.

The effect was dramatic and immediate.The Burghers who constituted much of the administrative and business class found themselves squeezed out of any avenue of advancement. They had, being part European, striven to become more so. Now they were being fired by the new government for that very reason.

The result was that thousands streamed out of the country for more hospitable climes, notably England, Australia and Canada. Those who came to Canada started at the bottom and rapidly worked their way up in business, academia and the public service. Today they are scattered through Canada in every field and represent a distinct asset to the country. Michael Ondaatje, the well-known author and poet, is one of a notable list of Burghers.

For anyone who thinks EuroCanadians have to be white, Wikipedia has this information:
Burghers are not physically homogeneous. It is possible to have a blond, fair-skinned Burgher, as well as a Burgher with a very dark complexion and black hair, a Burgher with complexion from brown to light brown and black hair, and a Burgher with fair complexion and black hair. Fair-skinned and dark-skinned children can even appear as brother and sister in the same family of the same parents. Burghers share a common culture rather than a common ethnicity. While some of the older generations of Burghers tried to dismiss the obvious Asian side of their ancestry, many younger Burghers today highly value this variety in their heritage.
All of which is not to deny the European genes throughout the now scattered community. Other groups, even other groups from the same area, have not done so well. Burghers would never admit it, but their rise has truly been exceptional.

Clearly, the other reason for their success was a strong desire to better themselves, a hunger for education, a need to acquire and master European culture. They wanted to be Canadian and now they are.

So, to answer the question in the headline above. Yes,there are, and we're lucky to have them.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Canada Is Not Vacant Land

 Peter Goodchild

It is a common misconception that Canada has vast amounts of land that could support large numbers of immigrants. Much of this belief is due to a failure to understand Canada's unique but rather daunting geography. About half of the country is bare (or, at best, spruce-covered), uninhabitable rock, namely the famous Canadian Shield.  

But bare rock is never "underpopulated." It is the border strip, 150 km wide, which is demographically the most significant part of the country: 80 percent of the population lives in this area. In contrast, Canada's largely uninhabited 5 million km2 of bare rock, the enormous area north of that border strip, has winters of unearthly cold stretching out over the better part of the year, with snow reaching to the rooftops, and the remainder of the year is characterized by dense clouds of mosquitoes and blackflies. The general impression is that Canada is an "empty" land, just waiting to get filled up. In reality, at 35 million the population is now nearly three times greater than in 1950.

Because only a certain amount of the country is livable, Canada is already well populated. There is simply no need to continue our mad rush to fill the country. Thanks to dishonest politicians over the years, Canada is tied only with Australia in having the highest immigration rate of all industrialized countries. Canada also has many economic problems and is unable to provide adequate employment or other support for the people who already live here. A large increase in population is not a solution. In fact, in a world that now has a total population of over 7 billion, an increase in population is never a solution to anything. Yet, unlike many other countries, Canada has no political party that will take a firm stand against excessive immigration.


Canadian multiculturalism, designed by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1971, is harmful partly because it fails to include strategies for integration, such as a requirement of proficiency in an official language before citizenship is granted. Multiculturalism as we see it today -- measured in terms of the quantity of bodies -- simply results in enclaves, ghettos, gang warfare. Each culture fights every other one. About 85 percent of recent immigrants have neither English nor French as their first language.

Multiculturalism also leads to cultural relativism. Canadians of European extraction are now taught to believe that there is no such thing as barbarism, only "cultural differences." We forget that there was actually a point to the long centuries of struggle in the West that fostered democracy, civil liberties, and human rights. Yet we bow to medieval mentality on the assumption that we are otherwise "racists."

Immigrants displace Canadian citizens in the job market, even though unemployment these days is already very high. They also add greatly to the costs of "free" medicine, education, legal advice, and all the other perquisites of the welfare state. In part this is because the immigrants of modern times often lack both language and education.

Trudeau's invention is destroying the country, and to speak against it is regarded as sheer heresy. The Chinese are by far the biggest immigrant group, and Vancouver is now an Asian city. But it is not only numbers of people that matter, because there are other ways of changing the country. Money from Saudi Arabia has insidious effects, and Muslim obsessions with "sharia" (Muslim law) corrode basic Canadian values. According to the highly respected journalist Robert Fisk, about 20,000 Muslim women every year are the victims of "honor killings" by their own families, but when Canadians hear such accounts they fail to believe them: if such a story did not appear on last night's television it cannot be true. Yet I spent three years living in the Middle East, and I know that much of the world is far uglier than is imagined by most Westerners.

As an English teacher, I would sometimes have to advise immigrant students against infractions of Canadian laws, including those regarding assault, but my students' rationale for any moral or legal infractions was always the phrase "in my culture" (or "in my country"). Who, specifically, is teaching newcomers such expressions? Politicians are quite aware that "culture" is not a valid catch-all phrase, but they don't seem to care. After all, a higher rate of immigration means more votes, and more customers, and more sweatshops.

Until the creation of multiculturalism, freedom of speech and the press was an age-old right. Now, however, it is a crime to say anything that offends any group of people, because one is said to be attacking "human rights." A charge of this sort is a a circular argument: what is offensive is defined in terms of the claim of the other party to feel offended. It's like a charge of witchcraft: whatever you say, your statement can be turned around to "prove" you are guilty. The similarity between the twisted logic of Trudeauism and that of Stalinism (not to mention the Patriot Act and subsequent American legislation) is curious, but Orwell described such "thought crimes" long ago in 1984.

Looking This Way

It's easy to understand why the inhabitants of the less-pleasant parts of the world have their eyes on Canada. The most significant result of Communist policy in China was famine, and the worst famine in all of world history was that of Mao Zedong's "Great Leap Forward," 1958-61, when about 30 million people died. Now hunger is again looming in that country. China's arable land is in decline, and about 600 km2 of land in China turns to desert each year. China has once more outgrown its food supply: the ratio of people to arable land in China is more than twice that of the world average, which is already too high to prevent hunger.

China is the world's leader in the mining or processing of quite a number of natural resources: aluminum, coal, gold, iron, magnesium, phosphate, zinc, and rare-earth minerals, for example. Yet basic energy reserves are in short supply. Although China has about 20 percent of the world's population, it produces only about 5 percent of the world's oil, it uses up coal so quickly that its reserves will not last beyond 2030, and the country's pollution problems are terrible. And China's "booming economy" is based on devalued currency, counterfeiting, and what is virtually slave labor.

The "fossil" (deep) aquifer of the North China Plain is being depleted, although fossil aquifers cannot be renewed. Yet this aquifer maintains half of China's wheat production and a third of its corn. As a result of the depletion of water, annual grain production has been in decline since 1998.

China now imports most of its soybeans, and conversely most of the world's soybean exports go to China. But China may soon need to import most of its grain as well. How will that amount compare with their soybean imports? No one knows for sure, but if China were to import only 20 percent of its grain it would be about the same amount that the US now exports to all countries.

Immigrants from Muslim countries are another large group entering Canada. According to the "Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life," the global Muslim population is expected to rise from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.2 billion by 2030, twice the rate of the non-Muslim population. The Muslim population in Canada itself is expected to rise from about 940,000 in 2010 to nearly 2.7 million in 2030.

Saudi Arabia pours money into the West for the purpose of "education," and many Western academic institutions receive grants from Saudi Arabia, or programs are set up with Saudi funding. At the same time, the numerous mosques in the West serve as training grounds for young Muslims who live in those countries. Mosques are springing up everywhere in the West, yet in Saudi Arabia the building of a Christian church incurs an automatic death sentence. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no such thing as "moderate Islam" versus "radical Islam": Islam comes in only one form, the one that was invented in the seventh century.

The misunderstanding of the vast difference between Muslims and Christians might be due to the fact that the debate is assumed merely to involve the respective merits of two religions. Yet this assumption is wrong on two counts. In the first place, Muslims regard it as self-evident that Allah spoke first to Moses, then to Jesus, and finally and most clearly to Mohammed: for Muslims, therefore, there is no possibility of a "dialog" among various religions. The second and more important reason why it may not be entirely logical to compare Islam and Christianity is that the former is, in some ways, more like a political movement than a religion. Every major religion has at times done some proselytizing "at the point of a sword," but that has always been more true of Islam. The term "jihad" ("religious warfare") is not a metaphor.

Time to Wake Up

The general public in Canada has become accustomed to submission and therefore remains mute. Unlike other people, most Canadians are never satisfied until they are feeling guilty about something. There is a constant undertone of "moral inferiority" being applied in Canada to people of a Western heritage. One must never mention Christmas, although one must portray a false joy toward the festivities of any other culture. One must constantly mumble and fumble in an attempt to find correct terms for various ethnic groups. Even the terms "B.C." and "A.D." must be rewritten as "BCE" and "CE." All of this is absolute nonsense. To be convinced of one's own inferiority is nothing more than to accept that some other person is superior -- which is exactly what manipulative politicians are planning. It is time to wake up. Those who do not respect themselves will not be respected by others.