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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

150 Year Old Canada Experiencing Highest Levels of Immigration Ever

by Ricardo Duchesne

International immigrants to Canada

The dishonest Canadian establishment wants us to believe that the incredibly high levels of immigration we have been experiencing since the early 1990s, ranging from 225-000 to 320,000 immigrants per year, are not historically unprecedented but part of a normal pattern in our "nation of immigrants." Century Initiative says:
Historically, Canada has successfully supported very high levels of immigration. In 1913, 400,000 immigrants arrived in Canada, representing over 5.2% of the population at the time.

Monday, 26 June 2017

The Contest to Succeed Peter Mansbridge

by Tim Murray

Peter Mansbridge
Peter Mansbridge

Have you not heard the news? July 1st, 2017 will be an historic moment in Canadian history. Yes, that day will mark 150 years of our existence as nation. But more significantly, it will be the day that the anchor of the CBC's flagship news program, The National, retires. That's right, the CBC's $1.4 million per year man, Peter Mansbridge will be retiring that day on a meager $500,000 per year pension. How could Canadian taxpayers be so mean and niggardly? Oops, did I say an n-word? Please except my grovelling apologies. My letter of resignation will be in the mail I promise you.

Friday, 23 June 2017

First Nations: A Piece of Ethnographical Fiction and Moral Grandstanding

by Pierre Langelier, contributing to Ocean Drive

Myth of the noble Amerindian
Amerindians were noble environmental socialists

The Canadian government's attitude towards the First Nations has undergone multiple mutations in the 150 years since the dawn of confederation. The shift in the balance of power — from a relationship based on authority to one of dialogue and even reverence — can be viewed as part of a larger ideological shift within the West with regards to the Aboriginal Question. The ascendance of Human Rights laws, Civil Rights movements, and subsequent Indigenous Rights conventions have all, in turn, been profoundly influential in elevating the status of the so-called "natives" to the unique position it occupies today.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

David Atkinson's Argument Against Martin Collacott Is Pure Defamatory Trash

by Ricardo Duchesne

Martin Collacott
Martin Collacott, Old School Canadian, Facts and Analysis

David Atkinson's article, White Supremacists Ideas Revived In Collacott Oped, spews out one defamatory label after another against Martin Collacott's recent editorial, Canada Replacing Its Population A Case Of Wilful Ignorance, Greed, Excess Political Correctness, without caring to offer one single fact-based, analytically constructed argument.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Doug Saunders: The Man Chosen To Fulfil Sir Wilfrid Laurier's Dream

by Ricardo Duchesne

Doug Saunders
Doug Saunders

Doug Saunders, the Globe and Mail's "European Bureau Chief," is one of the most ardent promoters of the idea that White nations cannot create sustainable economies and cultures without a massive increase in African and Muslim immigration. He repeats incessantly that only immigrants can bring a youthful vibrancy to reignite the aging economies of the West. With an onerous tone, after meeting "well educated and articulate" Africans, "many of them university graduates," he once told his naive G&M readers:
Europe's economies need their African workers, more than ever: Germany alone expects to lose seven million working age-people to demographic change.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Civil War in the Supermarket

by Tim Murray

Civil War!

Today I mourn the death of a delusion. The delusion that by putting down my verbal weapons and offering an olive branch, I could co-exist peacefully with the social justice warriors in my midst.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Andrew Coyne: Journalist Without Outsideness

by Ricardo Duchesne

Andrew Coyne
Coyne: wants a Canada that is a "We" without a "Them"

No ideological dissent is allowed in Canada on the supposed blessings of diversification and that's why the individuals working for Century Initiative (CI) include conservatives, liberals, socialists, environmentalists, feminists, Muslims, and corporate heads. Each person serving CI is the full package, for high profits and high salaries, for massive population growth and ecological beauty, for feminism and Islamization, all in one scoop. The corporate consultant Dominic Barton, the main guy at CI, has just launched 'All In', a 'HeForShe' approach to gender equality as Director of McKinsey & Co. Doug Saunders, super feminist beta male, relishes the image of a Canada and a Europe packed with hyper-patriarchal Muslim and African males working for corporations.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Milan March for Open Borders

by Bryn Owen

Milan March for Open Borders
Tens of thousands of Cultural Marxists took to the streets of Milan to show their support for migrant rights. "No one is illegal" and "Without borders" were the main slogans of the march.

Milan, which is Italy's financial and economic hub, is now very much like any other major global city: blandly cosmopolitan, deracinated and geared towards nouveau riche tourists. In the December 2016 referendum the affluent Lombard capital was one of the very few places in which a majority voted in favour of the centre-left government's constitutional reform proposals. Like London and indeed many other cities, Milan seems disconnected from the rest of the country and losing its indigenous character and charm.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Forget Terrorist Attacks — Our First Priority is to Prevent an Anti-Muslim Backlash

by Tim Murray

Keep calm and stop Islamophobia

Look, I know that you are upset. I know that you are outraged and saddened by the images of carnage that you see on your TV screen. But before we allow any sense of horror or grief about the victims of a recent Islamic terrorist attack to set in, we must swiftly foreclose any hint of an anti-Muslim backlash. That must be our first priority. We can deal with the perpetrators later.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Globalism and Western Decline

by Peter Goodchild

Globalist sluts
Girls-twerk-to-classical-music in global Toronto

Around 4000 B.C. there arose a people, probably living north of the Black Sea, whom we now refer to as the early Indo-Europeans. They were the first people to ride horses, rely heavily on two wheel vehicles, promote the "secondary products revolution," and invent chariots. After about 1000 B.C. there arose a division between the eastern (Persian) and western Indo-Europeans (Greeks), or, in other words, between the Asians and the Europeans. The Indo-Europeans in Persia were a minority in a sea of "Asians" and as a result ended assimilating Asian customs. But the Indo-Europeans in Greece were a majority and thus managed to impose their aristocratic libertarian culture, the idea that the leader cannot be a despot but is first among aristocratic equals. Herodotus indicates this split in his frequent distinctions between the Persians and the Greeks. He claims that the Persian world was characterized by despotism, while the Westerners, the Greeks, were a people of relative freedom, aristocratic equality, and eventually democracy for all free men, including property owning farmers.

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