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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Metropolis Project and George Soros

by Pierre Langelier, contributing to Ocean Drive

George Soros
George Soros

In countries with a shred of self-respect, the idea of a politician or policy-maker openly colluding with the likes of George Soros, Hungarian-Jewish billionaire and speculator, should be grounds for immediate suspicion. Not in sleepy Canada, though.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Malala: Poster Child of Globalism

by Thomas Jones

Malala in Canadian parliament
Pakistani Malala receives standing ovation after demanding that Canada accept 66 million refugees "in a historic address to Parliament" on April 11

Recently the House of Commons was 'graced' with the presence of the darling of the international press, professional activist Malala Yousafzai. She was speaking to Parliament to thank the government for giving her honourary citizenship. Trudeau gave a glowing introductory speech and throughout the entire affair MPs of the left and right clapped, cheered and laughed along with our dear leader and Miss Yousafzai. Her speech read as if it had been written for her by some deracinated White liberal. It was your typical 'we are all the same' and 'Islam is a religion of peace' style piece of political theatre.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Noah Richler: One more Pawn in the Anti-White Campaign

by Paul Bradley and Ricardo Duchesne

Noah Richler
Noah Richler: White Canadians have not been sufficiently ashamed of their history

Within the world of contemporary politics there are many oddities, but nothing quite so odd as the mind-state of the Canadian liberal. These folks are a rare breed of political thinkers — the variety of whom, in a most paradoxical fashion, love to hate their own national heritage. This became transparent yet again in Noah Richler's "Canadians must recognize the dark side of their history." This article actually claims that White Canadians are still "unaware" of the "shameful chapters" in their history, the plight of the "First Nations," the Komagata Maru incident, the turning away of Jewish refugees, the experience of the slaves and black United Empire Loyalists. Richler belongs to an aging 1980s generation with nothing to do, no new ideas, except to repeat what they heard from the 1960s generation. He seems oblivious to the three generations of White Canadians coming after him continuously hectored about Canada's "shameful past."

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Islamization of Canada — Without a Counter-Reaction

by Peter Goodchild

Justin Trudeau's Islamophilia

Globalists such as Justin Trudeau would like to fill the West with people who will help to create a vast dictatorship, where the main population consists of uneducated people accustomed to autocracy, and where the dissidents are reduced in numbers, taught to be ashamed of their own culture, and brainwashed into a belief in what is euphemistically called multiculturalism. Ultimately this so-called multiculturalism means a world of no culture at all — a world of no values, no pride, no self-respect, no past, and no future, only obedience.

Friday, 14 April 2017

In the Name of Easter: Videos on the Immense Contribution of the Middle Ages to Western Civilization

by Ricardo Duchesne

Milan Cathedral

Easter reminds me of the Middle Ages, my favourite epoch in Western History. In celebration of Easter I decided to post videos that bring out the magnificent achievements of this (still) neglected age. It was not easy finding good videos about this age; a lot of them are suffused with PC aims and sounds, deliberately produced to give students the distorted impression that diverse peoples from the world, Africans and Muslims, were partakers in the making of this endearing epoch. I was really taken aback by the sparsity of videos on many topics I did searches on, "medieval invention of universities," "medieval technology," "medieval cities and communes" — in contrast to the absurd profusion of absurd videos about the achievements of just about every tribe in Africa.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

$elling Diversity

Gravol Alert: This article contains barf-bag buzzwords in potentially lethal doses. Diversity and Inclusion levels exceed their RDAs. Parental supervision is advised.

by Tim Murray

Diversity is strength propaganda
Diversity is strength propaganda

What makes the soft totalitarian state distinct from Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia is that it is the private sector which acts as the water carrier for government sponsored social engineering. It is the private sector which does much of the work in the trenches, conditioning people to accept the government agenda.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Canada as Cradle of Conservatism? A Review of Ron Dart's "The North American High Tory Tradition"

by Grant Havers

Ron Dart: The North American High Tory Tradition

Today the term "High Tory" is more likely to appear in a dusty, forgotten history of aristocratic estates enshrouded in mist than in the noisy rallies and rude tweeting which count as politics in our troubled age. Yet Ron Dart, a Canadian political science professor, is not interested in writing a mere history of an obsolete political philosophy. This is a man with a mission. In this eclectic set of essays, Dart is determined to interrogate and ultimately repudiate the liberal hegemony from the perspective of an authentic conservatism.
Liberalism has a way of being imperialistic and colonizing other worldviews while trotting out the slogans of diversity, pluralism, and tolerance. It is not very liberal of a liberal not to critique liberalism but many liberals (enfolded within their ideological perspective) do not do so. Why is this so? This book will attempt to answer such a question.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Coming Civil War in Europe

by Clare Ellis

The Diversity establishment views these migrant children as harbingers of racial harmony

The Leftist-Liberal demographic engineering project of the European Union violates the rights of indigenous European peoples, goes against global trends towards the territorial partition of ethnic groups, and contradicts expert research on conditions that create ethnic and political conflict. The continuous practice of settling large numbers of non-Europeans into regions already inhabited by European indigenous populations but who have very low fertility rates inevitably alters the ethnic compositions of European nation-states, renders Europeans demographic minorities in their own homelands, affects the distribution of political power and the relations between ethnic groups, and causes a variety of other conflicts and problems, including civil war.

Monday, 3 April 2017

The Conservative Leadership Race

by Gerry T. Neal

CPC leadership race 2017
The innocuous faces for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada

As one whose lifelong Toryism is a matter of principle and conviction rather than partisan allegiance, the present contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada has been of only tertiary interest, if that, to me. The party has compromised, sold-out, and otherwise betrayed the principles and ideals to which its name alludes time and time again.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Addicted to Self-Hatred

by Tim Murray

Social Justice Warriors

It has not been my practice to use pseudonyms. I always clung stubbornly to the quaint notion that people should have the guts to put their name to their words. That's why I sent unsigned letters straight to the waste paper basket when I was working for a student newspaper. However it is an entirely different world now and the reality is that there are people out there dedicated to our destruction and eager to send out the hounds of persecution after our scent. The Thought Police are on the look-out, and many of them work undercover.

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