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Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Censorious Anti-White "Inclusiveness" Of Multiculti Canada

by Ricardo Duchesne

Social Media Censorship

Among the many predictable reactions of the Canadian corporate media to the Alt-Right march in Charlottesville, two articles from the Globe & Mail contain all you need to know about the ignorant, hate-filled attitude of our Canadian establishment against any criticism of mass immigration.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

An Interview With Ricardo Duchesne: Part I

(Editor's Note: The following interview was conducted by email with John Morgan of in March 2016 (parts I and II.)

We must reject the double standard which lies at the heart of multiculturalism and learn how to utilize multiculturalism for our own ends. We must realize that, in principle, as stated in Canadian policy papers and government documents, multiculturalism affords us the right to preserve and enhance our identity and cultural heritage.

John Morgan: Please tell us briefly about who you are.

Ricardo Duchesne (RD): I have been a professor of sociology at The University of New Brunswick since 1995, with a Doctorate obtained in the interdisciplinary program of Social and Political Thought at York University, Toronto. Even though I teach sociology, the courses I took throughout my student life were in history, philosophy, and political economy. One reason I felt intellectually imprisoned in the Leftist world I inhabited right through my first years of teaching was my admiration for the great thinkers, great art, architecture, and overall history of Europeans. A lot of what I learned about European culture, history of science, mathematics, state-building, and ancient Greece came through my self-education, when I dropped out of the BA program for about 3 years, and during summer readings.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Justin Trudeau's Cuckoldry

by Tim Murray

Justin 'Pinkie' Trudeau

Finally the Mystery is solved.

Having watched PM Boy Wonder in office for almost two years now, many of us wonder why, oh why....

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

"Irvin Studin" — Name Behind The Ploy To Make Canada Uncanadian

by Ricardo Duchesne

Irvin Studin

The "long-time proponent" of the idea that 450,000 immigrants a year will make Canada a superpower in the world is a guy named "Irvin Studin." Terence Corcoran, the Financial Post writer who believes that "private greed" works a lot better in a Canada populated by "dynamic immigrants" rather than strait-laced Anglos, informs us that "through his Institute for 21st Century Questions, Studin has been laying the foundation for a national project for years."

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Message From America's Working Class

by Tim Murray


You haven't killed us off yet. We are still alive and kicking. And Trump's plan to cut immigration intakes in half and end the flow of cheap imported labor is proof that we are fighting back. Finally.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Confessions Of A Reluctant Hater

by Rémi Tremblay, Fédération des Québécois de Souche

Greg Johnson: Confessions of a Reluctant Hater

Reviewing books from Counter-Currents is always quite a task as more often than not they are not extended essays or manuscripts per se, but rather collections of blog posts, articles and other various texts, sometimes touching a wide variety of topics hard to combine and analyze in one single article. Greg Johnson's Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, recently revised and expanded from the original 2010 edition, fits that pattern: a series of articles touching a great range of topics from Spengler to Eastern spirituality passing by Jim Goad and Stuff White People Like. Definitely hard to review, but easy to read. People who think political books are deadly boring must read this page turner. Post-literate readers who cannot fathom the idea of a huge academic book will love the light and often humorous tone displayed in the 52 essays of the second version.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Canada's Negative Identity

by Pierre Langelier, contributing to Ocean Drive

Canadian identity

It is only for God (the bestower and creator of forms), and perhaps for angels and intelligences, at once to recognize forms affirmatively from the first glance of contemplation; Man, at least, is unable to do so, and is only allowed to proceed first by negatives, and then to conclude with affirmatives, after every species of exclusion [Francis Bacon, Novum Organum, 1620, Book 2, aphorism 15].
In the complete grasp or experience of truth no negative judgment would remain. The aim of negation is elimination. In complete knowledge no trace of it survives [J.D. Mabbott, 1929].
There can be no discussion of Canadian identity without acknowledging the importance of geography, specifically its proximity to the United States. Historically, this relationship has involved an element of polarity according to two definitions of the word; both in terms of attraction and diametrical opposition. The former definition, what George Grant would call the "continental pull," is perhaps an inevitable result of setting up camp next to a hegemon. This first polarity is reflected by the irresistible attraction of Canadians towards American consumerism and culture — if indeed we are to consider both of those as separate. The second polarity, or diametrical opposition, could be misconstrued as a knee-jerk reaction to the first if it were not, in some ways, prior to it. This opposition is illustrated by the common saying that Canadian identity can be defined as simply "not being American."

Friday, 28 July 2017

Should The Protestant Ethic Become The Spirit Of The Alt Right?

by Ricardo Duchesne

Max Weber's Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism

Whites will become a minority within a few decades in all their main homelands. The question is no longer how to prevent becoming a minority but how to survive in order to regain majority status.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Cultural Marxism = Everything That Is Wrong With The West

by Peter Goodchild


The moral and intellectual fabric of Western society has been disintegrating for some time. To a large extent the destruction can be blamed on a form of Marxism, socialism, left-wing thinking, "underdog" mentality, which has encouraged the nanny state, with people living in perpetual imbecility and irresponsibility. In the middle of the last century, Marxism never had much luck in intellectual contests among Westerners, so it had to burrow underground, eroding the foundations of modern society and leaving people in a state of perpetual self-doubt and abnegation. This is what is called "cultural Marxism." Not much of the reality of cultural Marxism is clearly evident: most of it is experienced as a mere premonition, like that of a coming change in the weather, and its existence can easily be denied.

Friday, 21 July 2017

I Am A Canadian And This Is My Story

by Tim Murray

CBC's 'What's Your Story'
CBC's 'What's Your Story'

In the run-up to "Canada" Day you may have come across a series of short video vignettes submitted by "Canadians" to the CBC, which had encouraged them to "tell your story." And so they did, in droves.

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